Is Today My Lucky Day To Gamble?

Is Today My Lucky Day To Gamble?

Oftentimes when gambling, we refer to finding a way to win money as "getting lucky." Whether it's hoping the cards fall our way or the numbers are just right, we are all hoping for a little bit of luck when putting our money on the line. But what if we told you it might be less about luck than you think?

For those who are believers, we're going to discuss 2020 gambling horoscopes and how the astrological birth chart can imply which games you're a fit for and give you the best chance to win at online casinos.

Gambling Horoscope

Each of us has a zodiac sign and even though we don't represent the characteristics of these signs perfectly, they can serve as a window into some of our traits. We know that some don't believe in celestial objects having physical impacts on one's personality, but there are also some who see their lives mirror their horoscopes more than others.

And when you combine that with US online casino bonuses you may find in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or even in the US and Canada at a social casino such as Chumba Casino (where you can play for actual money), why not ask the question, "can our zodiac signs help us win at gambling?"

What we've done here is some research to compile the characteristics of each sign. We then adapted that information into a horoscope explaining which casino game(s) would perhaps be the best fit based on those features, along with providing some recommendations for lucky numbers, colors, and days to wager.

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Aquarius Lucky Days To Gamble

If you were born between January 20-February 18, you are an Aquarius. Bold, ambitious, and a strategic thinker, the Aquarius is likely to use this skillset at a poker table, especially during a long tournament. This is a game that requires strategy, adaptation, and logic to make smart decisions. Aquarius has the attributes to thrive in a situation where staying mentally strong and outlasting opponents is the name of the game.

  • Best Casino Games For Aquarius: Poker (Tournament)
  • Aquarius Lucky Gambling Numbers: Keep track of 3 and 7 along with their multiples, including 21
  • Aquarius Lucky Colors: Blue (various shades)

Aquarius Gamble Lucky Day

Because Aquarius is confident and front-facing, expect to see these types in the live or virtual casino when it's brimming with excitement and packed with players. Midweek works too, but Saturday is a great day for Aquarius to play.

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Pisces Lucky Days To Gamble

Born between February 19-March 20, the Pisces has an enormous imagination and adapts easily to its surroundings. A high-stress game may not be a fit since Pisces can also struggle with decisions based purely on emotion, but you can also address problems creatively and won't give up if things go bad at the start.

Gambling should be turned into a casual activity if possible with games of chance, and Pisces can accomplish this by sticking with low-risk slot machines, or an option for table games would be roulette.

  • Best Casino Games For Pisces: Slots, Roulette
  • Pisces Lucky Gambling Numbers: 5 and 9 when spinning roulette wheel
  • Pisces Lucky Colors: Purple, Green, Red

Pisces Gamble Lucky Day

Pisces sees gaming as a leisure activity as opposed to an obsession, so Monday and Thursday along with other quiet weekday nights seem perfect to try and make a few dollars.

Aries Lucky Days To Gamble

As the first sign of the zodiac, which is between March 21 and April 19, Aries possesses a natural will to win. At times, that competitiveness can turn to stubbornness but it can still thrive playing games that require some skill and strategy. Poker fits the bill, but Aries needs the self-control to keep potential losses low and to not cross the line into aggression.

  • Best Casino Games For Aries: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat
  • Aries Lucky Gambling Numbers: The digit 9 and all its multiples
  • Aries Lucky Colors: Red, White

Aries Gamble Lucky Day

Aries wants the excitement of betting in front of a full casino but may have a bit of trouble in an overrun venue with nearly innumerable ways to suffer huge losses. Even though the weekends are enticing, Tuesday is a more suitable day.

Taurus Lucky Days To Gamble

Taurus is not a natural risk-taker and is unlikely to leave its comfort zone, putting all of its focus into one thing once it finds the game it enjoys most. So if you were born between April 20 and May 20, this may fit your profile. We feel like casual gambling is the recipe for success here, are games with minimal risk of losing big. That means spinning the roulette wheel and sitting down for a while at a quiet blackjack table, two places where the game is constantly teeming with excitement and you're unlikely to lose your rent money.

  • Best Casino Games For Taurus: Blackjack, Roulette
  • Taurus Lucky Gambling Numbers: Lucky numbers for the Taurus are 6 and 15, or anything else that can be reduced or added to six
  • Taurus Lucky Colors: Green

Taurus Gamble Lucky Day

Taurus, like Pisces, leans toward casual gaming, and not taking a huge amount of risks. Nights like Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the casino are times when the Taurus can pick its spot for the game it wants to focus on.

Zodiac Signs and Dates

Gemini Lucky Days To Gamble

Born between May 21-June 20, a Gemini has an active and curious side that could manifest itself well at a crowded table, perhaps during a game where there is nonstop excitement. It needs camaraderie of others and a rush to get the most out of the experience, and the best fit is definitely the craps table. Other games of skill are also an option, especially if there's tons of action.

  • Best Casino Games For Gemini: Craps, Poker, Roulette
  • Gemini Lucky Gambling Numbers: Focus on the numbers 5 and 3 in craps, with 15 and 35 being a couple of options for Roulette
  • Gemini Lucky Colors: Yellow

Gemini Gamble Lucky Day

The middle of the week has days where other signs are less active, but not Gemini. Wednesday is the perfect day, as long as there's some action. Saturday also fits the bill because Gemini does seek excitement among the masses as well.

Cancer Lucky Days To Gamble

Cancer has a reputation for being an introvert and preferring the quiet over the crowd, so that lends itself to online casino games right off the bat. You could fall into this category if you were born between June 21-July 22. For a Cancer, there's an ability to learn new things and also to do them at your own pace, which works for casino games like blackjack and also for sports betting since those games are best enjoyed at home.

  • Best Casino Games For Cancer: Sports Betting, Roulette, Blackjack
  • Cancer Lucky Gambling Numbers: The number 2 is considered lucky here, as would 22 if playing Roulette
  • Cancer Lucky Colors: Yellow, White

Cancer Gamble Lucky Day

Because Cancer prefers being by itself and is most likely to be gambling from outside the casino, betting on certain days is no difficult task. In a live setting, quiet days like Monday and Thursday work best but Saturdays and Sundays at home can be quite relaxing.

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Leo Lucky Days To Gamble

As a natural leader, Leo loves to be the center of attention and the alpha in the room. Born between July 23-August 22, you are a passionate risk-taker ready to win big or lose big when it comes to gaming. Whether they are cash games or a tournament, poker suits you well and so does an exciting roulette wheel with high stakes. Concentration games such as bingo are also an area the Leo would have a fun time trying to dominate.

  • Best Casino Games For Leo: Poker (Tournament or Cash), Roulette (High Stakes), Bingo
  • Leo Lucky Gambling Numbers: The Leo is interested in prime numbers such as 11, 13 and 17
  • Leo Lucky Colors: Gold, Yellow, White

Leo Gamble Lucky Day

Leo begins and ends the week with the same competitive spirit and will to win. We liken this sign and its d ays to a racehorse: Mondays mark the time to come firing out of the gate, and Saturday is the time to come around the final turn and sprint for the finish line.

Virgo Lucky Days To Gamble

With great attention to detail and a penchant for mostly taking strategic risks, certain games don't fit a Virgo. As a sensible problem solver, who was born between August 23 and September 22, you'd succeed in games of skill far more than ones that require nothing but luck. Poker is a practical option, as is a game of blackjack strictly according to the chart or a game of Baccarat.

  • Best Casino Games For Virgo: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat
  • Virgo Lucky Gambling Numbers: Keep track of composite numbers such as 8, 12, and 24
  • Virgo Lucky Colors: Gold, Yellow

Virgo Gamble Lucky Day

In some ways, Virgo isn't entirely different from Leo when it comes to gambling. Both are better off playing games of skill and can shine at any point, whether it's a weekday or the weekend. Instead of Monday and Saturday, however, it's Wednesday and Sunday that works for Virgo.

Libra Lucky Days To Gamble

Born between September 23-October 22, indecision can be a problem for the Libra, so trying out a new game and not giving up will be the very first challenge here. The good news is that staying in one place for an extended period usually increases the chances of winning, especially if we are talking about slot machines. This is also a good way to limit losses, as is sports betting on a game that spans several hours.

  • Best Casino Games For Libra: Slot Machines, Sports Betting
  • Libra Lucky Gambling Numbers: Anything involving a six (6,16,26) is considered a lucky number for Libra
  • Libra Lucky Colors: Gray

Libra Gamble Lucky Day

Whether at home gaming online or in-person at the casino, Libra wants to be entertained for a few hours. Whether it's the bright lights of slots or betting on a game, this sign is a Friday night type of player.

Scorpio Lucky Days To Gamble

The Scorpio is sharp and known for self-confidence in all things to go with stellar decision-making skills. As one could imagine, all of these traits translate pretty well to playing at casinos. If you were born between October 23 to November 21, you are classified as a Scorpio. This makes you a fit for the poker table and for other games of skill, where perhaps the poker face can show while you dominate the table with your big personality.

  • Best Casino Games For Scorpio: Poker, Roulette
  • Scorpio Lucky Gambling Numbers: Any combination of 1 and 4, including 14 and 41
  • Scorpio Lucky Colors: Black

Scorpio Gamble Lucky Day

Scorpio is always looking for an edge and wants to start the week off with a bang, so any of the three opening days (Sunday-Tuesday) are preferable for this sign.

Sagittarius Lucky Days To Gamble

Sagittarius craves excitement and knowledge but can also have an addictive personality and a short attention span. Still, that desire to try new things is there, so we'd suggest games with a moderate risk that come with a bit of a thrill. Roulette comes to mind, partially due to all the variety in the type of wagers that can be made. Whether it's a color, a number range or a specific box, Sagittarius should enjoy this game and consider 16 and 19 when spinning the wheel. So if you were born between November 22 to December 21, this could be you!

  • Best Casino Games For Sagittarius: Roulette, Sports Betting
  • Sagittarius Lucky Gambling Numbers: 16 and 19 are considered lucky Roulette numbers
  • Sagittarius Lucky Colors: Blue, Black

Sagittarius Gamble Lucky Day

Sagittarius enjoys being a part of the crowd and immersing themselves in new experiences. There's a desire to let loose but not to be the life of a party, more so to learn something new and have fun while doing it. This lends itself to late weekdays such as Thursday and Friday when things are lively but not out of control.

Capricorn Lucky Days To Gamble

Several characteristics of people with this sign set them up well for gambling success. Born between December 22 and January 19, the Capricorn is known for being self-aware, which leads to having the discipline to limit losses and take good care of finances. It tends to be instinctive but pragmatic as well and would fit well at a number of tables, as long as it's fairly quiet.

  • Best Casino Games For Capricorn: Blackjack, Poker
  • Capricorn Lucky Gambling Numbers: The digits at the forefront here should be 6 and 8, including multiples
  • Capricorn Lucky Colors: Black

Capricorn Gamble Lucky Day

Capricorn isn't one to seek our huge crowds, but its awareness and great use of finances make it a fit for weekends even if other parts of its personality are a bit more introverted. Saturday and Sunday are as great a time as any for Capricorn to try and make some money with pragmatism you sometimes don't see from gamblers at busy casinos on weekends.

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