Super Bowl 2021 Betting - Odds | Lines | Best Sites

Super Bowl 2021 Betting - Odds | Lines | Best Sites

The National Football League is the most popular professional sports body in the United States to watch and to wager on, and the Super Bowl is the spectacle that serves as the cherry on top for fans at the end of each season. The playoffs build on and increase the interest carried over from the regular schedule, then the Super Bowl takes it into overdrive by attracting even more interest from casual viewers and bettors. In many cases, the two are one and the same.

The final day of the football season is a holiday of sorts in the U.S., and online betting on the Super Bowl has become a significant part of the yearly tradition. Wagering on your mobile device or home computer isn't only the most convenient way to get yourself in on the action, it's the way to ensure as many opportunities as possible to wind up a winner as football finally comes to a close.

It is completely legal to bet the Super Bowl online, players just need to physically in one of the states where wagering on professional athletics is legal. The laws and rules for Super Bowl Sunday are the same as the rest of the season and taking part is entirely dependent on geographical location.

The legality of betting on football is in constant flux as an increasing number of states are proposing legislation to allow sports wagering. In total, 18 states (including more than a half-dozen in the first half of 2019 alone) have passed sports betting laws with plans to launch if they have not already. Those aiming to go live this calendar year plan to do so by the time football season arrives, and understandably so as it dominates the sports gambling landscape.

Becoming the industry leader like Last Vegas would be ideal, but for the states first getting things off the ground the realistic goal is to become the Garden State. New Jersey sports betting launched sports wagering in the summer of 2018 to immediate success, and it has generated nearly $90 million in revenue in 2019 alone. In February 2019, Super Bowl LIII raked in over $180 million in combined handle in just the states of Nevada and the Garden State alone.

Much of that was from Nevada, which is still top dog, but Jersey actually took in more sports gambling dollars than Las Vegas did at $318.9 million in May. It marked a new first for the industry and effectively sent the message that additional states can also become forces within sports gambling.

How To Choose NFL Super Bowl Betting Sites

Just like wagering throughout the season and the playoffs, choosing among Super Bowl online betting sites is as crucial as making the correct picks. The sites and apps you use should be safe to use and have plenty of amenities to take advantage of. Here are some of the steps that go into finding the right websites if you're in a state that legally allows gambling:

  • Research The Apps

On most of the best online betting sites, you can see which sports and promotions are offered in addition to the Super Bowl prop markets available. Seeing the interface layout, wagering options, promotions and welcome bonuses offered can go a long way in determining where to sign up.

  • Sportsbook Review Sites

Platforms that rate sports betting sites are another strong option to get an all-encompassing look at each operator. BonusSeeker, for example, digs deep for the information needed to be a one-stop-shop for individual operator reviews and content featuring promotions and lines from each site.

  • Ask Around

Speak to bettors you know or on social media about which operators they use to wager on football. Whether it's the odds, the markets or the promotions, there's always a reason for loyalty to a given site. Those who gamble tend to speak candidly about the platform in which they use to place their bets, and this is a great way to get inside information on an app.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites 2021

For New Jersey And Pennsylvania Fans

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  • Get $500 Free Deposit Match
  • Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet
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DraftKings Sportsbook offers weekly odds boosts and unique fixed parlays.

Other Regulated States

  • Get $1,000 Risk-Free
  • $25 Parlay Insurance
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FanDuel offers a ton of prop markets across the NFL betting landscape, plus its innovative Parlay Insurance.

Legal US Sportsbook

If you aren't in a state with legal online sports betting, you can place legal sports wagers at FendOff Sports. Read our FendOff Sports review for more information and get the promo code below:

  • $5 Free No Purchase Bonus
  • 1st Purchase Match Up To $25
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By the time the Super Bowl finally arrives, we are down to the final game of the season and some football bet types are no longer options. Conventional choices remain as there are odds on the moneyline, point spread and total as usual, but football props are perhaps the most popular NFL online bets during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl prop bets are placed on very specific categories that aren't sometimes aren't directly tied to the entire game unlike conventional bets (non-props) on the moneyline, point spread, and game total. When it's time for the Super Bowl, props take center stage, as all the best sportsbooks up the ante and offer hundreds of additional markets for the biggest game of the season. Below are just some of the categories in which of the wide range of prop wagers offered:

  • 1st/2nd Half Betting
  • Quarters Betting
  • Highest Scoring Quarter
  • Team Totals
  • 1st/2nd Half Team Totals
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • First/Third/Fourth Down Stats
  • Turnovers In-Game
  • Yes/No Props On In-Game Situations
  • First Player To Score TD/Total TDs In-Game
  • Field Goals In-Game/Longest FG
  • Margin Of Victory
  • Will The First/Last Team That Scores Win
  • National Anthem/TV Broadcast/Halftime Show
  • Coin Toss/Gatorade Color

Super Bowl Spread Bets And Moneyline Wagers

The Super Bowl may be the only day of the year when the more common football bet types take a back seat to other markets like props. With only one game to wager on, oddsmakers lines are tight while sharp and public action is all over the moneyline, point spread, and total. Value can be tough to find because of all the outside forces pulling on the line, which is part of what has made alternative wagers so popular.

For most gamblers, NFL picks against the spread and moneyline selections both require patience and time to track line movement in the two weeks leading up to the game. Once the market settles in the final days before kickoff, lock in your wager on the game with the best possible price after shopping around for odds. For more in-depth info on how to bet on NFL at online betting sites check out our guide.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

Betting on the Super Bowl isn't quite like gambling on a standard football game, or even a postseason game. It's more an event than a game, surrounded by the spectacle and completely unpredictable. In collegiate athletics, the College Football Playoff National Championship and the NCAA Tournament final in basketball are the closest comparisons. Plus, pro football is the only major American sport with a championship decided by just one game, and betting on it truly feels like a one-of-a-kind experience each season. When the first week of February rolls around, keep in mind these Super Bowl betting tips:

  • Look At Underdogs When Handicapping Super Bowl

This is a tip for the regular season and playoffs that carries over into an effective NFL Super Bowl strategy as well. Super Bowl odds for favorites can inflate and lose value, so taking underdogs has been especially profitable in recent years. Counting Super Bowl XXXV, which closed the 2000 season, underdogs are 12-6-1 against the spread (XLIX in 2015 was a pick ‘em and had no spread/favorite). This goes for underdogs you feel can win the game outright, since only one of the previous winners lost the game but covered the number (Cardinals in XLIII).

  • Try To Limit The Props

Wagering on Super Bowl props can get overwhelming considering the seemingly endless number of markets that the best sportsbooks in the U.S. are offering. After looking at as many categories as you can handle, scale the list of ones you like down to just one or a couple and consider higher wagers on those. Selecting 10 or even eight or six prop bets is likely way too many to turn out a profit without one of them paying out in a huge way. Being selective is one of the keys to being profitable while handicapping the Super Bowl and dealing with props.

  • Set Risk Limits Before Super Bowl

Definitely set a figure ahead of time for the amount of money you're willing to gamble and stick to it. The game presents an opportunity for so many kinds of wagers once you add prop markets onto the conventional lines on the game itself. It's very easy to get lost and irrationally spend far too much just because it's the big game. Set a limit for yourself and prioritize your wagers to give the largest chunk of your bankroll to your Super Bowl best bet.

  • Try A Two-Way Teaser

Teasers allow bettors to combine two or more sides (spreads and totals only) into one bet similar to a parlay. Each side is modified by a predetermined amount of points, and all sides must cover the spread in order for the wager to be successful. In football, teasers are six, 6.5 or seven points for each side.

Once you are familiar with both sides and come up with your read on the game, consider linking together a side and the total for a two-way teaser during the Super Bowl. The payouts aren't ideal (-130 for six points and-140 for 6.5 points) but tight lines and heavy action can convince you to take the points and put them anywhere you want for an easier win. This type of wager is a good one to pair with a longshot prop or something with a better price. Over the past 10 years, six-point teasers featuring underdogs and overs have gone 6-4, although Super Bowl XLIII featured a favorite/under combination winning.

Super Bowl Squares Template 2021

A common alternative to traditional wagering is Super Bowl squares betting, which is an extremely fun way to create some rooting interest throughout the game. It's very simple and serves as an easy way to get even the most novice fans interested in the game almost everybody is watching.

The Super Bowl squares betting pool begins with an empty 10x10 grid with 100 squares. One team is assigned the rows while the other team is assigned the columns, and participants choose their boxes until all are full. Then, numbers 0-9 are chosen at random to fill out the columns and rows, giving players their combinations. Let's use the box score from Super Bowl LII as an example to see how winning boxes are determined:

At the end of the first half with the score 22-12, the box that matched 2/Eagles and 2/Patriots was a winner, while the final score prize went to the box int he grid with 1/Eagles and 3/Patriots. Some of the best NJ sportsbooks offer free entry into a pool, each with its own unique twist on scoring. At DraftKings, the contest is called Big Game Squares and we are going to detail how to play below.

  • Step 1: Access your DraftKings Sportsbook account and redeem your free entry to take part in Big Game Squares prior to kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Step 2: Choose any square you want. With Super Bowl squares betting on DraftKings, multiple players can have the same box, so there's no worry about someone taking your favorite spot.
  • Step 3: Once numbers are drawn and released, check your combinations so you know what to look for while watching the Super Bowl
  • Step 4: Watch the game and root for your numbers! Generally, people are excited for popular numbers like 0, 3 and 7, but the Super Bowl is unpredictable and is fully capable of enting with a non-traditional score, causing unexpected squares winners.

Super Bowl 2021 Squares Template Official 2021 Super Bowl Squares Template Printable PDF - Print Your Squares

How To Play Football Squares

If you are looking to participate in Super Bowl squares bracket betting we have prepared for you how to play football squares. You can find the step by step instruction as well as the football square rules.

Early Super Bowl 55 Predictions

If you are looking to lock in some early 2021 Super Bowl bets we have written an in-depth article that breaks down the possible winner based on early-season performance. We performed an analysis of possible AFC and NFC teams who may have a chance to make it to Miami in February. You can find also Super Bowl betting odds and line at our recommend sportsbooks in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania.

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