Credit Card Online Casinos - Accepted US Credit Cards For Gambling

Credit Card Online Casinos - Accepted US Credit Cards For Gambling

Online casinos in the US continue to become legal in more and more states. And with that, those looking to play want to know the best online casino payment methods.

Believe it or not, 95% of Americans opt to pay by credit card rather than flash the cash. There are some very obvious reasons for this. First, a person can spend up to their credit card limit and pay it back incrementally if they so desire. Second, credit cards give their card holders incentives to use their service, such as giving cash back or bonuses toward flights and hotels. It's no wonder people would prefer to use a credit card at an online gambling site.

We're going to cover every aspect of the credit card, including looking at major companies in the US that allow you to use your credit card at an online casino. Don't have a credit card? Don't sweat it, online casinos accept debit cards too!

Can I Use My Credit Card For Online Gambling?

Yes, you can use your credit card for online gambling. Just like any other form of internet purchase, just type in your numbers, press a few buttons and away you go! If you're dreaming of winning big online, you're first going to have to open an account and deposit some of your own funds in order to get the ball rolling. Different gambling sites often accept varying brands of credit cards, so be sure to check with each individual casino.

Is Using A Credit Card For Online Gambling Safe?

Yes, using a credit card for online gambling is safe. In fact, using a credit card to pay for goods online is often the most secure method of carrying out an online payment. When it comes to online casinos, you actually couldn't be better off than by using that piece of shiny plastic.

Credit cards are often more secure than debit cards as credit card companies tend to offer more protection against fraud. If you do fall victim to any type of fraud when spending money online, many times a credit card company simply cancels the payment so you don't lose out. Any fraudulent activity using a debit card can cause complications, as the balance is withdrawn from your bank and into the account of the fraudster almost immediately.

Online Casinos That Accept Credit Cards

Most online casinos that accept credit cards follow the same method, so it's never too confusing or complicated. It's also important to make it clear that it is legal in states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, provided the player is of a suitable age. Free online casinos for real money, such as Chumba Casino, are legal throughout the US and Canada, except the state of Washington and Quebec.

Here are the best online gambling sites USA that accept credit cards:

New Jersey


Online Casino Credit Card

Trying to pick a safe and secure service for online gambling may seem overwhelming. That's why we've compiled a list of some of the most popular and/or beneficial brands for you to consider. The four most major credit card providers in the USA are Visa Credit, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, with a customer base that reaches over 300 million. But which is best for use on an online casino?

Visa Online Casino

Possibly one of the most famous credit card brands, Visa has been one of the leading providers for as long as many of us care to remember. But when it comes to online gaming, what is their stance?

Well, it can only be a good sign that all reputable US gambling sites take Visa, making it one of the most respected credit card companies on the market for depositing or withdrawing. Like any credit card company, you may incur some fees by using their service, but Visa's fees are remarkably lower than those of rival companies. They’re also big on bonuses, offering you extras which all add up and turn out to be pretty lucrative! Ultimately regarded to be the best overall payment method for online casinos, it appears you can't go wrong with Visa.

MasterCard Online Casino

Like Visa, MasterCard is another reputable company when it comes to online casinos. Accepted by most gambling sites in all legal states, MasterCard does not charge the buyer any usage fees. However, be aware that if you’re using a MasterCard credit card, you may still be faced with fees from your bank. MasterCard customers should also be aware of the interest rates, which can sometimes be higher than expected, but this, of course, is a consideration point across all major brands of credit cards.

American Express Online Casino

American Express certainly lives up to its name with 114 million users expressing their way through over $1 trillion worth of credit every year. Commonly abbreviated as Amex, it is the third biggest credit card company in the US, but this doesn’t mean it is accepted as widely as you'd think when it comes to online casinos.  

Due to regulations passed in 2006, it is difficult for Americans to fund online gambling accounts with Amex. If you are an American Express customer, we'd recommend using a service such as PayPal or a prepaid card.

Amex does not offer the online security of other payment methods such as e-Wallets, so this is something to consider. You'll be required to re-enter your personal details every time you make a purchase and if there happens to be a virus on your device, you could be at risk.

It's also important to note that withdrawals are not possible solely with Amex, so you would have to use a connecting method such as PayPal or an e-Wallet anyway. Amex customers can still gamble, there are just a few more hoops to jump through when compared to other credit card providers.

Discover Online Casino

Unlike the three brands mentioned earlier in this article, Discover is not necessarily as widespread. While it is the fourth most-used card in the US with 44 million users, this still pales in comparison to Visa's 300 million.

Far fewer gambling sites accept Discover, thanks to a specific banking code getting in the way. But the selected few that do are reputable casinos available throughout the US and Canada such as Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots, and their lack of annual fee as well as the enticing offer of 5% cashback are just some of the many perks for you to discover with Discover.

Best Credit Cards For Online Gambling

Visa seems to be the best credit card to use for online gambling sites. It certainly has the widest number of customers, which makes it the top gambling payment method in the world. Perhaps this is all down to their reputation as one of the most secure and trusted credit companies in the world and their low usage fees.

They also offer very generous credit card bonus offers. This is all on top of the payment protection and security offered by banks for credit cards, so we'd say that using a Visa credit card at an approved online casinos is a gamble worth taking!

Do Real Money Free Online Casinos Allow Credit Cards?

A free online casino (also known as a sweepstake, sweeps cash, or social casino) allows you to legally play online casino games for real money in the US and Canada (except in Washington State and Quebec). Learn more about how this works by reading up on sweeps cash casinos.

These social casinos normally allow for online purchases with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. They also have the following benefits:

  • Welcome Bonuses: Get free Sweeps Cash that gives you a chance to win real money
  • Real Casino Games: Play slots, video poker, blackjack, poker against your peers, and other types of games at these social casinos
  • Secure Payment Options: Use major credit and debit cards, ACH, and other popular banking methods
  • Play For Free: Simply use Gold Coins to play for free with no risk
  • Win Real Money: Play casino games to accumulate sweeps cash which you can exchange for real money!

Some of the most popular sweepstakes casinos include Chumba Casino and Luckyland Slots. Most of these social casinos now accept credit cards, with companies such as Visa and Mastercard being the most recommended.

Due to these no deposit bonuses, you can win real money online free at these legal US online casinos:

How To Deposit Using A Credit Card At An Online Casino

  • Register or log in to your casino account
  • Go to the page concerning your details. This is often labeled something along the lines of "Your Account" or "My Account"
  • Choose payment method (other than credit cards, many gambling sites also accept debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards or gift cards)
  • Know your limits: different credit card companies have varying maximum and minimum amounts.
  • Enter your credit card number (the long one)
  • Enter the CCV number. This is the three-digit security code often found on the back of your card.
  • Enter the amount you'd like to use as a deposit.
  • Click submit and that's it.

Some gambling sites may ask you to provide other details, such as your address or the brand of your credit card, but this is usually only in the interest of your personal security, so no need to worry. All legal online casinos in the US must follow strict guidelines put in place by the state's gambling division.

The great thing about credit cards is that they are normally always eligible for bonuses, which deposits made using e-wallets might not be. These promotions often include sign up bonuses or extra cash.

How To Withdraw Using A Credit Card At An Online Casino

Hopefully, you've had a bit of luck and it's time to cash out at an online casino. Here's how to reap your reward quickly, efficiently and safely:

  • In the interest of convenience, it is best to pick a payment method and stick to it. This will boost your peace of mind and keep all your personal details in one safe, secure space.
  • Find the "Withdraw" button on the gambling site. This is usually located near or next to where you initially deposited your funds, under a section such as "cashier".
  • You may be asked to re-enter details if you have not done so already.
  • Make sure you've completed the compulsory age verification checks. If the casino has not received proof of age and address, you will not be able to withdraw your funds. Acceptable forms of ID often include drivers' licenses, passports and household utility bills for proof of address.
  • Bear in mind that it will take may take at least three days to receive your money if you are withdrawing back onto a credit card.

Withdrawal Time

When it comes to withdrawal times, it is always important to check your casino's policy. Some credit card companies have extra holding time on top of the average three days set out by the bank, so make sure you have a clear estimate on your wait time in order to avoid any confusion.

Withdrawal Fees

Fees are dependant on your credit card company, but companies such as Visa and MasterCard do not charge withdrawal fees at all. If there are any, they average at a rate of 3%. Even though the credit card company might not have any fees, the casino can add fees of their own.

Advantages Of Using A Credit Card

  • There are often low or even no fees when you make your deposits and withdrawals
  • Using a credit card is often more secure than using a debit card, thanks to the ability of the credit card company to control payments
  • Many online casinos offer a bonus for depositing
  • Credit cards may have special perks
  • Deposits are usually instant
  • Visa Credit is the most convenient to use, as it is an in-built facility set up by the company

Disadvantages Of using A Credit Card

  • Not all gambling sites support withdrawals using credit cards, so you may have to use a second method, which could be time-consuming
  • Not all credit card companies allow their customers to make anonymous payments
  • Processing times will probably be longer than that of a debit card
  • Potential to overextend with a credit card.
  • Fees can vary from company-to-company and from casino-to-casino

How To Sign Up For A Credit Card

  • Do your research and find your preferred method.
  • When you've found a company you're confident with, you need to check your eligibility. This can be done online or in person in your bank. You need to have your credit rating approved, which can be done by contacting one of the main agencies, such as Equifax or TransUnion.
  • Have your Social Security Number on hand.
  • Provide a permanent address and proof of it.
  • Having a steady income or a considerable amount of savings will help your application.
  • Be careful not to apply for too many credit cards at any given time, as this could put your credit rating in a negative light.
Online Casinos That Accept Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Are credit cards safer than debit cards?

The answer to this one is sometimes yes, and sometimes no. A debit card has little potential for you to overextend yourself, but in terms of online gambling, given the added security that comes with a credit card, it may make more sense to use a credit card.

How fast are transfers?

Transfers will depend on the processing time of the online casino and the actual credit card company, but are usually up to three business days from when the withdrawal is processed.

Are any fees involved?

No, normally there are no fees. But if there are, they will be around 3%.

Are there any deposit limits?

This varies, but they usually range from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $7,000. It can also be unlimited. Also be sure to check that your card doesn't have any set limits apart from the online casino limits.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

Yes, and this as well. If you've had a particularly big win, such as $20,000, you may only be able to withdraw $5,000 a week. The minimum withdrawal is usually around $10.

Does Visa allow online gambling?

Yes, Visa allows online gambling! And you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll be safe with them. They're the biggest credit card provider on the planet, and this stands to reason when you consider their policies and practices on credit.

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