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Is online gambling in Connecticut about to become a reality?

What a difference 20 minutes can make. Especially when it comes to a press conference held by Joseph Aresimowicz (House Speaker), Matthew Ritter (House Majority Leader) and Rep. Joe Verrengia (chairman of the Public Safety and Security Committee) about online sports betting in the state.

Connecting the Dots

The simple fact that there was even a press conference on the subject bodes well for the odds of it becoming a reality in the near future. And while it the press conference only covered sports betting, if legalized it will only be a matter of time before online casinos in Connecticut becomes a reality. There have also been rumours of a bill for an online lottery floating around in the halls of power another encouraging factor.

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It seems the first point of order in the press briefing was to lay out the state's current stance on sports betting. Next on the agenda was setting out the steps that need to be taken if it is to become a legal and regulated industry.

Online Sports Betting in Connecticut

The next important date in what will undoubtedly be a lengthy and somewhat complicated process is the 1st of March, when representatives from 2 of the big 3 sports organizations, the NBA and MLB, will meet with various stakeholders in the sports betting industry to plan the way forward.

Then just a week later on the 8th of March, an informational hearing is planned, where several other aspects of online gambling will be brought up and discussed. According to Rep. Joe Verrengia, The Public Safety Committee has its plate full when it comes to gaming issues. I thought the timing of having a forum, a national perspective on gaming including casino gaming, sports betting, fantasy sports, off-track betting it would be a good time to invite leaders in those industries to come to Connecticut and give us a sense of what's happened at the national level, and give the committee members an opportunity to get the lay of the landscape and ask those leaders questions.

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The three lawmakers also brought up online gambling several times during the briefing. Connecting the various dots seems to indicate that online sports betting may just be the first of many gaming expansion/reform state lawmakers push for, eventually seeing CT Online Casinos becoming a major industry in the state.

So, while it may still be too early to make any definitive predictions, the signs are looking good when it comes to sports betting and online gambling as a whole become 100% legal in Connecticut.

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