Best CSGO Skins Gambling Sites


In the worldwide megahit game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), players are able to use, buy, and trade virtual goods, which are basically unique and rare graphic designs, called skins. Skins don't actually have an influence on gameplay at all, however, they are insanely popular – and the rarest skins are sold for thousands of dollars.

In 2015, an array of 3rd party sites launched that allow players to basically gamble for skins - which can then be ported back into theri game. These CSGO casinos or sweepstakes sites allow players to use skins to bet on the outcome of professional eSport tournament matches, or used as a virtual currency on traditional casino games like roulette, coinflips and slots. Skin gambling is a well known phenomenon in the gaming industry, however the latest crazy is around Case Opening Sites, which users can buy with skins to get a variable reward - some cases contain thousands of dollars worth of skins. Check out our list of the Best CSGO Case Opening Sites below


The skin market has exploded in recent years. People all over the world are effectively gambling using CSGO skins everyday, and yuo’d think it was illegal, however in 2016, Valve Corp, the creator of Steam and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was sued and WON a case in the State of Washington making the operation of skin gambling completely legal by precedent. CS GO Gambling it is expected to continue the immense growth in the upcoming years.


Most csgo gambling sites provide promo codes or bonus codes to their players. We have therefore added the best promo codes for each gambling site in our list. These codes often gives the player a signup bonus, free coins or free credit to use at the site.


There are many different and entertaining games to be played on CS:GO Gambling sites. Below we have listed the most popular CSGO casino games:


A classic and a common casino game found on many CS:GO Gambling sites. The object of Roulette is to pick the number where the spinning ball will land on the wheel. You can also bet combinations of numbers or choose the color or whether the number will be odd or even. CS:GO Roulette usually have a different layout compared to normal roulette, but the principle is the same.


The simplest type of CSGO Gambling, where you put your bet on either Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists. If you get the correct pick you will double up. Easy and fun!


In CS:GO Jackpot games users put up their skins into the pot, where one person will win the whole pot. The higher total value a player adds to the pot, the higher chance the user has to win. Jackpot is a very fun and exciting game to play, where you possibly can make a huge profit from a small investment.


Place a bet and watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Players can cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. The multiplier can crash at any random time, and you will loose if you haven’t cashed out when it does!


Not exactly a form of gaming, but it’s worth noting that some of these sites enable you to conduct peer to peer trades, which is a great benefit as you get everything in one place – and importantly, chances to win thousands of dollards worth of new skins.