Free Bet No Deposit Offers For US Sportsbooks

Sports betting is spreading across the United States, with the online platform, in particular, seeing rapid growth. It wasn’t always the case, but more and more states are legalizing sports wagering with the mobile betting component attached.

One of the many contributions to the rise in popularity of mobile sports wagering is the fact that online sites offer bettors amenities that cannot be claimed at land-based sportsbooks.

One such perk is a sportsbook free bet. Betting apps with free bets award them on many occasions as part of a no-deposit bonus, which is one of the most commonly-found welcome offers in the industry. Free bets are also offered in a variety of ways to existing customers as a promotion.

Below, we’ll get into everything you need to know including how to get free bets and what the different kinds are, and we’ll also cover some frequently asked questions about sportsbook free bet no deposit offers.

What Is A Free Bet?

A free bet is exactly what it sounds like: a wager that is given to you free of charge. Free bets are sometimes supplied by sportsbooks to new customers as part of a welcome bonus

These free bets make it possible to wager with your new sportsbook account without having to deposit. They also completely mitigate any risk that comes with betting since you aren’t risking any of your own money.

How Do Free Bets Work?

So one thing you may be wondering is: how do you use free bets on a sportsbook?

When free bets are awarded as a no-deposit bonus, they are extremely easy to claim and to use. For sites that offer a welcome bonus that includes a no deposit free bet, all you need to do is complete the registration process and that will trigger the bonus.

One example is DraftKings Sportsbook, which offers a $25 no deposit bonus as part of its welcome offer when you use a DraftKings promo code from BonusSeeker. After creating your new account, the $25 free bet is added to the player’s account before any deposit is made and can be used on a huge range of sports bets.

It should be noted that all winnings with free bet are subject to wagering requirements, which will tell you how much you need to wager before being able to withdraw those funds. Each site varies, however, so be sure to look into the terms and conditions before signing up.

Best Free Bet No Deposit Offers

DraftKings is the biggest brand that currently offers a free bet to new customers. As part of its welcome offer, DraftKings gives out a $25 no-deposit bonus just for creating an account, in addition to other bonuses for depositing. This $25 free bet to start things off is the largest of its kind.

Unibet Sportsbook is another site that has a free bet included in the welcome offer. After creating an account, the bonus is triggered for new customers and a $20 no-deposit bonus is added to your bankroll immediately. Unibet is another site with additional bonuses attached to its welcome offer.

How To Claim A Free Bet?

In order to claim free bets as part of your welcome bonus, all you need to do is complete the sportsbook registration process. Once the new account is created, you scan the available betting markets and place a wager using the free bet no deposit bonus without having to invest any of your own funds.

Take the following steps to claim sportsbook free bets:

  • Click on a BonusSeeker bonus code link, which will take you right to the registration page
  • Fill out your personal information including name, address, email, social security number, and banking information (if planning to deposit)
  • After hitting ‘Register’ and completing the process, the bonus will be triggered and the free bet added to your account
  • Return to the dashboard of the online sportsbook and select a betting market you want to wager on
  • The sportsbook will either automatically use your free bet to fund the wager or prompt you to select a button in order to use it
  • Hit ‘Submit’ and your wager will be officially placed

Keep in mind that you can also take advantage of the welcome offer and obtain your free bet by going straight to the website you want to sign up for and pasting in a BonusSeeker promo code directly. Clicking a link and pasting a code will lead to the same result, so you only need to do one or the other, but not both.

Can I Withdraw My Free Bet Winnings?

Yes, you can withdraw free bet winnings. Whether or not you can withdraw then instantly, however, depends on the sportsbook.

There are some sites that will allow any winnings won from no deposit bonus free bets to be withdrawn immediately, but there are others that won’t unlock those funds until wagering requirements are met.

In cases where they exist, the wagering requirement might be something around 5x of the original free bet. This means for a $25 free bet, the player would need to place $125 total in wagers before anything won with the free bet could be withdrawn.

This is another situation where reading the terms and conditions on the sportsbook you choose can be quite helpful.

Best Free Bet Offers

Free bets are offered as part of a promotion at many different sportsbooks, including DraftKings, PointsBet, and plenty of others. There are also a couple of sites that have ongoing promotions related to free bets, and these are listed below.

BetMGM’s weekly free bet giveaway has become quite popular, especially during NFL season. Bettors are only required to opt into the Money Monday Club and place a total of $50 in qualifying bets between Monday and Sunday. As a reward, the player receives a $10 free bet.

Borgata Online Sportsbook is another brand that has an ongoing deal that results in free bets being awarded. All bettors need to do is place a $20 parlay and they can receive a $5 free bet, which is a truly epic deal considering it can be done every day.

Free Bet Promotions

In addition to receiving a free bet through a welcome offer when first signing up, there are also ways to obtain free bets as an existing customer. In most of these cases, free bets are offered through a promotion, or as a reward for completing some kind of sportsbook mission on the app.

Oftentimes, there are also free bets handed out in response to technical issues that occur on the site, or if a player is unable to immediately get help from customer support.

Bet & Get

A Bet & Get promotion one popular way for existing customers to obtain a free bet. This involves the sportsbook offering a free bet on the condition that the bettor places a specific type of wager or a wager that equals a certain amount.

It’s really quite self-explanatory. Bet a certain amount (adhering to the parameters of the offer), and get a free bet in return. For example, below is an opening night NHL Bet & Get promotion that has previously been offered by DraftKings Sportsbook.

NHL Bet And Get At DraftKingsPlace Your Bet At DraftKings

In this case, the sportsbook requires bettors to place a $25 wager of any kind on NHL action. Opting in to the promo and placing this wager will trigger the reward, which is a $10 free bet to be used anywhere on the site.

Special Free Bet Offers

There are times when sportsbook free bets pop up in player accounts without opting for promotion of any kind. Sites occasionally give away free bets in the time leading up to a major sporting event as an incentive to stay active on the site.

For example, the days and weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, NCAA Tournament, or opening day for a given sport may include free bets being awarded by the sportsbook so players can get in on the action free of charge.

VIP Loyalty Bonuses & Sportsbook Mission Rewards

Sportsbooks are also known for giving away free bets to existing customers for their loyalty to the site. These bets can be handed out through a VIP program or as a reward for the completion of a specific sportsbook mission.

DraftKings Sportsbook is a great example. The site has been known to offer a $5 free bet so long as you place five live bets of $10+ dollars within a certain time frame. All bettors need to do is opt in to the promotion and place their bets as they normally would, and they can earn free bets!

Leading up to Super Bowl 55, the site also promoted a free-to-play pool with $55 million in prizes. After claiming a free entry, customers were awarded $3 in DK dollars just for taking part without spending a dime.

Advantages Of A Free Bet

A free bet, whether it comes from a welcome bonus or a promotion for both new and existing players, one of the very best gifts one can receive from an online sportsbook. There are a large number of advantages that come with these rewards including:

  • Free bets eliminate all risk for the player
  • They are commonly gained without spending any of your own money
  • Eligible for use on a wide range of sports/bets
  • Can be used on parlays to maximize winnings
  • Prop bets are eligible markets
  • Provides an opportunity to try out new/different markets without risk

Disadvantages Of A Free Bet

There are very few negatives to receiving a free bet, especially since you risk nothing and only have a chance of making a profit. But if you’re looking for drawbacks here, consider the following:

  • Free bet isn’t returned to the account
  • Free bets come with expiration dates
  • Winnings may come with wagering requirements

What Is The Difference Between A Free Bet And A Risk Free Bet?

When first learning the terminology associated with sportsbook bonuses and promotions, one common question is about the difference between a free bet and a risk-free bet.

In some ways, the two are similar. They both minimize risk for the bettor, offer a chance to go after large amounts of profits, and can be offered as part of a welcome bonus. That said, there are some key differences between the two.

Free bets aren’t exclusively a no deposit bonus as part of a welcome offer. They can be, but they offered to existing customers quite regularly as well, and in various ways. Free bets are also handed out on numerous occasions throughout your time on a sportsbook and are typically awarded in small amounts such as $5 or $10.

Risk-free bets, on the other hand, are an extremely popular welcome bonus offered by online sportsbooks. In nearly all cases, risk-free bets are offered to new players and not available to existing customers. Because they are in the form of a welcome offer, free bets are for large amounts such as $500 or even $1,000 depending on the sportsbook.

Free Bet Wagering Requirements

Something to consider when using free bets to wager with is the wagering requirement, which bettors may be forced to clear before being able to withdraw funds that came from the free bet.

A wagering requirement virtually tells you how much you’ll need to spend in wagers (overall betting handle) until any funds won with the free bet can be taken out of your account. For example, if a $10 free bet comes with a 5x wagering requirement, bettors will need to place $50 in wagers to clear the requirement.

Not all sites have wagering requirements attached to free bets and for the ones that too, it can vary between sportsbooks. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for whichever site you choose to sign up for prior to registering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If A Free Bet Pushes?

In most cases, a push on a free bet would result in the loss of the free bet and no refund. While a conventional wager resulting in a push would return the bettor to the original stake, a free bet resulting in a push would be graded a loss.

Do Free Bets Expire?

Yes, there are expiration dates for free bets. It does, however, vary from site to site and there is also no set time period in which free bets stay active.

In the case of no deposit bonus free bets, the customer is likely to have between one and two weeks to use the free bet. After opting into promotion and receiving a free bet, an existing customer is likely to have between a few days and two weeks to use the bet.

Can You Win Money On Free Bets?

Yes, you can win money on free bets. Anything you win is immediately added to your account as cash winnings, with no additional free bets. Even if you need to clear a wagering requirement before withdrawing, bettors can win serious profits thanks to free bets.

Are Free Bets Worth It?

Yes, free bets are definitely worth receiving and using. These bonuses eliminate all the risk for the player, who doesn’t need to be worried about losing any of their own money. There is virtually no risk and all reward.

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