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2 FREE Sweeps Coins, 2,000,000 FREE Gold Coins

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10,000,000 Gold Coins for $10 (Normally $30). Plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins


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  • User Interface: Easy to navigate, go in and out of GC/SC games

  • Game Selection: Lots of slots, including progressives, blackjack, and roulette

  • Banking: Many options including bank transfers, credits cards, and Skrill

For those who don't have legal online casinos in their state, Chumba Casino offers a great alternative with its promotional social casino that's available in 48 states and most of Canada as well.

At Chumba, you can play promotional social casino games like online slots and blackjack using their Sweeps Coins.

The best part? You can redeem the Sweeps Coins for cash prizes! See what's in store for you when you sign up.

Free Codes For Chumba Casino

Social CasinoChumba Casino
Promo CodeClick to claim promo (No Code Needed)
No Purchase Bonus2 FREE Sweeps Coins and 2,000,000 FREE Gold Coins
Purchase Bonus10,000,000 Gold Coins for $10 (Normally $30). Plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins.
Online Since2017
Last UpdatedApril 2024

Chumba Casino Free Sweeps 2024

If you're asking yourself how to get FREE Sweeps Coins in Chumba Casino, here's the tip! You don't even need to use any bonus codes for Chumba Casino or free codes!

All you have to do is click this link for the Chumba Casino free sweeps to get 2,000,000 Gold Coins and 2 FREE Sweeps Coins on Sign Up, plus get 10,000,000 Gold Coins for $10 (Normally $30). Plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins.

After signing up, there are even more ways to get FREE Sweeps Coins! In fact, you can receive Sweeps Coins for free every day, which we'll cover later in the review.

This casino has been around as a social casino since 2017, while many other similar sites have come and gone. Why does this casino have such great staying power?

It has consistently been an online gaming alternative in the US for those who want the excitement of playing casino games like slots and table games but don't have legal online casinos in their state yet.

So does Chumba Casino really pay? Yes, it does pay when you redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. It's not a confusing or difficult process at all. The casino site uses a virtual coin system in the form of Sweeps Coins (SC).

You can choose to play with SC or just for fun with Gold Coins. All of the games are available to you whether you play for fun or with Sweeps Coins.

Being a promotional social casino allows Chumba Casino to be legally available in 48 states (except Michigan and Washington) and throughout most of Canada (except Quebec).

Is Chumba Casino Legit?

Yes, Chumba Casino is legit. There are many ways to receive Sweeps Coins, which are used to redeem for cash prizes. The casino is owned and operated by VGW Games Limited and is licensed to operate in the United States.

What is different about them compared to other casinos you may find online, is the use of Sweeps Coins compared to money. You receive SC in a variety of ways but no matter how you get it or use it on the site, you can redeem it for cash prizes once you hit a certain amount of SC.

How Does Chumba Casino Work?

The main way of how to play Chumba Casino is through the use of its brand of virtual coin system. Both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins are available. Gold Coins are purchased or gained as a bonus to play all the games on the site for fun. Sweeps Coins are used on the site to play for the opportunity to redeem them for cash prizes.

When you purchase Gold Coin offers, you receive Sweeps Coins free. This is how to get free Sweeps, along with claiming bonuses and entering tournaments. Any SC you receive needs to be played just once through before it becomes redeemable.

Learn more about how to play sweepstakes online for cash prizes.

What Does SC Mean On Chumba Casino?

SC stands for Sweeps Coins, which we've mentioned is one of the types of virtual coin system you can use at Chumba. Obtaining and playing with SC on the site will allow you a chance to redeem them for cash prizes once you are past the minimum amount you can redeem (SC 50).

What Are Chumba Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are similar to other virtual coin systems you may find on slot apps for Android or iOS where you are paying to play the games on the site. When you purchase Gold Coins, you are buying into the site for the entertainment aspect of it, of which there is much to be entertained by.

Gold Coins, however, have no value and are only used to play at the slots and table games. When you purchase Gold Coins, it is one of the easiest ways to get free Chumba Sweeps, as you receive SC with each purchase that you can ultimately use to redeem for cash prizes.

Chumba Casino Free Play

When we talk about Gold Coins, we are talking about how to play for free. You don't have to purchase Gold Coins to play as you do receive these as your Chumba sign up bonus, and you receive them every day as a login bonus.

But you can amass Gold Coins quicker if you purchase the packs and receive Sweeps Coins with each purchase.

A great way to get started, if you're looking up how to redeem for cash prizes at Chumba, is to take advantage of the first purchase welcome offer outlined below.

Chumba Casino Promo Code 2024

Many players consider Chumba Casino new player bonus and first purchase bonus to be generous, and for a promotional social casino, we tend to agree. See below what you can score when you sign up through us.

No Purchase Bonus

Sign up through us and you'll get 2,000,000 Gold Coins and 2 FREE Sweeps Coins on signup!

That's a great way to get started, whether you'd like to play for fun or if you've been asking yourself, "how do I get FREE Sweeps Coins for Chumba Casino?" Well, all you need to do is sign up and you'll receive it. And that's just the start.

Chumba Casino Logo
Click To Claim Your Free Chumba Sweeps Coins And Start Playing!

First Purchase Bonus

After you sign up, you'll receive an offer for your first purchase that will load you up with enough Gold Coins and SC to get started for a small price. Get 10,000,000 Gold Coins for $10 (Normally $30). Plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Chumba Casino Promotions

Chumba Casino often has promotions for competitions and tournaments that you can take advantage of, whether they're on the site itself or through their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Even for commenting, you can win Sweeps Coins!

When you ask, "how do you get free money on Chumba Casino?", this is another way you can claim cash prizes without much effort!

Special Offers

Usually centered around big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Chumba Casino gives you special offers that will help you get free SC, as well as replenish your Gold Coin supply. Always look out for these promotions to get a great deal.

When it comes to Chumba Casino promotional links, you can stay on top of all the latest innovations and sales by monitoring them on our site as well as keeping track of them via social media.

You can find the casino brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which they often give away free SC and clue you in on new games and promotions that can help you redeem for cash prizes.

How To Get Free Sweeps On Chumba Casino

Many people look into how to get free Chumba Casino Sweeps Coins, and it's not that difficult to obtain. You can get SC in the following ways:

  • Signing up with this exclusive Chumba welcome offer (SC 2 when you sign up)
  • Claiming the first purchase bonus that comes with the exclusive welcome offer (SC 30 on the initial purchase)
  • Purchasing Gold Coin offers (SC 5.05 - SC 315 depending on the amount you purchase)
    • Please note for Gold Coin purchases: If you use a credit or debit card, online wallet and/or a financial/bank account to purchase Gold Coins, the account/cardholder's name must be the same as the name you used when registering your Customer Account.
  • Logging in every day for your bonus (SC 1 per 24 hours, the clock resets at 12:00 EST)
  • Receiving SC when entering Sweeps Coins no-cost giveaway contests on the Chumba Casino Facebook page (Up to SC 100)
  • Requesting FREE Sweeps Coins by mail (SC 5):
    • Write your full name and address on a stamped #10 envelope with the subject "Sweepstakes Credits:" followed by the current month and year. The address to send the letter is at:

United States Residents (excluding Michigan and Washington state):

  • PO BOX #8486
  • PORTSMOUTH, NH 03801

Canadian Residents (excluding Quebec):

  • PO BOX #990

There is a limit of one request per outer envelope. For each request a participant submits, the Participant will receive 5 Sweeps Coins. You will automatically receive the promotion Sweeps in your account within five business days.

Chumba Casino App

Does Chumba Casino have an app? The site makes it easy to play your favorite casino games on your mobile device without having to use an Android or iOS app. You can play all the games through your favorite mobile browser!


If you want to play on Android, you don't need to download and install an app to do so. All you need to do is log in through your favorite Android browser and play through it.


An iPhone App doesn't exist, but you can use a web browser to play on all Apple devices! Read about the Chumba Casino iPhone app for more information.

Chumba Casino Games

This casino offers dozens of games, including online slots, jackpot games, and table games, to keep its players entertained. And many of these are exclusive! Let's break down the types of games you can expect after signing up.

Chumba Slots

Chumba Casino currently offers 80 online slots, with new games added often. You can keep up with the new offerings through their social media accounts. Some of the best Chumba Casino games include:

  • Stampede Fury
  • Western Gold
  • Cupid's Fortune
  • El Dorado Infinity Reels
  • Long Zhi Bao Zang

Jackpot Slots

Out of the 80 slots, 12 of them have progressive jackpots attached to them, including Grand Jackpots. These instantly become some of the most popular slots you can play on the site. Chumba is the only promotional social casino that offers that many jackpot slots to 48 states.

While many of these jackpots are well into six figures of Sweeps Coins, some of them like Western Gold currently are well past a million SC! Jackpot slots include:

  • Western Gold
  • Reelin' n' Rockin
  • Dancing Gold


Blackjack was recently added to Chumba as a great way to enjoy the classic table game for those who don't have access to legal online casinos. The casino has two versions of Blackjack you can play: a standard simple version and Back Blackjack, which has side plays that can enhance every deal.


Roulette is also offered at Chumba! There are two versions of American Roulette here: a standard version and one that also has side plays.

How To Win On Chumba Casino

If you're looking up how to win money on Chumba Casino, it's easy to redeem cash prizes. Find the games that you'll enjoy playing or you feel you have the best chance of winning. That could be a slot machine that you get a good grasp of, or at the Blackjack or Roulette tables.

The only way to redeem for cash prizes is by using SC on the games. You must have a minimum of 50 Sweeps Coins that are redeemable in order to redeem them for cash prizes.

In terms of winnability, Chumba Casino slots have comparable return-to-player (RTP) rates to regular casinos, making it a great place to have a chance to win. Because of this consistency, you can rest assured that any of the games you play will give you a fair chance of winning Sweeps Coins.

What Are The Chumba Casino RTP Percentages?

To be licensed and regulated in the US, it has to offer fair and competitive games to give players a chance to win. This is relayed by the RTP percentage for each game. According to Chumba, the lowest RTP rate on the site will never go below 92%. This means that over time after extended gameplay, you can expect a return of at least 92% on all games.

Now, this doesn't mean that you'll win 92% every time you play. This is a calculation based on random gameplay over time. If you play 100 times, you may lose more than you win beyond that percentage. And as we all know, you could play five times, win big, and then stop. It's still good to know the RTP percentage in these instances so you have an idea of the volatility of a slot and how much it pays out over time.

How To Add Money To Chumba Casino

The casino has many ways to add money to your account, including the new Chumba Card.

This Chumba Casino-branded prepaid Mastercard is a great way to transfer funds to and from your account.

Here are the methods you can use to purchase Gold Coin offers and receive FREE Sweeps Coins:

  • Online Banking
  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover)
  • Skrill
  • Instant ACH
  • PaySafeCard

Redeem Options

When you're winning a Chumba Casino, how to redeem your prizes is a pretty important question you should ask yourself. Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes when you are over the minimum SC 50 to redeem.

When you're ready for how to redeem Chumba Casino Sweeps Coins, you can use the following methods to do so:

  • ACH Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Gift Card via Prizeout

Keep in mind that your account must be verified before the site can process your redemption request. This KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is detailed in our article that discusses how to redeem prizes at Chumba Casino, allowing you to verify who you are with the casino to ensure fair gameplay on both sides. How long does Chumba Casino take to verify is usually within five days after you send in all supporting documentation.

After verification, you won't have to do this process again. If you're asking how long does Chumba Casino takes to pay, most redemption requests take around 48 hours to process after verification is complete.

A gift card may be quicker to receive than the other methods since you'll just receive a code to redeem at Prizeout for the gift card of your choice.

Chumba Casino Bonus Rewards

At this time, there is no rewards program to complement the promotional social casino. For any perks and benefits, be sure to log in daily for free coins.

Be sure to follow BonusSeeker for the latest and greatest Chumba Casino promotions, as well as the casino's social media accounts for giveaways and contests.

Customer Service

For many common queries, the site offers detailed information in its FAQ section. You can search for your problem or browse the sections to find what you're looking for.

If you need further information, you can use the following methods to contact support:

  • Email Support: There is a Contact Us section that allows you to fill out a form in detail with your query. You'll normally receive a response with 12-24 hours of submission. If you don't want to use the form, you can contact Support at [email protected].
  • Social Media: they answers support submissions through its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow the Chumba Casino Facebook page to be able to ask questions there, or DM them through their Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chumba Casino is legal as it is licensed to operate in 48 states in the US (except Michigan and Washington) and in Canada (except Quebec). The casino has been running since 2017 as a promotional social casino owned by VGW in the United States. You must be 18 or older to play.

Does Chumba Casino Really Pay?

Yes, you can redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. In addition to paying out, the site has given away more than 50 million SC since its 2017 launch.

Can You Play Chumba Casino On iPad?

Yes, you can play on your iPad or any other mobile Apple product. You don't need a dedicated iOS app to play. You can play all of the games through your mobile browser.

How Long Does It Take To Get Money From Chumba Casino?

It can take up to 48 hours to receive your redemption from Chumba depending on the method you choose. This is after you verify your account, which can take up to five days.

Does Chumba Casino Take PayPal?

They no longer accept PayPal as a way to fund your account.

Can I Use A Prepaid Card For Chumba Casino?

Yes, you can use a prepaid card at Chumba Casino. In fact, the casino has its own prepaid Mastercard that you can use to purchase Gold Coin offers on the site.

Chumba Casino No Purchase Promo Codes

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