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Yes, you can have hours of fun and get chances to win prizes and real money playing slots, poker, and other online games! These casino apps have virtual currency that you can play with and win, which you then redeem for entries to win fabulous prizes like vacation getaways, TVs, new cars, and of course cash!

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Online free casino games are brand new and growing in the market. It’s currently a $3.4 billion niche market with experts estimating it to grow 10% every year. It makes up 4% of the overall $91 billion online gaming market – which is comparable to traditional gambling.

The number of gaming operators offering social media games is constantly increasing. Naturally, Facebook leads the game, but Google+, Bebo, and even MySpace are also the places where players love to hang out.

The most popular online casino games on the web are blackjack, slots, and Texas Hold’em. The online casino industry’s income of more than $2.7 billion doesn’t come as a big surprise.

They offer in-game benefits, currencies, and virtual goods which are available to players for real money. And players buy them. The online casino cosmos is expanding. Some stats say that 14% of online gamblers gamble at least an hour on a daily basis. It shows this is only the beginning and it has a lot of scope for expanding online.


Free Online Casino Games History

The legacy of Online casino games started along with social network's boom. Online social giant players like MySpace and Facebook got massive, so did the games industry contained within their infrastructure. Games and social networks go hand-in-hand and online casino games are not a new concept like many people think. In fact, all games are social. Social simply means playing a game with others.


Free Online Casino Games are Risk-Free

To understand the appeal of these casinos, it’s probably first important to understand the concept of online gaming. This term usually applies to the kinds of light, easy-to-play titles that are seen on social media sites and in downloadable apps, either available for free or for a very small cost. When you think about the standard criticisms of gambling games and the needs of users in this market, all of the titles mentioned are easy to play, offer quick, short-term goals, and dole out rewards at a regular pace to keep players interested – exactly what you get from a slot machine or blackjack table.

That makes these and other casino favorites perfect fits for the casual market. Anyone can spin the reels and feel a quick jolt of excitement when they match five symbols in a row. Dice and card games offer at least a little bit of interactivity and have the same potential to light up a player’s eyes when they make an unlikely hand or win a big virtual bet. And don’t forget the key word in all of this: casinos are truly a social experience, so being able to share your victories with friends or compete with them in a free money poker game is a big part of what makes these not-quite-gambling apps so successful. Throw in the fact that this all exists without any betting or financial risk to players, and you have a winning combination for casual play. Hence, online casino games are risk-free and can be played without a hitch.


Best Free Casino Games

Cleos VIP Room

Cleos VIP Room, designed with an elegant Egyptian theme, is a happening place to play regular casino games. It is developed by Amuzi Gaming which has a collection of several casino games. The first thing that will strike you about the site is the scrolling gallery of products in the top margin which features electronics, jewelry, emoji cushions, and other trinkets, accompanied by their points value. The app is available to play on Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows OS.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is managed by Virtual Gaming Worlds out of Perth, Australia. With a range of activities as diverse styles of poker, a wide range of free video slot games and other online casino games, Chumba Casino found a place in social media and attracted many customers. There is a chance to win real money through Chumba casino while you continue to enjoy playing games. The best feature of this casino is you could cash out your winnings with Paypal.

Global Poker

Global Poker has shaped a new business model of virtual currency gaming combined with real cash prizes. This business model helped Global Poker to operate in the U.S., Canada, and many other countries worldwide successfully. Global Poker sells virtual currency in the form of gold coins and virtual chips. The sweepstakes entries are considered as a second form of virtual currency, allowing the company to operate games in the form of unique and traditional real money play.


Difference Between Online Casino Games and Traditional Games

Here are quick five differences to mention:

  1. You have the community vibe. This is more the case with games like blackjack and poker, though, rather than slots and roulette.
  2. Since no money’s at risk, people are less wound up about freemium or online casino games. Thus, more people are open to sharing their results.

  3. These games are free to play. There are options for you to spend money, but you don’t have to spend money to play.

  4. You can compete with friends. This can be a slot score, a number of blackjack hands you won in a row, or whatever twists the application comes up with. You don’t see this very much in casinos outside of slots tournaments or poker leaderboards. And, again, this is often without prejudice.

  5. They don’t make money from players betting on outcomes. They charge for perks and add-ons.


Free Online Slots Apps

Of course you can play mobile apps like Jackpot Party, Huuuge Casino, Big Fish, GSN, Slotomania, and more, however on those apps you can spend real money, but you can't win any real money! If you want a chance to win actual prizes or cash, you have to play on a site like Chumba Casino. If you play online slots at Chumba casino and purchase sweeps cash with real money, you can actually win cash, and it's completely legal in every US state except Nevada and New Jersey. You can even play in Canada too!

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