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Banking is an online platform which is a fast and easy way to play Daily Fantasy sports. It's not "betting," but you can pick which athletes will have the best game that day and win up to $100,000 if you get it right! Resorts Casino in Atlantic City is the owner of FastPick - the legal way for people to win cash from sports picks online! Football season is firing up – does it get any better for sports than fall in America? With over $92 billion wagered on sports betting every year it seems like everybody is trying to get a little skin in the game, however most people still aren't willing to risk their cash on illegal sports betting, and why should they? Now, there’s an all new option for people in New Jersey to win cash from their sports picks using players' fantasy scoring points. It's a simplified style of daily fantasy sports, so it's available online, regulated, safe for consumers, safe for athletes, and it’s 100% legal.

What Is FastPick?

Had Enough of Daily Fantasy Sports?

A few years ago, a lot of people jumped on the daily fantasy sports bandwagon and quickly found it that it wasn’t for them. DFS isn’t meant for your average sports fan to have a chance to win cash – there’s always someone else in your content with more time on their hands and research they can do to beat you. The truth is that other people can easily have an edge on a regular sports fans when it comes to picking players in DFS.
  • Too many sharks
  • Takes too much time to fill a roster
  • Annoying Salary Caps
  • Following weather patterns
So if all that or anything else has turned you off of Daily Fantasy Sports, your only option is to find an illegal bookie and make a bet in person, and a lot of people are not willing to take that risk. Of course you could fly to Vegas and bet on sports for real, but who has time (or money!) for that? Well if you don’t have the time for DFS, but want some skin in the game – you finally have another choice: There’s A New Way People In NJ Can Win Cash From Sports Picks Through a loophole in the Daily Fantasy Sports legislation, there’s now a fast and simplified way that New Jersey’s Department of Gaming Enforcement is allowing people to make picks online. Here’s exactly what’s legal: As a user, you will get a list of head to head player matchups every day, and you just have to pick which of the two players in each matchup will score more points in the next game. For example, pick who will play better next game in each row:
  1. Lebron James vs. Steph Curry
  2. Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady
  3. Mike Trout vs. Mookie Betts
  4. Kevin Durant vs. Kyrie Irving
All you have to do is choose which player in each matchup will score more points in their next game. Once you choose at least 3 matchups, you lock in your pick card. You can enter a pick card for anywhere from $10 to $10,000. Each card contains 3-10 matchups. FastPick Sports Betting

Make Sports Picks Against the House Instead of Against Sharks

Since you aren’t going head to head betting against other people’s player algorithms, this also means that the operator payouts are standardized. The payout schedule is determined by how many matchups you chose in your pick card. If you enter for $100 and pick 3, the payout is $500, but if you enter $100 and pick 10, the payout is $50,000.

How Much Can You Win On FastPick?

Here are the payouts:
Picks Payout Multiple Min Entry Max Entry Min Payout Max Payout
3 of 3 5x $5.00 $10,000 $25 $50,000
4 of 4 10x $5.00 $10,000 $50 $100,000
5 of 5 18x $5.00 $5,555.56 $90 $100,000
6 of 6 35x $5.00 $2,857.14 $175 $100,000
7 of 7 70x $5.00 $1,428.57 $350 $100,000
8 of 8 125x $5.00 $800 $625 $100,000
9 of 9 250x $5.00 $400 $1,250 $100,000
10 of 10 500x $5.00 $200 $2,500 $100,000

When Does it Payout?

As soon as the last player in your matchups has finished their game, the scores are instantly tabulated and winnings deposited into your account.

Is it Legit? Have People Actually Won Money This Way?

Yes! Even though this has only been available for a few weeks, we have already found some real winners. Here’s what a few from around the state won at
  • Michael from Woodbine, NJ picked 5 matchups and won $900
  • Duncan from Medford, NJ picked 3 matchups and won $250
  • John from Highland Park, NJ picked 4 matchups and won $100
So far, there’s only one site we know of that’s operating under this gambling structure with permission of NJ’s Gaming Regulators and it’s They have matchups available every day and you can signup to start making picks right now. Like other online gambling in New Jersey, you must be over 21 to play. Quick and straight forward, this new fast-fantasy style is taking New Jersey, and soon America by storm. It takes 30 seconds to signup and make your picks - Are you ready to have some skin in tonight’s game? CLICK HERE to Join FastPick & Play For Cash

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