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FendOff Sports combines sports predictions with a social network to help you score real prizes! If you've ever made selections on sports before or used daily fantasy sports sites, you already know how Fend Off Sports works! Use your sports knowledge to set picks on major sports much like you would at any online sportsbook, except you can play FendOff just about anywhere in the US! You can also enjoy sports contests much like FanDuel offers, where you'll make picks and challenge other players in leagues for big prizes!

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Current Sports And Games Available At FendOff

FendOff is growing its list of sports and games available to its US-based members. Currently, you can pick a large selection of sports ranging from horse and dogs racing to hockey and darts. Its casino section offers blackjack and stud poker. fendoff games selection You will receive $5 in free sweeps with a new account opening. Plus, Fendoff also provides players with the opportunity to receive free sweeps to enter into a variety of sports contests. While FendOff Sports is set up similar to online sportsbooks in New Jersey you may have played before, it's also unlike anything else we've ever seen before. From the same company that brings you Chumba Casino, one of the most popular social sweepstakes casinos out there that gives players from all around the US a chance at winning cash prizes, FendOff Sports allows you the opportunity to join in the excitement of placing sports wagers and earning Sweeps Coins (formerly known as FendOff Sports Sweeps Cash) that you can build toward receiving real prizes.

What Is FendOff Sports?

Fend Off Sports is a social sports prediction game that allows you to make picks on sporting events as if you were on a sportsbook. You can pick on the winner, the spread, and the total for each event and put Gold Coins as your wager to play for fun, or use the Sweeps Coins to build toward a real prize payout.

Fendoff Sports SignupGet Our FendOff Sports Welcome Bonus!

How Does FendOff Sports Work?

FendOff Sports works just like a legal online sportsbook in the US, but with enhanced features, unique games, and the ability to play against other players and win cash prizes in the form of gift cards. Currently, FendOff Sports Sweeps Coins can be converted to Amazon Gift Cards that you can use for shopping, as well as for purchasing other gift cards on the site. You can even buy Visa and MasterCard gift cards with your Amazon Gift Cards! Since FendOff Sports is so new and different, let's break down some of the options you'll find upon signing up that can help you win FendOff Sports real prizes.

FendOff Sports Picks

If you've ever place picks on sports at a sportsbook in person or one of the many online sportsbooks available, you already know how FendOff Sports works in terms of making sports picks. Fend Off Sports has the same setup you're used to, as you can pick the winner of the game, the spread, and the total points or goals depending on what sport you select. They also have a "Mystery Pick" that puts a wager on a surprise team. There are also "Turbo Picks" which fills out a slip with matchups from multiple sports. You wager on each selection as well as a parlay of all of it that can win you a lot of Gold Coins at once!

FendOff Sports Contests

Similar to how daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings are run, FendOff offers daily contests where players pick teams in certain sports and their results are compared to other players in a race to the top of the league. This is available in both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins and can get you closer to FendOff Sports prizes real quick.

Is FendOff Sports Legit?

Absolutely! FendOff Sports is completely legit, as well as legal where it does business and safe thanks to protections of private information. As a sweepstakes online sportsbook, FendOff Sports works similar to their sister sites, Chumba Casino and Global Poker. You're using Gold Coins to play for free and Sweeps Coins to qualify for the real prizes that FendOff Sports offers. FendOff is available in every state in the US as a sweepstakes sportsbook except for the state of Washington.

FendOff Sports No Purchase Bonus

The FendOff Sports no purchase bonus is actually two offers before you even buy a Gold Coin packages. Get a $5 package for free upon signing up that gives you 15,000 Gold Coins and 500 in Sweeps Coins (formerly known as FendOff Sports Sweeps Cash). When you validate your profile with FendOff, you'll receive another $5 package that includes 15,000 Gold Coins and 500 in Sweeps Coins.

FendOff Sports Bonus Codes

The main FendOff Sports bonus code you can take advantage of is their 2-for-1, 100% matching bonus. This FendOff Sports first purchase bonus allows you to claim up to 2,500 free Sweeps Coins with the $25 package, giving you $200 in equivalent Sweeps Coins for $25 to start, along with 625,500 Gold Coins. Get Our FendOff Sports Bonus Code!

FendOff Sports Promo Codes

Score promo codes for FendOff when you keep up with the latest promotions on social media! Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their latest giveaways and reload bonuses. The latest bonus had a 20% bonus on every package purchased, allowing you to snag up to 2,000 Sweeps Coins free on top of your normal free 2,500 Sweeps Coins with a $25 purchase. If you want to see more sportsbook promos and bonuses check out our recommended list.

FendOff Sports Free Sweeps Coins 2022

FendOff Sports gives you a lot of different ways to get free Sweeps Coins (formerly known as FendOff Sports Sweeps Cash), even without a purchase! Every 24 hours, you'll get a chance to claim a free 100 Sweeps Coins that you can use to make picks or enter contests. You must spend it somewhere on the FendOff site before being able to redeem it. You can also grab Fend Off Sports free Sweeps Coins on social media through various giveaways and sweepstakes. Just keep monitoring their feeds and see what freebies you can get! On the FendOff site, you can also enter free Sweeps Coins contests and make picks to win a part of the prize pool. You are also able to get 200 Sweeps Coins for every friend you refer to FendOff. Between these four methods, you can gain a lot of bonus FendOff Sweeps Coins!

How To Get Free Sweeps On FendOff Sports

FendOff Sports free sweeps are easy to get. You can get a FendOff Sports signup bonus right away that gives you 15,000 Gold Coins and 500 Sweeps Coins. After you verify your identity and location with FendOff, you get an additional bonus of 15,000 Gold Coins and 500 Sweeps Coins. When you make your first purchase of a Gold Coin package at FendOff, you get not only free Sweeps Coins with every purchase (equal to your purchase total) but as a FendOff Sports first purchase bonus, you will get a 100% match bonus, up to $25. Also every 24 hours, you can claim 100 Sweeps Coins for free! Check out FendOff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you'll often see giveaways for Sweeps Coins weekly and on certain holidays. Fendoff Sports Bonus

How To Use FendOff Sports Free Sweeps Coins

Using the free Sweeps Coins on FendOff Sports is just like using cash on any online sportsbook. You can toggle each selection, whether you're picking the winner, the spread, or the total points, between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins (formerly known as FendOff Sweeps Cash). You can also enter contests using Sweeps Coins! Much like daily fantasy sports, you enter a league, make your picks, and are matched up against other contestants. If you end up in the first three of the leaderboard, you'll win Sweeps Coins!

FendOff Sports Gold Coins

If you want to play FendOff just for fun without the chance to get real prizes like Amazon Gift Cards, you can use the Gold Coins to make picks and enter contests as well. You can score 200 free Gold Coins every two hours at the store as well. Buying each package gives you a good amount of Gold Coins that you can use all over the site. Picks and contests can all be entered using Gold Coins, as well as the Mystery Pick and Turbo Pick that FendOff Sports offers as a parlay of sorts. Fendoff Sports Gold Coins Gold Coins are what's used for FendOff players to move up the leaderboards! See your name among the best FendOff players and see how many of them you can beat!

Gold Coins At Fendoff Purchase Options

FendOff Sports has six different Gold Coin packages you can purchase, with each giving you free Sweeps Coins in the same amount of your purchase price:
  • $2 gets you 5,000 Gold Coins and 200 Sweeps Coins
  • $5 gets you 15,000 Gold Coins and 500 Sweeps Coins
  • $10 gets you 37,500 Gold Coins and 1,000 Sweeps Coins
  • $20 gets you 87,500 Gold Coins and 2,000 Sweeps Coins
  • $50 gets you 250,000 Gold Coins and 5,000 Sweeps Coin
  • $100 gets you 625,500 Gold Coins and 10,000 Sweeps Coins
Remember that your first purchase gets you a 2-for-1 100% match bonus!

FendOff Sports Free Play

Free Play allows you to have the FendOff Sports experience without using your Sweeps Coins. All picks and contests can be entered using free Gold Coins, and the same with the Mystery Pick and Turbo Pick. The Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins you can get for free daily in the store can also be used freely throughout the site the same way you would use purchased the Gold Coins and free Sweeps Coins package.

FendOff Sports App

While there might not be a FendOff App on Android or iOS yet, the FendOff Sports website is optimized for mobile play. The navigation is just as easy as it is on your desktop, as you can easily tap between the picks and contests, and make your way to the store for your FendOff Sports free Sweeps Coins every day.

FendOff Sports Sportsbook Game Selection

You'll find most of the major sports in the US to make picks on at Fend Off using Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins:
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • UFC
  • EPL
We anticipate that there will also be NCAA Basketball picks once the season begins. FendOff also allows you to contact them with suggestions for new sports to offer.

FendOff Sports Pick Types

The types of picks you'll find at FendOff are similar to most other online sportsbooks. Depending on the sport you pick, you can place wagers using Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins on:
  • Winner
  • Spread
  • Total Points/Goals
For FendOff contests, you make picks on the winners or the spread to try and defeat fellow players in each league. There is also a Mystery Pick you can make with Gold Coins, where FendOff will take your wager and place it on a random team with an odds boost. You can win a massive Gold Coin payout as a result! Turbo Pick also works similarly with a parlay odds boost, except that the picks aren't random. Five picks are selected across one or multiple sports, and you make your selections and select your wager. Your wager is both for each pick singularly and a parlay wager with boosted odds. Before you submit the picks, you're told the estimated return if all five hit, and that's on top of your normal payout for each game.

FendOff Blackjack

Blackjack at FendOff Online blackjack is now at FendOff Sports! Play one of the most popular casino games ever. Here are some of the rules to note:
  • Eight decks are used and shuffled before every round
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • 3/2 payouts for blackjack
  • Blackjack beats non-natural 21 (two or more cards)
  • Double is offered only on 10 or 11 and not on split hands
  • You can only split one hand every round
  • A split hand is not considered blackjack when the player receives both an ace and a face card
The minimum stake is 100 Sweeps and maximum stakes are 10,000 Sweeps. The minimum stake for a Gold Coin wager is 200 while the maximum is 1,000,000 Gold Coins.

FendOff Sports Payment Methods

You can buy one of the Gold Coin packages with free FendOff Sports Sweeps Coins using any Visa or MasterCard. FendOff uses ECOMMPAY to protect your credit card information and does not store your personal information. ECOMMPAY also uses Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode in order to secure your transaction.

FendOff Sports Cash Out Options

Currently, FendOff Sports has one cash-out option for your Sweeps Coins. After you verify your identity and have 5,000 or more Sweeps Coins, you can redeem it for a gift card. FendOff Sports gives out Amazon Gift Cards and others in exchange for your Sweeps Coins. You can use this to purchase many types of popular gift cards on the Amazon site. You can also make purchases of Visa and MasterCard gift cards, giving you the equivalent of cash to use anywhere!

FendOff Sports Customer Support

FendOff Sports gives their customers an email to use whenever problems arise at [email protected]. We found them to be quick when it comes to answering questions and queries, giving detailed information to make informed decisions. The social casino group does recognize the popularity of online gambling, so they've funded and developed a number of resources for people to both learn about gambling as well as to seek help if they think that their gambling activity may be a problem.

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