Super Bowl 2024 Prop Bets (Printable Sheet)

Super Bowl 56 is more than a game, it’s a spectacle enjoyed by millions around the world. The Bengals vs. Rams game will go down in the history books as one of the best.

The Big Showdown is one of the most highly anticipated days on the pop culture calendar in general, with seasoned bettors and casual fans alike taking part in the wagering action in a way we rarely see.

The massive financial figures the Super Bowl produces helps tell the story. In 2020, over $145 million was bet in Nevada, a state no other can compete with when it comes to events like this. Another $35 million was wagered in New Jerse which is truly an enormous amount of money considering how new the market still is.

Few things are as synonymous with Super Bowl Sunday as wagering on props, which has become a mainstay among both hardcore bettors and novice viewers of the big game.

Sports betting prop wagers are in-game bets made on whether or not a given event will occur throughout the game. The majority of prop bets are essentially over/unders or yes/no questions regarding a specific person, statistic and/or outcome.

Most, although not all, are completely independent of the result of the game, unlike the conventional markets of moneylines, spreads, and totals.

Here, we’ll dive into the process of placing Super Bowl 2022 prop bets and provide some examples of what you can expect.

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Best 2024 Super Bowl Props

Prop bets are so popular during the Super Bowl that the ever-growing number of markets completely overshadows the actual moneyline, spread, and total. Prior to the game in 2022, there will be like there’s as much discussion about the best Super Bowl 56 prop bets as there is about the two teams battling for the Lombardi Trophy, which is truly amazing.

Prop Betting Pros & Cons

Like everything else, there are pros and cons to making props your way of taking in the action, so we are going to detail some of the aspects of wagering on props that are both food and bad.

When discussing the advantages of betting on props, one must start and end with a huge range of betting options. There truly is a market for everyone, whether you’re a betting fanatic or never wagered in your life. Some require no thought or strategy at all, while others may require some knowledge of the teams and game to put your money on.

The odds range from modest lines to huge payouts, with everything in between. Whether it’s an in-game event such as player props or a novelty event like the National Anthem, there are Super Bowl props that cover every angle.

Many of the prop betting cons are things others would consider pros, it just depends on your vantage point.

The wild variety of betting options can be overwhelming to look through, let alone put your money on and commit to. There are also plenty of markets offered that really have no way of winning, but offer massive odds to pull in the bettor looking for the enormous payout.

Here, we’ll go through some of the most popular markets you’ll come across when making Super Bowl 56 prop bets this year:

  • Super Bowl MVP

Making Super Bowl MVP predictions is one of the most popular ways to take in the action during the biggest game of the season. It’s a wager that keeps fans occupied and into it for the entirety of the game and it doesn’t hurt that most MVP options come with robust odds.

Bet at BetMGM

Historically, the award has gone to quarterbacks, who tend to have the lowest odds nearly every year. With that said, three of the past six Super Bowl MVPs have played other positions, including Super Bowl 53 when New England receiver Julian Edelman won. Non-quarterbacks have especially attractive odds, as Edelman was tied for the eighth-highest odds at +2000 (20/1) on the day of the game in 2019.

  • Super Bowl Player Props

NFL player prop bets are common during the regular season, even more so during the playoffs, then explode when the postseason comes. Because many bettors also play fantasy football or play on some of the best DFS sites around, this category is one that casual bettors are most comfortable with outside of traditional spreads and totals.

Bet At DraftKings

Included in the options in the player props category would be the following markets, among others:

  • Passing, Receiving, and Rushing Props
  • Touchdown Scorers (First, Last, Anytime)
  • Player Prop Parlays
  • 1st Half/2nd Half Player Props

Generally, NFL player prop parlays combining a statistical event and the game result payout much higher than traditional player prop bets. On that same note, specifying which player(s) will score touchdowns can also be lucrative.

  • Super Bowl Team Props

This is a category with a growing range of Super Bowl prop betting markets surrounding in-game events. Some are fixated on specific parts of the game like quarters and halves while others are focused on the result, such as props surrounding the margin of victory or even the exact score of the contest.

Below are several of the in-game markets you’d come across for Super Bowl 2022 prop bets outside of player props:

  • Moneyline, Spreads, & Totals For Quarters/Halves
  • First & Last Scoring Play
  • Total Touchdowns/Field Goals
  • Race To 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30
  • Yes/No On Various In-Game Occurrences (Safety, Two-Point Conversion)
  • Same Game Parlays (combining a side & total)

Most of these categories feature modest odds and can be an extremely exciting way to take in the game, whether it’s one specific part of the game or the entire thing.

When it comes to seeking out the biggest winnings possible, imagine it like this: the more unlikely it sounds, the higher it pays out. Some options are more realistic than others, however, and our advice would be to find the balance between going for the juicy odds and placing a winnable wager.

  • Novelty Props

Novelty props are wagers on aspects of Super Bowl Sunday that actually have nothing to do with the football game and are betting markets born of the spectacle that the event has become. Most probably wouldn’t bet on these outcomes at any other point of the year except for the Super Bowl, including the following events:

  • Coin Toss
  • National Anthem
  • Halftime Show
  • Postgame Celebration (Gatorade Color)
  • TV Broadcast Props

Once again, these will be some of the most popular Super Bowl 56 prop bets, especially pregame ones like the coin toss and anthem. For what it’s worth, the winner of the coin toss has gone on to actually lose the game each of the past five seasons.

So is the winner of the toss due, or should you ready a live bet for the team that loses it? Props like this a complete guess, which is half the fun for those that participate.

The same goes for the over-under on the anthem, which gets a staggering amount of action on a yearly basis with tons of research going into it by bookmakers. The over has cashed in recently but it’s hard to tell when the market will adjust by setting an inflated time.

The sportsbooks are usually right on the money here, and lines have become so tight that a controversy ensued during Super Bowl 53 regarding when Gladys Knight’s anthem technically ended, leading to operators stipulating when the song is over, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

Current Super Bowl 2022 Odds

At almost any and all times throughout the year, bettors are looking to wager on Super Bowl odds. Whether it’s immediately after a season ends, around the draft, right before the season or while the schedule is being played, there are always Super Bowl predictions being made.

Looking for advice on how to make 2022 Super Bowl predictions? Check out our Super Bowl betting promotions to build your bankroll on the final day of the season!

Printable Super Bowl 2024 Prop Bets Sheet

Among the most popular ways to get some action on all the best Super Bowl prop bets is by taking part in a game involving a props sheet. The game can be played both in-person or online, and it’s an interactive way of getting all viewers involved with a rooting interest.

A Super Bowl prop betting sheet contains a list of props pulled from the many options offered by sportsbooks for the big game, as we can see below.

Super-Bowl-Prop-Bets-2021-Printable Print Official Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022 Template

Participants select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each of the propositions in question and are awarded points for each correct answer. At the end of the game, the points are simply tallied up to decide the winner of the game.

FanDuel Super Bowl Bingo

Bettors who sign up with a FanDuel promo code in places like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia can take part in an exclusive Super Bowl prop bet bingo game hosted on the FanDuel platform.

It takes the normal rules of bingo and applies them to a prop betting sheet for an inventive game that all sportsbook customers can take part in. The difference is that you don’t need to choose yes or no for each prop in question as you would with the sheet.

Basically, a props sheet is set up like a bingo card, and rather than getting points for each correct selection, you get to fill in that square. A row of five props in a row would mean you’re a winner, just like in bingo, with thousands of dollars in prizes given away to those who qualify.

Super Bowl Squares Template

An increasingly popular way to enjoy the big game is with Super Bowl squares online. It requires no expertise because the outcome is entirely based on luck, so it’s an especially fun option for the casual fan looking to watch the game with stakes of some kind.

The best Super Bowl squares contest is currently held by DraftKings Sportsbook, which introduced it in 2019 for Super Bowl 53. These contests, also known as ‘box pools’, have long been popular before making the migration to online sports betting apps.

How Do Super Bowl Squares Work?

Super Bowl squares involve being assigned a digit from 0-9 for each team and winning prizes if the score of the game matches the numbers you’ve been given. When printing it out to play in person, there is some sort of ‘buy-in’ to enter and winners are paid out at the end of each quarter, with halftime and the final score earning the largest prizes.

Take a look at the image below for a Super Bowl squares template:

Super Bowl 2022 Squares Template Official 2022 Super Bowl Squares Template Printable PDF – Print Your Football Squares

The are several steps to take before reaching the final product. The first thing you do is create 100 boxes by drawing out a 10 X 10 grid, with one team being listed to the left of the grid and the other team listed across the top row of boxes.

Next, the blank grid needs to be filled out by participants of the pool, who will select boxes randomly since numbers have not yet been drawn. Once all 100 boxes have been filled in by a name, numbers can be assigned.

One set of numbers from 0-9 are randomly drawn and listed to the left of the grid, and another set of numbers will go across the top row of boxes. From there, each box will line up with a digit for each team, which are to remain your numbers for the entire game.

EXAMPLE: Take Super Bowl 53 and say the New England Patriots have the left side and the Los Angeles Rams have the top of the grid. The final score of 13-3 meant that whichever box had ‘PATRIOTS 3, RAMS 3′ won the largest prize, since the second digit is used to find your number once the score reaches double digits.

DraftKings Super Bowl Squares Contest

As mentioned above, the old-school way of playing Super Bowl boxes normally requires payment to enter, but that isn’t the case online. The contest at DraftKings is a free-to-play event that paid out $53,000 in prizes during Super Bowl 53, with boxes being awarded to all players with a DraftKings Sportsbook account.

Because there are many more than 100 players with entry, the contest varies from tradition and allows multiple players to occupy the same squares. Numbers are revealed just prior to kickoff and those occupying the winning squares split prizes with the other winners.

If you’re looking for more advice when it comes to wagering on the big game, check out our Super Bowl betting guide for all the information you need to close the season out with a winning Sunday.

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