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Funzpoints is a new social casino that allows you a chance to win real money. When it comes to the welcome bonus and special promotions, they are quite unique. And we mean that in a good way. Play Funzpoints slots may have the highest return-to-player percentage among all social casinos, with an RTP of 97%. To give you some context, RMG (real-money gaming) slots are roughly between 92-95% for RTP. The social casino is also continuing to grow its games portfolio. We also love that their Funzpoints bonus code is based on on-site credit, with no strings attached. The fun in Funzpoints is definitely living up to the name.

Funzpoints Promo Codes 2024

Online Casino Funzpoints Casino
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No Deposit Bonus $2.50
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Online Since 2019
Last Updated July 2024
If you've seen or played any of the popular social casinos, you know that you can play legal online casino games and win real cash prizes, no matter what state you're in. Another exciting online slot casino that allows you to win real money by playing their fun online casino games is Funzpoints! Whether you want to play their dozens of slot games for fun or you go premium for cash winnings, games like Funzpoints want to show you a good time. Go on and read our in-depth review of this social casino and learn about bonus options, promotions, and how to use and get free Funzpoints.

Funzpoints No Deposit Bonus Codes

Play Funzpoints Casino offers a no-deposit welcome bonus of $2.50 in a site credit for new players. Once you successfully make a purchase with your Funzpoints no deposit bonus, you can then take advantage of the casino's first deposit bonus.
Once you sign up, enter your Funzpoints login and get 1,000 Funzpoints deposited into your account for Funzpoints free play immediately when you create a new account. On top of that, you can spin the Funzwheel every three hours in order to earn bonus Funzpoints to play with for free. You can earn anywhere from 1,000 Funzpoints to the jackpot 10,000 Funzpoints every three hours. You can consider this Funzpoints Free Money! So be sure to continuously use your Funzpoints login to take advantage of these offers every day!

Funzpoints No Deposit Bonus CodesClick Here To Get Funzpoints Welcome Bonus

You can also win sweepstakes tickets that you can use for entries into the daily sweepstakes jackpot. The jackpot prizes total up to $250 with a drawing every day, with five $20 prizes, five $10 prizes, and 20 $5 prizes given away with each draw.

Funzpoints First Deposit Bonus Code

Funzpoints has up to a $20 match on the first purchase. This is a site credit that will allow you to make more purchases. Keep in mind, there are fixed purchase amounts for players:
  • $4.99
  • $9.99
  • $19.99
  • $49.99
  • $99.99

Free Funzpoints

Funzpoints Casino has five tiers of Funzpoints you can purchase that give you varying amounts of both Standard Funzpoints as well as Free Premium Funzpoints that you can use to play real cash casino games. The tiers start at $4.99 to get 1,000 Standard Funzpoints and 500 free Premium Funzpoints and go all the way up to $99.99 for 20,000 Standard Funzpoints and 10,000 free Premium Funzpoints. Purchases can be made through the Funzwallet that holds your current winnings, or through the Paysafe payment processor. Similar to PayPal, you can pay safely through it with either your credit or debit card to make Funzpoints purchases. $100 Premium Funzpoints equals $1 USD. We explain below how the process works.

Funzpoints Deposit Bonus

On certain days and holidays, Funzpoints will announce certain promotions through Facebook that will give you big boosts to your deposits. You can even score a Funzpoints first deposit bonus that could give you up to 3X your original purchase of both Standard Funzpoints and Premium Funzpoints on holidays, and a $5 bonus on your first deposit on a Sunday Funzday! Click Here To Get Funzpoints Welcome Bonus!

Funzpoints Promo Code

There are many types of Funzpoints promos and they happen to do it often! Just log in to take advantage of a Funzpoints promo!

Sunday Funzday Bonus Frenzy

At least two Sundays every month, Funzpoints Casino offers up a great promotion that gives you extra Premium Funzpoints that you can use for real cash winnings! You get a $5 bonus in Premium Funzpoints on your first purchase of the day. Just switch over to Premium mode and use your $5 bonus to play any of their online slots. Any winnings you get from playing the bonus completely are yours to cash out! Sunday Funzday Bonus Frenzy

Funzpoints Bonus For Holidays

Every major holiday gives you a chance for a huge bonus at Funzpoints! Keep checking for a notice from Funzpoints around certain holidays or milestones like March Madness for a great bonus, as they offer a 3x bonus on Premium Funzpoints on your first $9.99 purchase or $19.99 purchase of Funzpoints. That means you get 3,000 Premium Funzpoints with a $9.99 purchase and 6,000 Premium Funzpoints with a $19.99 purchase! Some of these bonuses are only for the first purchase of the day they're offered, but as was the case with the March Madness promotion that stretched over the course of a few days, you can do it once per day and really load up on the bonus Premium Funzpoints, getting you well on your way to a big cashout! So far this year, Funzpoints Casino has had the 3x bonus for:
  • Valentine's Day (Feb. 10 - Feb. 14)
  • St. Patrick's Day (Mar. 16 - Mar. 17)
  • March Madness (Mar. 30 - Mar. 31)
  • Easter (Apr. 19 - Apr. 22)
  • Mother's Day (May 12)
  • Father's Day (June 16)
Holiday Funzpoints Bonus

Play Funzpoints Free Money

There are times when Funzpoints offers bonuses that give players a chance to win some free money through special promotions. When it comes to Funzpoints promos, Facebook handles most of its communication between themselves and Funzpoints Casino players. Every day, they announce the winners of their Daily Jackpot drawings, announce whenever a new online slot game is added, and any bonuses they may have, including the Sunday Funzday and the 3x Premium Funzpoints bonus days. Be sure to subscribe to the Funzpoints Facebook page to be notified whenever there's a new bonus, a new game, or the Daily Jackpot winners are announced. After all, it could be you winning one of their prizes! Click Here To Play At Funzpoints!

Is Funzpoins Legit?

Yes, Funzpoints is legit and completely legal. All the games, including slots, are safe to play and fair. In fact, the RTP for slots is higher than most, if not all other, social casinos.

Funzpoints Slots

Funzpoints offer some of the most exciting online slots out of all the social casinos out there right now, with great graphics and fun sound effects to keep you engaged. They also give you many ways to earn free Funzpoints to keep you playing. As soon as you sign up, you get 1,000 Funzpoints deposited into your Standard account to play for fun as your welcome gift. Right off the bat, you can choose to either play for free in Standard mode, which is strictly for fun, or you can switch over to Premium mode and play with Premium Funzpoints that you can convert to real cash when you want to cash out. As noted earlier, Funzpoints could have the highest return-to-player percentage among all social casinos, hitting 97% for slots. Again for context, RMG (real money gaming) slots are somewhere between 92-95% for RTP.

Funzpoints Games

Funzpoints Casino currently has 36 games including slots and Keno, with these eight unlocked to play right off the bat for new members:
  • Voyage Of The Vikings
  • Kongo's Adventure
  • Enchantress Luna
  • Paintball Keno
  • The Java Cafe
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Maximo The Magnificent
  • Voyage Of The Vikings
When you make a purchase of $4.99 or higher, you unlock all the games for 30 days after your purchase. Every time you make a purchase, all the games unlock for another 30 days. Some of the other games Funzpoins has for its VIP members are:
  • Criminal Cash
  • Start Your Engines
  • Buckaroo Bronco
  • Chase The 8s
  • Game Of Crowns
  • The Big Dive
  • Barnyard Frenzy
  • Chillin' While Grillin'
  • Scatters In Space
  • Gold Rush Pete
  • Warriors On Wheels
Funzpoints will be looking to create a new game every 20-30 days. So be on the lookout for more fun!

Funzpoints App

While there currently is no direct mobile app to download and play Funzpoints from the app stores on Android and iPhones, you can still play Funzpoints on mobile devices using your mobile browser. You can go directly to on Chrome for Android or Safari for iPhones and play the games that way.

Funzpoints Daily Jackpot

Funzpoints offers a Daily Jackpot that gives 30 chances for their players to win real money every day! Just go to your Funzpoints login for a chance to earn real cash! The normal jackpot totals $250 a day and is broken down in the following way:
  • Five $20 cash prizes
  • Five $10 cash prizes
  • 20 $5 cash prizes
You can earn tickets for the Daily Jackpot in many ways:
  • Earning tickets as you play slots during Standard mode
  • Earning tickets as you play during Premium mode
  • Winning them while spinning the Funzwheel
  • Possible bonuses given out by Funzpoints on Facebook

What Is Funzpoints?

Funzpoints Casino is a social gaming sweepstakes casino that offers you a free way to play as well as a premium online slots section where you can win real cash by using Premium Funzpoints. You can obtain free Funzpoints and continue to play for free, or earn free Premium Funzpoints with every Funzpoints purchase and use those for real cash prizes. You can also earn tickets from playing free games and premium games and enter the Daily Jackpot sweepstakes for real cash winnings.

How Does Funzpoints Work?

  • Register for Funzpoints by providing your email, display name, and password.
  • Confirm that you understand the Rules and Terms and Conditions, and confirm your email to start playing
  • Grab your 1,000 Funzpoints welcome bonus and start playing games for fun. Make your first purchase of Funzpoints and earn bonus free Premium Funzpoints, and be able to play for real cash prizes
  • Spin the Funzwheel every three hours for more Funzpoints, or a possible ticket to the Daily Jackpot
  • Use your tickets to enter a Daily Jackpot for one of the prize spots, with cash prizes totaling $250 a day
  • The minimum single bet is 10 Funzpoints and the maximum single bet is 500 Funzpoints
  • Cash out any time you have over $20 USD directly to your bank account

Funzpoints VIP Program

Make any purchase of Funzpoints from $4.99 and up and you become a Funzpoints VIP for 30 days! Not only do you earn free Premium Funzpoints with every purchase that you can use for real cash games (and even more if you catch it on a 3x bonus day!), you get the following bonus perks with every purchase as well:
  • All online slot games are unlocked for 30 days from every purchase
  • All ads are removed with the purchase
  • Trophy room is unlocked
Depending on the amount you purchase, each tier unlocks a set of Booster games that can give you a huge lift when using Premium Funzpoints to earn cash prizes. This is in addition to the above-referenced bonus perks:
  • $4.99 unlocks 1 additional Booster game
  • $9.99 unlocks 2 additional Booster games
  • $19.99 unlocks 3 additional Booster games
  • $49.99 unlocks 4 additional Booster games
  • $99.99 unlocks ALL Booster games

Funzpoints Credit Cards

Funzpoints Casino uses PaySafe that allows you to make secure purchases into your Funzpoints account. This allows you to use your credit and debit cards, and this is done easily without having to pay any extra fees. The credit cards you can use at Funzpoints are as follows:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
You can also use any cash winnings that are in your Funzwallet for any Funzpoints purchases, although you aren't able to claim any bonus Premium Funzpoints if you use your Funzwallet for purchases.

Funzpoints Withdrawal Options

When you have more than $20 USD in your Funzwallet, you can transfer them immediately to your bank account with no fees using ACH. 100 Funzpoints are equal to $1 and you need to bet all Premium Funzpoints received before you can withdraw them. Transfer requests are processed right away and normally takes about 6-24 business hours to arrive in your bank account. That's a quick withdrawal process. The maximum amount you can withdraw at any one time is $600 USD.

Customer Service At Funzpoints

If you need assistance in any way, you can email the Funzpoints support team at [email protected]. The support team usually responds to inquiries within 1-2 business days. You can also contact them through Funzpoints Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funzpoints

Is FunzPoints Legal In The US?

Yes, Funzpoints is legal in the US. They use current US sweepstake laws that allow them to operate in all states besides Washington. The sweepstakes law ensures that the company must run random draws where no purchase is necessary.

How Do You Get Funzpoints For Free?

There are two ways to play Funzpoints. There is a standard mode with standard Funzpoints which you can receive free by spinning the funzwheel every three hours. There is also a premium mode with premium Funzpoints, which you can receive free with every purchase of standard Funzpoints

Will FunzPoints Payout If I win?

Yes, Funzpoints pays out if you win. As a legitimate online gaming operator that uses secure, efficient and recognized payment processing partners you can be confident that you'll receive your winnings on time and in full. The online casino industry does recognize the popularity of online gambling, so they've funded and developed a number of resources for people to both learn about gambling as well as to seek help if they think that their gambling activity may be a problem.

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