Gambling Horoscope For 2024 | 12 Astrological Zodiac Signs

Disclaimer: The following information is meant for entertainment purposes only. The following article was written by Alyssa Landers (bio below) who is a professional astrologer.

Oftentimes when gambling, we refer to finding a way to win money as “getting lucky.” Whether it’s hoping the cards fall our way or the numbers are just right, we are all hoping for a little bit of luck when putting our money on the line.

For those who are believers, we’re going to discuss 2024 gambling horoscopes and how the astrological birth chart can indicate your strengths and weaknesses, and how it can relate to gambling and casino games. Think of it as a way to perhaps capitalize on your natural advantages.

Each of us has a zodiac sign and even though we don’t represent the characteristics of these signs perfectly, they can serve as a window into some of our traits. We know that some don’t believe in celestial objects having physical impacts on one’s personality, but there are also some who see their lives mirror their horoscopes more than others.

12 Astrological Zodiac Signs

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Aries Gambling Horoscope (March 20 – April 19)

Gambling Strength: Persistence

Aries, the aptly-named “Ram” of the Zodiac, is, first and foremost, driven to be in the Winners’ Circle of Life. Even well into their old age, Aries never loses their “spark,” and if they do, it’s only momentarily. To be a Winner, Aries instinctively knows what it takes to achieve a particular goal, win at a particular game and, consequently, usually becomes a widely-recognized “success” in at least one particular profession.

For all of Aries’ drive and motivation, it’s their absolute refusal (or inability) to be deterred by any obstacle in their path that typically gets them where they want to be. Plaques, trophies, medals, chips, coins – any physical object that implies to others, “I’m the Best,” is what Aries is after.

And where many let fear of failure get in their way, Aries possesses an almost-superhuman confidence, rarely if ever allowing themselves to feel intimidated by another – let alone show it.

Gambling Weakness: Impatience

Though Aries won’t quit until they win the grand prize – whatever prize it is they’re after at any given time – if they play the same game for too long, and things don’t seem to be going in their favor? Aries has very little patience when it comes to suffering any losses, no matter how able they are to rebound. Aries is a Fire sign, you see, so while they never lose their energy, their temper is, well, another story entirely.

It’s when their temper gets out of hand that what begins as a persistent drive can turn into a destructive one. In other words, if Aries is defeated, it’s because they’ve “shot themselves in the foot,” so to speak, usually by letting fits of frustration get the better of them.

My best advice for any Aries game-player? Focus on controlling your own temper, and less on what seems to be going (better) for others. Things will come around; but how you conduct yourself during the game is equally important.

  • Aries Lucky Gambling Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36 (9= Number associated with Ruling Planet Mars)
  • Aries Lucky Colors: Red (all shades)

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Taurus Gambling Horoscope (April 19 – May 20)

Gambling Strength: Patience

Taurus is by far the most patient of all the Zodiac signs. And with this patience comes a lot of other gifts. By calm insistence alone Taurus typically gets what they want, appearing to be congenial and ready to compromise when in reality a Taurus is less likely even than Scorpio to reveal their personal agenda.

In fact, Taurus’ signature stoicism allows them the ability to wait for the right time to make the moves they want to make, when they want to make them – and typically without even those closest to them being any the wiser. It’s difficult to ruffle a Taurus, even when their buttons are pushed to the utmost extreme.

Similarly, Taurus is highly aware of the connection between body and mind, and are highly focused on living a healthy lifestyle, if only so they can look their best.

What does Health have to do with Wealth? Everything. Yet what Taurus knows so keenly is that Wealth is often, unfortunately, a requirement for Health.

Longevity, endurance, and the patience to remain calm, cool, and collected (at least on the outside) is Taurus’ greatest strength when it comes to securing whatever Win they set their mind to.

Gambling Weakness: Complacency

For as much as Taurus has eternal patience when it comes to going after whatever Big Win they desire, their patience can lead them inadvertently down the road of pushing others’ boundaries. For instance, Taurus is known to drive the hardest bargains, rarely considering, much less conceding to, the needs and desires of those they’re dealing with – particularly when it comes to any “Bottom Lines.”

This uncharacteristic refusal to compromise (an art that Taurus is usually quite skilled in) can be extremely off-putting when it comes to money, as Taurus is never one to sweeten any deal.

And while they stringently protect their own boundaries, making sure their personal (financial) needs are met, Taurus can become so myopically focused their own needs that they become smug and begin to lack a sense of sympathy for the concerns of their associates.

This is ironic considering that Taurus is driven to Popularity to a degree that rivals Libra, caring what everyone and anyone thinks about them, no matter how much they may protest to the contrary.

My advice for Taurus? To win, you must think beyond the Bottom Line, at least some of the time. Otherwise, you stand to lose much more in the way of reputation and respect – and in turn, possible allies – in the long-run, when you may need a favor (or two) from someone Higher-Up.

  • Taurus Lucky Gambling Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33 (6= Number associated with Ruling Planet Venus)
  • Taurus Lucky Colors: Baby Blue; Pink

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Gemini Gambling Horoscope (May 20 – June 21)

Gambling Strength: Speed

Gemini’s mind moves at the speed of light, constantly taking in and noticing everything and everyone in their immediate environment. This heightened level of perception gives Gemini the upper hand in many ways. For one, their mental agility is so great that they catch on remarkably quickly, whether they’re learning a new game or refining their approach to an old one.

Gemini isn’t afraid to try their hand at anything. Having no time or energy to indulge in draining emotions like fear and loathing, Gemini benefits from their mental lightness of being, eternally curious about different possibilities and always eager to try new ways of actualizing them. Though Gemini can be somewhat glib, their speed of mind makes them mighty witty – a fact which typically attracts quite an audience.

Gemini knows what games are all about: Fun. With this in mind, it’s far easier to adapt to fast-changing rules, circumstances and even opponents without the weight of a hefty wager clouding your mind’s eye. It’s this lightning speed that keeps them light, which naturally only increases the chances of a win for Gemini.

Gambling Weakness: Impulsivity

Where Gemini’s quicksilver mind has the potential to get the better of them when it comes to playing games is when their inner restlessness bug begins to chirp. Gemini does well to pay sharp attention to moments when they feel like acting out of boredom, from lack of stimulation or from their tendency to become easily distracted.

This is where there’s a fine yet distinct line between the Impatience that gets the better of Aries and the Impulsivity that gets the better of Gemini.

Impatience implies both inaction – or, the act of waiting on an outcome or response of some kind – as well as a sense of deep frustration that stems from the expectation of a Win. Impulsivity, on the other hand, may be fueled by a sense of impatience but is not defined by it.

Impulsivity is defined by action without forethought and, therefore, without any preconception or expectation of a Win, and may stem from frustration but just as easily (and, for Gemini, more likely) comes from the tendency to be easily distracted – or from being boredom-prone.

Gemini likes to keep things spicy at all times, which may get them into hot water occasionally, but it’s Gemini’s urge to be spontaneous that, perhaps ironically, lands them in the Winner’s Circle.

  • Gemini Lucky Gambling Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32 (5= Number associated with Ruling Planet Mercury)
  • Gemini Lucky Colors: Bright Green; Emerald

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Cancer Gambling Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

Gambling Strength: Intuition

Cancer’s greatest advantage when it comes to Winning is their imagination which, when it works in tandem with their razor-sharp Gut Instinct, gives Cancer a power of intuition that’s (arguably) unrivaled as far as Zodiac signs go.

When Cancer has a “bad feeling” or first impression about any person, place or thing? Chances are they’re right, even if everything seems peachy-keen on the surface to Wishful Thinkers, Schemers and Idealists who’re so intent on the thrills of the game that they are, incidentally, less in tune with the visceral quality of the “feelings” their bodies that Cancer pays instinctual attention to.

The ones that go down your spine when you “just know” a deal is too good to be true or that someone you’ve just met gives you the shivers without any words having been exchanged? You know, the ones that scream at you “Run the Other Way!”?

Weakness: Self-Doubt

Just as Cancer’s vivid imagination is their greatest asset, it can, potentially, have the opposite effect. Cancer’s imagination is so vivid that they can dream up extreme successes for themselves; however, if they let their imagination run wild when in a negative frame of mind, their nervousness can often get the best of them.

Cancer is concerned primarily with survival- of having a comfortable life with the security of a home (and family) to call their own. If this sense of security feels threatened in the vaguest way, Cancer won’t hesitate to back out of any deal that could compromise their precious places of retreat.

Don’t forget: Cancer is the crab, forever carrying its home (shell) on its back to protect itself from predatory outsiders. Thus, it’s Cancer’s nervousness that can interfere with their ability to tune into their ever-important Gut Instinct (never wrong) that usually guides their decision-making.

So, for Cancer? The way to win any game is to conquer their own imaginations, as it’s their fear of failure that’s most likely to interfere.

  • Cancer Lucky Gambling Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29 (2= Number associated with Ruling Planet Moon)
  • Cancer Lucky Colors: White; Silver

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Leo Gambling Horoscope (July 22 – August 22)

Strength: Confidence

Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun – you know, the one every other planet revolves around? This magnetic pull is exactly the quality that Leo alone possesses: people flock to Leo Suns like literal moths to the proverbial flame, naturally drawn to their dignity, positivity, and effortless charisma.

Leo has a flair for the dramatic, too, and doesn’t mind being the center of attention. Leo is born self-assured, knowing on some level that they were meant to lead the pack. Boldness is the hallmark of Leo’s signature style, and there’s an integrity and honesty to Leo that makes their more vainglorious moments pleasantly tolerable if not ironically endearing.

Leo is the sign associated with Royalty (Meagan Markle is a Leo Sun), and they carry themselves with a down-to-earth yet magnanimous demeanor. Many renowned U.S. Presidents are Leo Suns (Barack Obama, Bill Clinton), exhibiting courage, poise, and a welcoming demeanor that has an uncanny ability to disarm any potential competitors.

Without saying a word, Leo’s presence alone gives off a certain warmth and vitality that’s energizing just to be around, ensuring they end up with a slew of adoring admirers.

Weakness: Pride

Leo is gifted with such inner strength and courage that they can win at any game, task, or goal they set their mind to, rarely ones to give up in the face of adversity. That said, with a certain degree of popularity comes the potential for self-assurance to become self-obsession if their ego happens to become slightly swollen.

Hubris, the fatal flaw of every Greek tragedy, is the predictable seat of Leo’s potential failure, if and when their power of persuasion goes too much to their head. Haughtiness, arrogance and egotism are the pitfalls that can inadvertently undermine even the most successful Leo Sun, as they can be vain, often taking their appearance (or others’ thoughts about it) far too seriously, and has trouble putting aside any concerns about their public image.

When Leo learns to laugh at themselves and put their pride aside, however, it’s almost inevitable they’ll come out on top, no matter what game they try their hand at.

  • Leo Lucky Gambling Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28 (1= Number associated with Ruling Planet Sun)
  • Leo Lucky Colors: Gold; Yellow

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Virgo Gambling Horoscope (August 22 – September 22)

Gambling Strength: Restraint

As the Zodiac’s Apprentice, Virgo is forever working on figuring out their own identity. Profound identity crises are less the exception than the rule, specifically when it comes to Virgo, as they often pour most of their energy in early life into performing acts of service for those they love (or work for).

One of Virgo’s greatest strengths, though, once they stop compulsively mimicking those they admire (or possibly envy) and figure out what authentic self they want to become, is the ability to compartmentalize.

By putting their deeper uncertainties about themselves aside, Virgo makes the mental space necessary to focus on the task at hand – however menial the task might be. Virgo is detail-oriented to the core, and quietly observes and listens to those around them, using the many bits of information they instinctively collect to their ultimate advantage.

The combination of common sense and emotional strength allows Virgo to practice restraint at a higher level than most, so their best asset in any game is that they’re perhaps the least likely to go overboard, easily able to hedge bets, and never ashamed to fold when it’s time to fold. The only caveat to this is that Virgo can be such a perfectionist that they don’t allow themselves to get in the game.

Gambling Weakness: Inferiority (Complex)

Virgo is a consummate perfectionist; yet they’re not afraid of new challenges or environments, easily adapting to them as they evolve into the “purest” version of themselves. But accepting that nothing (and no one) is perfect is perhaps more challenging for Virgo to accept than any other – especially considering that “letting go” is not their forte.

So, for Virgo to succeed at any game, avoiding putting themselves in stressful, pressure cooker-type situations for too long is key. Because when Virgo continues to hold themselves to impossible standards (Madonna, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jackson), they may start out as Superstars, only to realize later the Monster of the Self-Images they’ve become stuck in.

Virgo, in a word, can be uptight, refusing to play if there’s no ability to control the outcome. But the longer Virgo clings to the ideal of Perfection – or, of never losing – the likelier it’ll be that they end up feeling disappointed at whatever successes they do achieve.

And a bitter Virgo won’t hesitate to brood or even blame others for their feelings of inadequacy. In other words? It’s when Virgo overcomes the need to keep up the appearance of perfection and roll down that Partition (yes, Beyonce is a Virgo Sun) that their Winning Streak comes rolling in.

  • Virgo Lucky Gambling Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32 (5= Number associated with Ruling Planet Mercury)
  • Virgo Lucky Colors: Dark Green; Olive

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Libra Gambling Horoscope (September 22 – October 23)

Strength: Charm

Libra has a quiet charisma and seemingly passive nature that often leads others to (mistakenly) underestimate them. This, of course, ends up being a sizeable advantage to Libra in almost any game, as their natural appeal and charming demeanor is often far more distracting to any potential opponents than even Libra themselves might realize.

Libra is, in essence, the “How did I do that?” type of Winner, who knows exactly what he or she is doing yet smartly plays the part of naïve novice to their audience. Libra is always performing, you see, whether they’re aware of it or not, as their lives are centered first and foremost around attracting potential partners – in romance, business or otherwise, Libra is forever looking for a Steady Boat to rely on (yet who they can also count on to do their bidding).

This ability to effortlessly attract allies with their beguiling gracefulness and charm is their biggest asset in any game, as Libra is particularly skilled at not only sizing up opponents, but quick to pick up on who their biggest competition is.

By focusing their charm on those they’ve identified as “Top Dogs,” they not only disarm their opponents but are able to distract them, getting away with theatrics that few other Sun signs would be able to pull off while sitting at the tables.

Weakness: Dependency

Where the tables may turn, for Libra anyway, is when they take their focus on Other People to an extreme, forgetting about themselves in the process. For instance, because Libra is so easily able to capitalize on their social connections and romantic partnerships for personal profit, Libra may end up taking this too far, playing puppeteer or master manipulator rather than getting in the game themselves.

For Libra to succeed in any game, they need to learn self-reliance, since they’re already so gifted at the art of (pretending to) Compromise. Being assertive is often a challenge for Libra, as their signature indecisiveness is their ultimate “tell,” no matter what game or table it is they might be sitting at.

Consequently, it can seem easy (or even simply more practical) to rely on others to do the heavy betting on their behalf. But au contraire – Libra’s struggle is to learn to win on their own, without focusing so heavily on how they can manipulate others (or bluff their way out of a jam).

  • Libra Lucky Gambling Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33 (6= Number associated with Ruling Planet Venus)
  • Libra Lucky Colors: Electric Blue; Sapphire

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Scorpio Gambling Horoscope (October 23 – November 21)

Strength: Mystique

Scorpio is the original International Man of Mystery, stealthily observing those around them and quietly sizing up everyone in the room. Scorpio loves the art of disguise, whether it’s a glamourous dress (if they want to be noticed) or a baseball cap and glasses (if they don’t).

Knowing just how (and how not) to attract attention is one of Scorpio’s major advantages when it comes to any game or gamble, as it allows them to hide in a way that, even if conspicuous, gives the Scorpio the feeling of invisibility – which in turn gives them the feeling of being free to observe, believing themselves to be the Fly on the Wall.

Weakness: Paranoia

But Scorpio has a paradoxical relationship to Fame and Recognition: they work so well – and comfortably – behind the scenes; yet at the same time are quick to anger at the idea of anyone “taking credit” or “stealing the spotlight” they deem rightly theirs.

Having felt taken advantage of in many Money-Making Endeavors in life, Scorpio is possibly the wariest of all the Signs when it comes to their ability to trust. This can lead to stubborn feelings of paranoia or suspiciousness that distract Scorpio from their purpose and, as a result, can compromise their ability to focus on the Win.

Scorpio, in other words, needs to learn to let things go if they want to succeed without letting their initial impressions (read: judgments) of Others lead.

  • Scorpio Lucky Gambling Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36 (9= Number associated with Ruling Planet Mars)
  • Scorpio Lucky Colors: Royal Purple; Indigo

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Sagittarius Gambling Horoscope (November 21 – December 21)

Strength: Idealism

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, and as such, Sagittarius is governed by an innate sense of faith – the secret to Sagittarius’ so-called Luck. While some might call it arrogance and others might call it delusion, belief in an ideal is what gets Sagittarius going.

To some extent it’s true: Sagittarius is eternally optimistic, and enviable trait that attracts so much opportunity it’s often overwhelming, especially for restless Sagittarius. Because Sagittarius believes in the divine wisdom of the universe, they unconsciously allow themselves far more, well, leeway than the other Sun signs.

For example, Sagittarius is rarely concerned with formalities, conventionality or even family traditions, preferring to embrace the adage that “Life is Performance,” and in doing so typically attracts a great deal of attention in the process.

But what others might foolishly deem vulnerability (if not downright gullibility) is really Sag’s greatest asset: the knowledge that the key to winning any game is that mistakes are inevitable, so why overthink it? In other words, why consider the possibility of losing before you’ve even rolled the dice?

Weakness: Impracticality

Where Sagittarius can lose their footing (and significantly reduce their chances of winning) in any game is when they decide it’s time to tempt fate. Sagittarius will rarely say “no” to a “double or nothing”-type challenge, let alone a healthy philosophical debate, so keeping their tendency to go to extremes is crucial if they don’t want to let their chances of winning go up in flames. Sagittarius loves to “overplay” their hand, no matter what cards it is they’re dealt.

This could be overdoing it by going all-in when a simple ante up would have sufficed, taking a bluff too far to the point where they’ve painted themselves into an impossible corner or getting themselves into other such binds where they start out on a hot streak, only to somehow end up in jail.

Learning moderation (and taking a lesson from Virgo in the fine art of self-control) is essential for Sagittarius to avoid their tendency to burn bright while burning the candle at both ends. So, as long as Sagittarius learns not to overextend? Let the Luck begin.

  • Sagittarius Lucky Gambling Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30 (3= Number associated with Ruling Planet Jupiter)
  • Sagittarius Lucky Colors: Orange; Yellow Topaz

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Capricorn Gambling Horoscope (December 21 – January 20)

Strength: Diligence

If Hard Work is the secret to success, then it’s not surprising that so many Capricorn Suns are found at the top of what are typically considered the most competitive games, industries and even social circles.

Capricorn isn’t interested in small-time bets, either, preferring to hedge them for as long as is necessary – until they decide it’s finally time to make a move. Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is the proverbial “Father Time” of the Zodiac, and Capricorn is ever-aware of the importance of Timing when it comes to securing any Big Win.

It’s the killer combination of an unflinching Work Ethic and an innate understanding of the fact that Time is, indeed, Money, that makes Capricorn such a powerful force. For it takes a considerable degree of self-discipline and dedication – Practice makes Perfect is the Capricorn motto – along with an awareness of when to make a move (and when to walk away) to not only gain entry to the Winners’ Circle, but to stay there.

Capricorn Jeff Bezos is a perfect example of this, as his entrepreneurial spirit is readily apparent in the way he built Amazon from an online book store into the multinational conglomerate that now specializes in providing, well, everything.

Weakness: Rigidity

As hard-working as Capricorn can be, their strict routines and insistence on order at all times can breed a certain degree of rigidity. How does this impact their ability to Win? Capricorn (or anyone with a heavy Saturn in their birth chart) loves yet loathes those who (they think) seem to win based on pure “Luck” (like, say, Sagittarius and Leo).

If Capricorn doesn’t see it with their own two eyes, it doesn’t exist. This is their biggest stumbling block, both in business and in their personal lives. Caught up in their personal, typically-packed agendas, Capricorn is nearly always a Workaholic at some point in their lives.

Yet, as hyper-aware as they are of how hard they work to make ends meet or make sure bread is on the table (or whatever), it’s ironic how little understanding (or compassion) they have for any other type of “success story” narratives. It’s this insistence on following some formula for success, easily climbing corporate ladders strategically while exhibiting just the right amount of professional ambition, though, that limits their potential for the Win.

Because most games aren’t rational (Life certainly isn’t) and do not follow predictable rules – but that’s exactly what makes them fun. When Capricorn learns to put their Lists of To-Do’s, Short-term Goals, Long-term Goals, Five-Year Plans out of their heads every so often, they open up their chances of experimentation and, in turn, greatly improve their chances of catching a Win, whatever the game at hand.

  • Capricorn Lucky Gambling Numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35 (8= Number associated with Ruling Planet Saturn)
  • Capricorn Lucky Colors: Black; Brown

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Aquarius Gambling Horoscope (January 20 – February 18)

Gambling Strength: Detachment

Aquarius’ notoriously aloof exterior makes them seem emotionless (if not downright cold-blooded) to those who choose only to observe. In fact, if one looks only on the surface of things, Aquarius Suns are just as frequently characterized as the bubbly, oblivious bimbo, seemingly oblivious to the world around them if not perpetually “out to lunch.”

But the point is: appearances are deceiving – a fact which often works to Aquarius’ advantage. In other words, any judgments made based on their detached demeanor alone typically lead those making them to one extreme or the other: the idea that Aquarius must either be “Top Dog” or a total non-threat.

But Aquarius doesn’t operate in the World of Appearances, nor do they make assumptions based on superficialities and affectations. Anyone who knows an Aquarius intimately knows they rarely give a hoot what people think about them, much less what strangers have to say (“Who are these ‘Other People’? Why should I listen to them anyway?”).

Given this, Aquarius is happy to let Other People think what they want, knowing intuitively that whether Others deem them a Cold Fish or Bubbly Ditz, it’s the Aquarius who’ll inevitably benefit.

Weakness: Inattention

Aquarius has a hard time making eye contact, especially with anyone they don’t already know or trust. This isn’t for a lack of interest or failure of perception, though. Quite the contrary: Aquarius is a keen observer of both their immediate environment and of human nature.

However, Aquarius Suns can get so caught up in their internal analysis of any given situation, person or painting on the wall that it’s challenging for them to focus on whoever it is they may be talking to (or who’s talking to them or what they’re saying, rarely noticing if they’re talking a mile a minute or not saying anything at all).

Caught up in their mental world, Aquarius can become obsessive when it comes to their goals and ideals, so eager in achieving them independently that they have little patience for (or interest in) Others. This can be a weakness when Aquarius gets caught up in their complex mental schemes, and alienate those close to them when their focus becomes overly myopic.

A sounding board is what Aquarius needs. Because while Others may have their flaws, one can only “go it alone” for so long.

  • Aquarius Lucky Gambling Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31 (4= Number associated with Ruling Planet Uranus)
  • Aquarius Lucky Colors: Magenta; Amethyst

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Pisces Gambling Horoscope (February 18 – March 20)

Strength: Vision

Whatever Pisces dreams up, he or she can do. This is true to some extent for all the signs of course – but it’s particularly potent when it comes to Pisces. Gifted artistically, dripping with a glamourous, all-knowing wisdom, Pisces is like the Wizard of Oz, conjuring magic from behind the scenes, consciously aware of the vast profits to be gleaned from other people’s dreams.

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard was an extreme version of the male Pisces Sun, aware as he was of the tax advantage of creating a Religion and regardless of the harm that his ideologies have caused, Hubbard was exactly like the Wizard of Oz: the man behind the curtain, playing upon Dorothy’s fantasies.

As crazy as Hubbard may have been, his genius was in creating a Vision of the Future – of a mythical Afterlife that by implication gives “what we do in this life” a heightened level of importance – that gave people a feeling that all people crave: meaning.

This may seem unrelated to the fact that Pisces Suns make up a noticeably high number of those on the Forbes 400 List every year, but it’s not: Pisces can see the Future like no other Sun sign can, and as such is forever thinking in the long-term.

This Vision – this sensitivity to and awareness of what it is that people want – is Pisces’ greatest strength when it comes to getting the Win. Build a Fantasy and They Shall Come.

Weakness: Wishful Thinking

Pisces often lives in a mental dream world of their own making. Much like Cancer, Pisces’ castles they build in their mind’s eye have the potential to be detrimental or inspire them to make their dreams a reality. Self-esteem is the key ingredient in between: If Pisces doesn’t believe in themselves (in other words, in their dreams), it’s unlikely they’ll materialize.

But if they do? Then the Sky’s the limit for Pisces. If they have the guts not just to dream, but believe in those dreams, life tends to materialize in quite a prosperous and lucrative fashion for Pisces. Yet if they sit and wish on a falling star, waiting for “something” to happen, they often inadvertently let many a potential Win pass them by.

This is where Pisces has a lesson to learn from the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius): Think like a Winner, and you’re more likely to Win. It usually takes a while for that philosophy of life to even occur to Pisces, but once it does, it’s sure to sink in.

  • Pisces Lucky Gambling Numbers: 7, 16, 25 (7= Number associated with Ruling Planet Neptune)
  • Pisces Lucky Colors: Seafoam Green; Turquoise

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Alyssa is a practicing Astrologer with a Master’s in Psychology from The New School for Social Research, specializing in individual Birth Chart analyses and one-on-one consultations with personal clients.

Alyssa’s love of Astrology began over a decade ago, and she’s been perfecting her art of astrological interpretation ever since, performing at events and publishing numerous articles on the subject. You can find more about Alyssa and her work on Twitter @astrologerpsyc1 and Instagram @astrologer_psychologer.

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