Aries Lucky Days To Gamble | Cardinal Fire – The Ram (March 20 – April 19)

Disclaimer: The following information is meant for entertainment purposes only. The following article was written by Alyssa Landers (bio below) who is a professional astrologer. You can find a horoscope for other signs on this page.

Aries is, quite literally, the first sign on the Karmic Wheel, representing that initial spark of life (Fire) that gets us going (and rarely stopping once they do).

Aries is the infant of the Zodiac, operating on pure, unadulterated instinct to, well, win. In other words? Aries not only needs but demands, to be Number One.

So great is Aries’ competitive drive that no matter what they do, or particular pastimes they pursue, it’s rarely a question of ‘if’ Aries will win, but rather ‘when.’ And they are not afraid to ram into whatever obstacle stands in their way until they do.

In fact, Aries’ categorical refusal to lose typically keeps them away from games where ‘the House always wins.’ For with all the control Aries insists on having when it comes to hedging bets, they’d much prefer to be the House than to waste time devising complex strategies to (successfully) bet against it.

Best Gambling Options For Aries

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Lucky Days To Gamble For Aries

Aries everywhere should be happy to know that 2021 will look a lot different from the past couple of years, as Saturn and Jupiter’s moves from Capricorn into Sagittarius in mid-December 2020 marks the beginning of a new, very different year to come.

While Saturn was in Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer in particular have been feeling the pressure to achieve in a certain area of life. For Aries, this was the pressure to succeed or advance in some way in their Career Life, and the demand for recognition at Work often meant compartmentalizing or sacrificing the competing demands of Home & Family.

Well, in 2021, Saturn and Jupiter move into Aries’ eleventh house of Friends and Networking as they move through innovative Aquarius, shifting focus to this area of life as Career Pressure slowly but surely begins to ease (Aries born in late March will feel this transition earlier in 2021 than those in April, who’ll begin to feel more supported in their endeavors as the year progresses).

Aries is especially supported around the time of the (Total) Solar Eclipse in fellow Fire Sign Sagittarius – undoubtedly the ‘luckiest’ Eclipse of year – on December 4.

Until then, Aries would be wise to watch their bank accounts in the 7-10 days leading up to the exact Saturn-Uranus alignment of 2021 (exact on February 17, June 14, and December 24).

Why? With Uranus in Taurus shaking up Aries’ sector of Earned Income, unexpected financial changes could come at a moment’s notice. Watch the time from June 5-14 in particular before making any sudden moves.

Aries Traits And Gambling

Yet it’s Aries’ tendency to take everything at face value, so to speak, that’s often their biggest pitfall, as they rarely stop moving long enough to recognize the fact that the smart enemy is usually the one who hits you when (and where) you least expect it (Enter: Taurus George Clooney).

This, along with their signature fits of temper, make Aries (especially the March and early April-born ones) least suited to long games of, say, Texas Hold ‘Em, where the ability to keep one’s cool is paramount.

Aries’ need to win drives them to succeed and the Zodiac’s sole Cardinal Fire sign is rarely a Bystander in the Game of Life, often into at least one Major League sport or another in youth.

Whether it’s the male camaraderie, bandstands filled with adoring fans, or just the fact that there’s always a clear distinction between the Winners and Losers at the end, Aries is known for their love of Sport.

And with their need for Control in mind, Aries’ perfect ‘gambling fest’ is whatever game they feel absolutely certain they can win.

Best Games To Play For Aries

Ruled by Mars, the planet of Competition, Aries’ motto is ‘Word hard; Play hard.’ And given their boundless (physical) energy, Aries prefers most to bet on themselves, not trusting anyone else to secure the Win.

But when you’ve constantly got Winning on the brain, the biggest challenge for Aries is typically to loosen up, as when left to their own devices they can become quite uptight. For this reason, Aries is best-suited to games that involve a group of friends – or at least a few like-minded others – who challenge Aries yet remind them of the fact that, Win or Lose, at the end of the day? It’s all in good fun.

Ironically, the key to Aries’ success is not their natural focus and refusal to accept defeat, ramming headfirst into whatever obstacle attempts to block their path. Rather, it’s the times when they’re encouraged to let loose that remind them why it is they work so hard.

Antisocial though they may seem to some, Aries thrives when thrust into the party scene. This is doubly true when they have their trusted allies around them, as Aries blossoms when basking in the attention and camaraderie of their Friends and Family – a kind of camaraderie Aries rarely experiences while Winning in the Workplace.

This is why my favorite pick for Aries is any type of Sports Betting. As a Fire sign, Aries is drawn to the excitement of Team Sports: the cheers of the crowd, the energy in the air, and the ‘breather’ that such sporting events bring. It’s a time of enjoyment and excitement bundled into one, exactly the type of activity Aries needs most to thrive when they go back into Work mode.

Fast-paced games like Horse Racing, Stock Car driving, or Basketball are ideal for Aries, though if they prefer to bet online and stay out of the Arenas, online games like Fantasy Football can be ideal for Aries, too.

As the captain of their personally hand-picked team, with the control to make changes as needed, betting on a fantasy of their own design. Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Aries Steve Ballmer, is one of the top earners of 2020 – a conspicuous success among the slew of Tech Moguls who (for the most part, at least) earned top billing on this year’s Forbes list. An impressive achievement, even for an Aries.

Best Sports Betting Options For Aries

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Aries Celebrities And Their Luck

Aries lives unapologetically in the ‘Now,’ operating on instinctive impulse. Of all the Sun Signs, Aries may be the least likely to stop and smell the roses; however, Aries is the straightest shooter on the block, rarely predisposed to the concocting of hidden agendas.

Much like Popeye, Aries’ catchphrase is ‘I am what I am,’ a fact that is at once frustrating yet endearing. This unapologetic approach to life earns them considerable respect, whatever their chosen field: Clint Eastwood, Christopher Walken, and Vince Vaughn – all charismatic Aries Suns.

Andy Garcia in Ocean’s Eleven, though, plays his Aries Sun to a tee, as the human embodiment of ‘The House.’ Here we see the perfect Aries archetype: Head of the House(hold); Commander-in-Chief; Lord and Overseer of all goings-on.

No one beats the House, and no one is more comfortable running one than Aries, as their Cardinal nature predisposes them to be Control Freaks, constantly running security checks and installing carefully-hidden cameras to ensure they’re in the know when it comes to even the slightest potential (or perceived) threat.

Former Chicago Bulls General Manager Jerry Krause was very much an Aries. ‘Outed’ in the recent Netflix documentary, The Last Dance, as both one of the shrewdest Talent-Spotters and Toughest Negotiators in the NBA – yet with an attitude (read: Napoleon Complex) that seemed to consistently undermine the sanctity of his Team’s success. The moral of the story, then? Aries can win at (almost) anything. If they know when to get out of their own way, that is.

Alyssa is a practicing Astrologer with a Master’s in Psychology from The New School for Social Research, specializing in individual Birth Chart analyses and one-on-one consultations with personal clients.

Alyssa’s love of Astrology began over a decade ago, and she’s been perfecting her art of astrological interpretation ever since, performing at events and publishing numerous articles on the subject. You can find more about Alyssa and her work on Twitter @astrologerpsyc1 and Instagram @astrologer_psychologer

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