Prepaid Card Online Casinos - Accepted US Prepaid Cards For Gambling

Prepaid Card Online Casinos - Accepted US Prepaid Cards For Gambling

Prepaid cards have become an increasingly popular way to deposit at legal online casinos in the US. Though limitations have lessened when it comes to credit cards and debit cards, there are other reasons to use a prepaid card.

These are various ways to use a prepaid card, including US online casinos giving players a custom prepaid card, which can only be used at that gambling site. You can also use Play+, which we will explain more about below.

These online casino banking options provide financial and personal data anonymity, but also provide plenty of benefits and rewards, as well as encouraging online gamblers to stay within their spending limits.

Prepaid cards are similar to the debit and credit cards that people are accustomed to using; the only difference is that they aren't connected to a bank account. They also look and work much the same as regular bank cards, in that they can be used online and in-store. Prepaid cards can potentially limit a player's spending. They're also safer than carrying cash, are quick and easy to register for, and simple to reload.

Can't find a prepaid card? You can always deposit using a credit card or debit card for an online casino!

Can I Use My Prepaid Card For Online Gambling?

Yes, you can use your prepaid card for online gambling in the US. You can add funds to online gambling accounts in all states that have legal forms of online gambling.

This includes the use of prepaid credit and debit cards, virtual prepaid cards, and vouchers.

Is Using A Prepaid Card For Online Gambling Safe?

Yes, using a prepaid card for online gambling is safe. Prepaid cards are ideal for online gambling as they provide a highly secure alternative to regular credit and debit cards.

Free Online Casinos Allow Prepaid Cards

Free online casinos, also known as social or sweepstakes casinos, provide players a chance to play casino games for cash prizes in the US (except Washington State) and Canada (except Quebec). Sites like Chumba Casino provide access to popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, slots, and more.

These free online casino sites, such as Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots, allow players to make purchases using prepaid cards.

Players can purchase Gold Coin packages, which come with free Sweeps Coins. Players can then use these Sweeps Coins for a chance to win money prizes when they play the casino games, just like at any other casino!

And due to these no-purchase bonuses that come when you get a special welcome bonus, you can win money prizes online free at these legal US online casinos. You can get these welcome bonuses below:

Chumba Casino Prepaid Card

The Chumba Casino Prepaid MasterCard is what the company uses as a prepaid card option. The social casino has partnered with EML to allow you to fund your Chumba Prepaid Mastercard from a personal funding source and buy Gold Coin packages (which come with free Sweeps Coins).

Once you sign up to Chumba Casino (be sure to activate your welcome bonus before signing up!), the physical card will arrive in 7-10 business days and then you must activate your card.

In order to unlock your Chumba Casino MasterCard you must visit the site that should be labeled on the physical card and then complete the following steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the "Unlock Card" button
  • Type in the six-digit security code found on the back of your card

You will then be given a PIN, which if you forget, you can find by logging into the site given.

You can use this card at an ATM and funds on the card never expire.

Learn more about sweepstakes casinos such as Chumba Casino, Luckyland Slots, and Funzpoints.

Online Casinos That Accept Prepaid Cards

Online casinos in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and other states that have legal forms of online gambling accept prepaid cards.

This includes free online casinos that give players a chance to win real money by playing online casino games. Free online casinos, such as Chumba Casino, are legal throughout the US, with the exception of Washington State, and across Canada, with the exception of Quebec.

Here are the best online gambling sites in legal states that accept prepaid cards or Play+:

Best New Jersey Prepaid Card Casino

Find more of the fastest NJ casino payouts, including the best prepaid and PlayPlus card option.

Best Pennsylvania Prepaid Card Casino

Find more of the fastest PA casino payouts, including the best prepaid and PlayPlus card option.

Best West Virginia Prepaid Card Casino

Online Casino Prepaid Card

There are several types of prepaid cards available for use in legal US online casinos. Visa and MasterCard both have a wide range of cards that offer various benefits to users, such as mobile apps to manage their accounts, as well as rewards and discounts on groceries and fuel. American Express also has a service available for consumers to top up their online gambling accounts.

Prepaid Visa

There are numerous Visa cards available for use at online casinos and their benefits and features vary. Most do not charge for withdrawals, some don't charge overdraft fees, and others are available without requiring credit checks. Various Visa prepaid cards also offer multiple reload methods, such as cash reloads, direct deposits, or via an automated clearing house. Some cards also enable online and mobile banking access, while others provide users with helpful tools like bill pay and budgeting services.

Prepaid MasterCard

MasterCard also has a choice of multiple cards that can be used for online casinos in the US where online gambling is legal. Most can be used to deposit and withdraw funds, with some able to be linked to bank accounts as well as online payment services like PayPal and Venmo. MasterCard is also the only payment brand that provides US cardholders with free services for detecting and resolving identity theft through its ID Theft Protection feature. Cards are available without requiring a credit check or a bank account.

Prepaid American Express

American Express has discontinued the prepaid card services similar to those of Visa and MasterCard, with a new American Express Serve option in their place. Instead of registering for a prepaid card, users can sign up for a reloadable prepaid account via American Express. The service provides access to prepaid debit cards that enable online payments, withdrawals and money transfers. There are three levels of prepaid cards available: American Express Serve, American Express Serve Free Reloads, and American Express Serve Cash Back.

All these prepaid options offer users free early direct deposit, online bill payments, and ATM withdrawals, with free cash reloads nationwide and unlimited 1% cashback on in-store and online purchases on top of the basic option. Online transactions are free across all three options, but the usage of the card in retail locations costs $3.95, while all the American Express prepaid card options also carry a monthly fee of either $6.95 or $7.95. The cards can also be used to pay for bills, buy groceries and shop online, send and receive money to and from friends and family also with Serve Accounts, and free cash withdrawals at more than 30,000 MoneyPass ATMs.

How To Add Money Onto A Prepaid Card

Adding money to an online gambling account via a prepaid card is quick and simple. Here's a quick guide to topping up your prepaid card:

  • Buy the card or voucher that has the benefits or rewards that you're looking for
  • Deposit the required amount from your bank account onto the prepaid card
  • Log onto the online gambling website
  • Use your prepaid card to top up your casino balance

How To Deposit Using A Prepaid Card At An Online Casino

Using a prepaid card at an online gambling site is a fairly simple process, that works in the same way as a consumer would be accustomed to with a regular credit or debit card. Here are a few easy steps for how to get your online gambling account topped up using a prepaid card:

  • Firstly, sign up for a prepaid card via your financial provider of choice by visiting their website
  • When you have received your prepaid card top it up with funds by selecting a payment process, such as cash reload or direct deposit.
  • Head over to your online casino of choice and sign up for an account
  • With your prepaid card in credit enter your card number and the number of funds you want to deposit into the appropriate section on the casino's site
  • Start participating in the real money casino games available
  • Minimum and maximum limits will be decided by the prepaid card provider and specific card that you have signed up for

Can I Withdraw With A Prepaid Card At An Online Casino?

Yes, most prepaid cards can be used to withdraw any winnings made at online gambling sites. American Express, MasterCard and Visa all have prepaid card options that enable consumers to withdraw funds from their online casino wallet, but fees will vary across each provider. Likewise, the maximum withdrawal amount will depend on the limit of the prepaid card that the consumer uses. The prepaid card will reject any attempt to withdraw funds that would exceed its maximum balance.

Play Plus Prepaid Card

Online casinos also have a payment method called PlayPlus, which is commonly known as Play+. Play+ is essentially a convenient, cost-effective, secure prepaid card that can be funded online to make instant deposits at legal online gambling sites in the US. A consumer's money is held in an account secured by the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation ready for them to access their favorite online casino games.

How To Sign Up For A PlayPlus Card

Signing up for Play+ is easy and free either online or in-person at a casino for registered players or existing casino loyalty cardholders. To sign-up online:

  • Visit the Play+ website and select your location
  • Select the entity or program name that you wish to sign-up for
  • Register for the selected entity and log into your account
  • Once logged in, find the Play+ option and follow the prompts to enroll

During enrollment, the user will be asked to verify their address and confirm their identity then agree to the terms and conditions. They can then instantly link their Play+ account to their existing casino account and add funds even before their card arrives in the mail. Each Play+ program is customized to the individual online casino operator so fees will vary.

How Do I Fund My PlayPlus Card?

Funds can be transferred into a Play+ account at any time online or via a mobile phone using a credit card, debit card or checking account, but funding methods will vary per casino. Likewise, limits vary per casino, but the standard maximum amount that can be loaded onto a Play+ account is $2,000 per day, $4,500 per week and $10,000 per month. Higher limits are available to qualified customers via VIP Play+ on certain casino operators.

Here's how to go about funding your Play+ card:

  • When you've enrolled in Play+ using the instructions outlined above, follow the prompts in order to add funds to your account
  • Once that's done, go ahead and transfer the necessary funds into the account of the entity you signed up for

Why Should I Get An Online Casino PlayPlus Card?

Online casinos can also send a consumer a physical Play+ card to use, which is tailored specifically for that individual casino. This provides a quick and easy way to deposit and withdraw funds while playing at that casino, while also being a great way to manage finances. Play+ has a high approval rate, doesn't require a credit check and has no credit limit. Instead, the spending limit is based on the amount of money that the consumer has on their card and their maximum balance. The Play+ card can also be used anywhere that Discover is accepted and for withdrawing cash in ATMs that accept PULSE and NYCE cards.

Prepaid Cards For Online Casinos

Best Prepaid Cards For Online Gambling

Online casino players have a wide choice of prepaid cards to use to fund their accounts. Visa offers 37 prepaid cards, MasterCard has 16 available, while American Express also provides a few prepaid services.

One of the best prepaid card options is Kroger Rewards. It provides a MasterCard and Visa card that is reloadable from several sources, from bank transfers and direct deposit to PayPal. The card is free of overdraft fees and credit checks, includes 24/7 account management via a mobile app and rewards when users buy groceries and fuel.

Another good option is NetSpend's MasterCard prepaid card, which provides fast transfers and cash back on qualified purchases. In addition to no late fees or interest charges, NetSpend also provides a mobile app, text message and email alerts for on the go account management.

One alternative to the major payment players is Paysafecard, which claims to be the world's most effective online prepaid method and guarantees 100% protection of online transactions. It is specifically honed towards online gaming and gambling and doesn't carry any administration fees.

Advantages of Using a Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards provide this same level of convenience that consumers have become accustomed to when using credit and debit cards and avoid the need for wire transfers or other payment options like Moneygram or Western Union.

There are numerous advantages to using a prepaid card for online gambling, including:

  • Prepaid cards are funded in advance of signing into an online gambling account and don't require the user syncing to a bank account
  • Application is quick and easy
  • Prepaid cards are highly secure, offering the same fraud, loss and theft protection as a credit card
  • Using a prepaid card online limits the amount of personally identifiable information that consumers share
  • It is possible to get a prepaid card regardless of any prior bad credit as they don't require a credit check
  • Maximum balances help users to take control of their spending and avoid getting into debt

  • They can also be used for a variety of online and in-store purchases
  • Many provide mobile applications that enable users to manage their account
  • Prepaid cards are now almost as widely accepted by businesses as regular credit and debit cards
  • There are multiple options available to consumers from major payment firms and credit and debit card providers
  • Many businesses use prepaid cards to compensate employees, from payroll and bonuses to health savings accounts
  • Some prepaid cards provide additional rewards such as discounts on groceries and fuel purchases

Disadvantages of using a Prepaid Card

However, there are reasons to be wary of using prepaid cards, with potential disadvantages including:

  • Some prepaid card providers will charge monthly subscription fees
  • Prepaid card users may encounter numerous fees, including for card activations, purchases, bill payments, declined transactions and cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Prepaid cards are not considered as a form of credit, so using them won’t help consumers to strengthen their credit history
  • Some cards carry restrictions over the amount that users can reload, spend and withdraw within certain time periods

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards are easy to get hold of via a chosen card provider. The best way to assess your prepaid card options is to visit the websites of American Express, MasterCard, Visa to compare the various offerings. For an option outside of the big payment providers, check out the Paysafecard website to find out more about its secure prepaid card offering.

How fast are transfers?

Prepaid card providers don't divulge how quickly transfers are processed onto prepaid cards. However, most advise that transferring money onto the card is quicker than processing a paper check.

Are any fees involved?

Some prepaid card providers will charge users fees. These can include a fee for activating the card, as well as fees when the consumer makes a purchase, pays a bill, withdraws cash at an ATM, or has a transaction declined. These fees vary per provider and per card, so check the details before signing up for a prepaid card.

Are there any deposit limits?

Prepaid cards carry deposit limits just like regular credit and debit cards, with providers placing varying caps on the amount of money that users place on the card. This includes daily cap limits, which can range from $500 up to as much as $10,000, as well as total balance, which can go as high as $100,000 through American Express’ Serve accounts.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

The amount of money that can be withdrawn from prepaid cards is limited depending on the provider. Most prepaid cards enable in-store or over-the-counter cash withdrawals at a bank as well as at ATMs. Daily limits can range from $300 to $2,500.

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