Pisces Lucky Days To Gamble | Mutable Water – The Fish (February 18 – March 20)

Disclaimer: The following information is meant for entertainment purposes only. The following article was written by Alyssa Landers (bio below) who is a professional astrologer. You can find a horoscope for other signs on this page.

Pisces’ intuition is second to none, acting like a sponge, soaking up every feeling in their immediate atmosphere to the point where they easily become oversaturated.

As a result, though Pisces normally have a little more trouble going with their gut in the way fellow Water signs Cancer or Scorpio do, often secretly second-guessing themselves, Pisces is the Magician of the Zodiac, able to sense where, when, and how to conjure riches out of what seems to others like thin air.

Pisces is among the majority when looking at any list of Millionaires and Billionaires, money magnets as they are, instinctively sensing where the Long-Term Investments are. In their financial and personal lives, Pisces aims to be a creature of mystery.

This is intentional of course: beguile and flatter – this is the Pisces way. And it works. Pisces knows what makes their fellow human tick, and even upon instantly meeting someone, Pisces seems to know ‘what’s up’ with the person to the point that you might question their sanity. But Pisces is far from crazy.

Best Gambling Options For Pisces

Lucky Days To Gamble For Pisces

Pisces, 2021 is (one of) your ‘luckiest’ years yet – should you choose to cash in on it, that is. From May 13 – July 28, Jupiter, the planet of Luck and Abundance, will move through your Sign.

This is a beautiful time for any Sun Sign, but particularly for Pisces. Why? Because, in Astrology, Jupiter is considered to be ‘exalted’ in Pisces, meaning this where Jupiter functions at its best.

Look to the days from May 13 – June 20 to see just what Luck lies ahead, especially on December 28, when Jupiter re-enters Pisces for its second, very merry-go-around.

One thing to consider for Pisces is that Neptune, the planet of Fantasies and Delusions alike, could cloud your vision, leading you to deceive yourself at certain points this year, potentially leading to bouts of paranoia in your dealings with others.

This tendency eases, though, when Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces, from June 25 – December 1, for although the term ‘retrograde’ is largely associated with ‘bad,’ this isn’t necessarily the case. When Neptune is retrograde, for example, which it is for at least half the year, every year, our thinking becomes clearer.

Pisces Traits And Gambling

Because of their heightened sensitivity to their environment, Pisces prefers to work behind the scenes, much like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz – who we find out at the end is really just a man behind a curtain.

Much like the ‘Wizard,’ Pisces prefers to stay out of sight, creating a mystique around themselves yet somehow magnetizing whatever resources they need by making all the right moves at all the right moments.

Pisces is typically something of an Underdog in early life, coming from humble beginnings, having experienced some form of adversity that toughens them up and thickens their skin, which can both amplify and dull their signature sensitivity.

Whatever the circumstances of Pisces’ early life, it generally prepares them for situations that require a cool head, quietly observing the world around them, picking up on cues that no one else notices – cues that end up serving them when they decide to hedge their bets later on in life.

Pisces is an expert at hedging their bets, always protecting their assets.

Best Games To Play For Pisces

No matter if they’re playing the Slots or the Stock Market, Pisces loves to roll the dice. Whether it be Poker, Pool or Pop Goes the Weasel, one thing Pisces seems to learn earlier in life than any other sign?

No matter what the game, there’s a key distinction between those who Play to Win and those who Win to Play. In other words, Pisces remains keenly aware of the distinction between the players who have to win in order to survive and the players who want to win but whose survival doesn’t depend upon it.

Because, let’s put it this way: Pisces’ biggest fear always involves the concept of Dependency, and they don’t take efforts to deceive them lightly.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) share much in common in this respect, which speaks to their penchant for stockpiling resources, with an unconscious mantra that’s always something along the lines of: ‘Stock the bomb shelter, post-haste.’

More than any other Sun Sign, though, Pisces is acutely aware not only of the potential for failure but of the many flaws, underhanded conspiracies, and hypocrisy that underpin even the most basic functions of ‘The System.’

This distrust of the System is what drives Pisces to dismantle it from the inside, drawn as they are to studying Law, pushing themselves to work harder than most of the other Sun Signs.

Pisces puts the ‘holic’ in ‘Workaholic,’ addicted to making money at whatever gig pays the most – even if they work primarily behind the scenes. Not that Pisces minds, as they cherish their privacy, rarely if ever disclosing their secrets to even their closest and most trusted associates.

Earning Pisces’ trust is one of the most challenging tasks of all, as Pisces can sense whose motives are pure from the get-go, allowing them to easily discard the insincere, immature or disingenuous who might try to get in their good graces.

Rarely will Pisces say anything, though, as they prefer to observe more than take part, regardless of the activity. Pisces is the Fly on the Wall, the one you barely notice. That is, until they want you to.

Best Sports Betting Options For Pisces

Pisces Celebrities And Their Luck

No matter what year it is, there’s always a boatload of Pisces Suns who top the Forbes List of Billionaires. Pisces is a Visionary, and can always sense not where the money is, but where it will be.

This attunement to where growing interest lies and knowledge of how Society functions, in addition to not giving a flying fig when it comes to ‘fitting in,’ giving little thought to what the Neighbors think, enables Pisces to attract great wealth, as they always seem to spot the Golden Goose before anyone else realizes what’s what.

Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Rupert Murdoch – all prime examples of Pisces’ visionary expertise and ability to sense what it is the Public wants and unafraid to make it their chief enterprise, even if everyone else hasn’t caught on just yet.

Pisces Phil Ruffin, one of the only (if not the only) Casino Mogul who, despite having had to close two major Casinos in Vegas and one in Miami, maintained his status on the 2020 Forbes List, with an estimated 2.3 billion dollars in net worth. His very Pisces quote regarding the financial outlook post-2020? ‘Things will come back.’

This cool-headed Pisces wisdom is exactly what allows them to predict the (financial) future. So artful is the Pisces Player, that no matter how delusional this Big Fish’s schemes may seem? Pisces is even ‘luckier’ than Sagittarius, embodying the Smoothest Operator in the Zodiac – the only sign that could win at literally any game they try their hand at…whatever that hand might be.

Alyssa is a practicing Astrologer with a Master’s in Psychology from The New School for Social Research, specializing in individual Birth Chart analyses and one-on-one consultations with personal clients.

Alyssa’s love of Astrology began over a decade ago, and she’s been perfecting her art of astrological interpretation ever since, performing at events and publishing numerous articles on the subject. You can find more about Alyssa and her work on Twitter @astrologerpsyc1 and Instagram @astrologer_psychologer

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