Cancer Lucky Days To Gamble | Cardinal Water – The Crab (June 21 – July 22)

Disclaimer: The following information is meant for entertainment purposes only. The following article was written by Alyssa Landers (bio below) who is a professional astrologer. You can find a horoscope for other signs on this page.

Of all the signs on the Cosmic Wheel of Karma, Cancer is the most intuitive of them all. Driven by a killer gut instinct, Cancer can spot a lie, a bluff, or Trickster miles away, easily sensing who their Competitors are and carefully observing their every move until they’re ready to make their own.

It’s when Cancer learns to lead with their intuition that they reach their fullest potential, refusing to allow brief bouts of self-doubt and insecurity to get in their way.

Despite appearances, Cancer drives a hard bargain, remaining staunch in their convictions and rarely changing their beliefs or opinions without substantial evidence to the contrary (and even then, reluctantly). As long as Cancer doesn’t get too caught up in the world of appearances and lets their gut be their guide? They’re literally golden.

Like the hermit crab who carries its home on its back, Cancer may possess what seems to be a tough exterior yet is extremely sensitive underneath – one of the major reasons Cancer is so intent on building a solid nest (egg) into which it can retreat. It goes against Cancer’s grain, you see, to admit (what they see as) defeat. Security and sensitivity are keywords for Cancer Suns, who’re driven by their signature need for self-protection.

Cancer’s love of art converges with their love of money, no matter what their chosen enterprise. Even the most stolid-seeming of Cancer Suns has an inventiveness and ingenuity that inevitably compels them to find outlets for their creativity, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Cancer is a natural story-teller, with a curiosity that rivals only that of Sagittarius, and a flair for the dramatic that complements their vivid imaginations and, in the process, only heightens their vivid image of themselves.

Imagination is a double-edged sword for Cancer, as it potentiates their chances for realizing the grandest of successes and the chances of producing potentially-delusional visions of grandeur in equal measure.

Popularity is a particular concern of Cancer’s. Yet, worry as they may what others think of them, winning people isn’t Cancer’s trouble, as they instinctively sense what people want and need to hear – a quality that endears them to associates and, in turn, enables them to seal even the toughest (read: most lucrative) of deals.

In other words? It’s not so much Asset Management as Expectation Management that’s key to Cancer’s (long-term) success, whether in the world of Gambling or in their climb to the top of the corporate ladder, as Cancer has a notoriously active fantasy life.

Best Gambling Options For Cancer

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Lucky Days To Gamble For Cancer

Cancer, you have a potentially fruitful year ahead, as Jupiter in your sector of ‘Other People’s Money’ sees you stand to benefit considerably from a boost in a spouse’s income (if you have one), inheritance, a sizeable increase in the value of whatever long-term investments you already have, a boost in your credit score, or even an unexpected tax break.

Those born in late June will benefit considerably in 2021 – especially when Jupiter dips into Pisces from May 13 – July 28, forming a supportive angle to your Cancer Sun.

But with Neptune in your sector of adventure and risk-taking in 2021, June 25 – December 28 is best for assessing the potential risk-reward ratio of any bets, as Neptune will be retrograde during this period, enhancing the clarity of your thinking when it comes to accurately perceive the value of your visions when it comes to their potential for viability in terms of the future success of whatever bets or gambles you may feel compelled to make.

This clarity of vision is especially beneficial for you, Cancer, as it dispels any wishful thinking you may have had in recent years, allowing you to capitalize on the ‘luckiest’ Eclipse series of 2021, in Money sign Taurus on November 19 and in Lucky Sagittarius on December 4.

Cancer Traits And Gambling

Social creatures though they are, Cancer is rarely the Showboater type that Gemini can be. Even so, Cancer runs on emotional adrenaline and, as a result, has a harder time rebounding emotionally from the slightest hint of a (perceived) loss, as it’s almost unheard of for Cancer to take ‘No’ for an answer – particularly once they begin to expect to Win.

Cancer enjoys dressing up, and typically plays the part of the Professional extremely well. Yet no other sign is more naturally astute when it comes to spotting a bluff, easily intuiting who has the ‘real’ edge, whether it’s The House or some Card-Counter in their midst.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that Cancer does best in games like Poker and Blackjack, where Cancer’s extrasensory powers of perception serve them well as long as they let their intuition take the helm.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is ever-changing, making them the most adaptable of all the Cardinal (read: controlling) signs, giving them a distinct edge in all kinds of games.

As the ‘Provider’ of the Zodiac, Cancer is compelled to take the lead early in life when it comes to amassing wealth; yet ego doesn’t dictate their decision-making in the way it does with so many other signs, as Cancer tends to think not just of themselves but of those who make them feel emotionally secure. The family has a grounding effect on Cancer, allowing them to be more sensible when placing bets.

Best Games To Play For Cancer

Cancer Sun Bill Walters, known as one of the most successful Sports Bettors ever, with a three-decade winning streak, is an exemplar of his sign: a true rags-to-riches story – Cancer is known as the archetypal ‘Cinderella’ of the Zodiac – Billy made his millions from quite literally nothing, riding on I’m sure what seemed to observers to be pure Luck.

But Cancer is far more strategic than they seem. Not as intent on remaining incognito as Scorpio and just as changeable as Pisces, Cancer’s charms are quite literally irresistible, making them adept at any game that requires strategy, adaptability, and the natural ability to trust one’s gut (which, by the way, is easier said than done).

Best Sports Betting Options For Cancer

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Cancer Celebrities And Their Luck

Cancer Suns are among the few signs of the Zodiac that stand out among some of the most famously ‘lucky’ gamblers of all time.

Successful Cancer Suns are typically ingenious pioneer types, who don’t necessarily set out to reinvent the wheel but create something new within an existing and established (read: profitable) profession.

Nonetheless, Cancer’s versatility and charisma make them some of the most financially successful individuals, no matter what their chosen field. From comedic geniuses like Robin Williams and Will Ferrell to stoic industrialists like John D. Rockefeller, who’s recognized even today as one of the world’s wealthiest men to have ever lived.

Speaking of Luck, Cancer Sun Elon Musk, another Power Player who occupies the top of the 2020 Forbes List, though Musk has other classic factors in his birth chart indicative of material wealth (inherited or otherwise).

Tom Cruise is another Cancer Sun who embodies this versatility, known just as well for his performance in The Color of Money, playing young and hungry protegee to Paul Newman’s reluctant-yet-seasoned pool shark as for his role in Rain Man, a film in which he plays the sleazy ne’er-do-well, unapologetically seeking to capitalize on the rare and awesome talents of his Autistic brother (Dustin Hoffman) – talents which he seeks to personally profit from at (almost) any cost.

Alyssa is a practicing Astrologer with a Master’s in Psychology from The New School for Social Research, specializing in individual Birth Chart analyses and one-on-one consultations with personal clients.

Alyssa’s love of Astrology began over a decade ago, and she’s been perfecting her art of astrological interpretation ever since, performing at events and publishing numerous articles on the subject. You can find more about Alyssa and her work on Twitter @astrologerpsyc1 and Instagram @astrologer_psychologer

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