Capricorn Lucky Days To Gamble | Cardinal Earth – The Goat (December 21 – January 20)

Disclaimer: The following information is meant for entertainment purposes only. The following article was written by Alyssa Landers (bio below) who is a professional astrologer. You can find a horoscope for other signs on this page.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of Restriction and (Self-)Discipline, Capricorn usually doesn’t have the easiest of early lives, often coming from the School of Hard Knocks. Like their opposite sign, Cancer, whether born the Prince or the Pauper, Capricorn prides themselves on being self-made, never afraid to put in the sweat equity necessary to get their enterprises and other investments off the ground.

Of all the Cardinal signs, Capricorn (aside from Aries) is the most Control Freaky of them all. But as uptight as they can be when it comes to the question of ‘Winning,’ Capricorn is masterful when it comes to any game that requires Strategy.

With fabulous short-term/working memories, Capricorn is able to compute risk in their heads at great speeds, enabling them to make massive bets, while somehow managing to keep a straight face in the process.

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Lucky Days To Gamble For Capricorn

2020 was quite a stressful year for you, Capricorn, so you’ll be glad to know that 2021 will bring some welcome relief, as Saturn moves out of your sign for good this year, as if a weight is taken off your shoulders.

The best times for Capricorn this year will come when Jupiter takes a dip into Pisces, from May 13 until July 28, but the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19 is by far the luckiest date of 2021 for Capricorn, as this lunation is all about Fun, Games, and Gambling.

As the Workaholics of the Zodiac, it takes, well, a lot for most Capricorn Suns to get to the point of requesting time off from their Day Jobs, much less to get them to schedule some time to let their hair down. This is why the November 19 Eclipse is such a ‘lucky’ time for Capricorn – because it’s this Eclipse that will finally force them to let go and have some fun.

Capricorn Traits And Gambling

Ruled by Saturn, Lord of Karma, Capricorn is the consummate Realist of the Zodiac, and rarely fails at correctly calculating the consequences. This, of course, has the dual effect of making Capricorn wary of games that do not involve Strategy or Practice as tools to help them develop and win, uncomfortable as they are with the notion of pure Randomness.

Earth signs like Capricorn love Order, and usually have great powers of self-control. That is until they get that sudden urge to break free from their typically life-long strictness when it comes to their routines.

Why does this matter? Because life can get pretty dreary (not to mention draining) when constantly calculating risk. In other words, when they do lose even a hand or two, Capricorn can get so down on themselves when they lose – which every sign, no matter what the game, inevitably does from time to time – that they’re often the quickest to leave the table, never wanting to take the chance they could possibly lose again.

Best Games To Play For Capricorn

As Kenny Rogers said, if you’re going to be a Gambler, you have to know when to walk away and when to run.

But, oddly enough, as practical and goal-oriented as Capricorn is, if they lose a hand or two, only to leave the Poker table too soon, usually in an irritated huff, they’re often just as quick to lose their signature emotional cool, skulking off to the nearest bar to brood over their loss. This is why the Slot Machine, for instance, can be dangerous for Capricorn, as it can be a form of release for them, as they have nothing to gain or lose at the outset.

Capricorn likes to fly solo in its endeavors, often treating everything they do as Work, every person they meet as a potential Colleague. So, for Capricorn, despite their signature ability to check their emotions at the door, the irony is that it’s these emotions that often get the best of them, simply because they so rarely offer themselves the respite of (emotional) release.

So, though Poker and all of the strategic calculations involved may come most naturally to them, Capricorn’s main lesson in life is to learn how to let loose and have fun, lest their bottled-up emotions cause them to let losing on hand turn into a night of sulking solo in front of the slot machine for hours on end.

For this reason, I’d recommend games that get Capricorn to be more social, such as Sports Betting, or even Craps – anything that can get them out of their heads when it comes to the casino.

Best Sports Betting Options For Capricorn

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Capricorn Celebrities And Their Luck

Jeff Bezos is the perfect example of the quintessential Capricorn Sun (note: he has an Aries Ascendant, amplifying his competitive drive). As one of the top, if not the #1, Big Business Magnate of the 21 century, Bezos built his empire slowly and steadily, making strategic moves at just the right times.

Whereas Virgo’s focus is Efficiency, Capricorn’s is unequivocally Productivity, rarely interested in any topic of discussion that isn’t practical or directly relevant to themselves.

Like Scorpio and Aquarius, Capricorn can be somewhat of a Loner; however, as much as Capricorn would like to operate in tacit obscurity, they’re highly aware of the need for a strong social network when it comes to the outcome of any business dealings. The more people you know, the more people you can reach out to, right? This is what Capricorn seeks to capitalize on.

What Capricorn has that many of its fellow Sun Signs don’t is the wisdom to discern what projects are a ‘waste of time’ vs. those that have the potential to be of long-term value. In turn, what Capricorn lacks is the interest that Sagittarius and Aquarius possess when it comes to the interests of Other People.

Capricorn likes to rule the roost, at home and at the office. So, while Capricorn might possess the requisite patience to see their Work Projects through, planning every step and planning for any and every possible outcome, they’ll rarely take a genuine interest in serving the interests of others unless it benefits them personally.

Alyssa is a practicing Astrologer with a Master’s in Psychology from The New School for Social Research, specializing in individual Birth Chart analyses and one-on-one consultations with personal clients.

Alyssa’s love of Astrology began over a decade ago, and she’s been perfecting her art of astrological interpretation ever since, performing at events and publishing numerous articles on the subject. You can find more about Alyssa and her work on Twitter @astrologerpsyc1 and Instagram @astrologer_psychologer

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