Horse Racing Online Betting Sites in US

Bet on horses for FREE with bonus codes at the best sites in the US! Horse racing betting is one of the oldest past times in the history of sports. Horse Racing has a rich history and has betting in the center of it all. Betting is an inseparable part of horse racing, and the sport would not have survived without it.

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You have bet on horses at the track, at an off-track betting (OTB) facility or online - and online is by far the easiest and the best way. All that you require is a valid account in a suitable online betting site. You can put wagers on a horse across the globe on almost all the major sites, in addition to that, they have some unique advantages as well. We will take it up later in the article, but first, we need put forth just one point

To get the best results from online horse race betting we recommend to use the best sites. You can choose from numerous sites, that makes differentiating between the best and average more difficult. You will get pretty decent service from most of them, but who wants good when one can have the best. You can find the list of the best-ranked horse racing websites below.

Most people have an assumption that the site they use to bet on horse racing does not matter a lot. They are completely mistaken. When it comes to quality, the difference between best and good is completely observable. Although every website has the same fundamental purpose of enabling their users to place a bet, the best websites have an unparalleled experience when compared to their downgraded counterparts.

Also, it's very important to know that not all sites are trustworthy. Most them are, but you would not want to deposit money in some of them. You have to be cautious while selecting the site. Please be assured that the list we curated have only those websites upon whom you can put your trust and they will never let you down. We give utmost priority to the matter of online safety and would not recommend any gambling site without being absolutely sure about them.

Being trustworthy is our utmost priority while making the list. But it's far from being the only requirement. We take different kinds of factors and variables into consideration while compiling the list. Down this page, you will find why exactly we recommend on horse betting too. If you are planning to indulge yourself in horse betting then you should definitely check it out before you go out there and bet.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

We have a strong belief that you will be more than satisfied with any of the websites we recommended on the top of this page, we understand that some of our readers prefer a website which is suitable to place they live. There are several reasons behind it. For starters, some people prefer to bet in their local currency, as the transaction of money becomes really smooth. We might put into consideration about the local legal issues.

So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled rankings for the best horse racing betting sites for a few specific regions. Check out the following pages to learn more!

There is nothing to worry about if your home country is not here. We have covered only those regions where it makes a real difference of using a local website. If you live anywhere else our top recommendations while working perfectly fine for you.

We take it to ourselves and compile the rankings for the betting websites. There are some other segments that you might be interested in apart from horse racing. We have got it all covered for you. You can check out our rankings for overall sports betting sites. And if you are a man/women of big money then you can check out our rankings for the best sites that specialize in high stakes gambling.

A final note here is that you may not restrict yourself to only one betting site. In fact, we suggest that you should not. It will never harm anybody to try out different websites. If for nothing else you can try different websites to check out which one you prefer. This is not the only advantage, trying out different websites will give you insight about the highest wagers offered on the same bet. This way you can make more money.

Bet on Horses - Why We Recommend These Sites

The main purpose of this website is to provide the best recommendation on gambling sites to our readers. We are into other things as well, but our main purpose has always been to help out people get the best online gambling experience. In order to achieve our commitments, we spend a lot of time to ensure we provide the most legit rankings to our readers.

This task has never been easy. There are a ton of fully operational gambling sites, possibly even thousands. Finding out the worthy ones for our recommendations take an enormous research testing on various parameters. It's an ongoing process, as everyday things are changing in the online gambling industry. Some sites grow better and some grow backward. Some sites enter with a new product or services, while the others change their policies. We have to keep up to date with all the changes and variations happening around the industry to keep our rankings accurate and useful for our readers.

How exactly do we determine if a site is safe to gamble at?

First- We take a look the Licensing arrangements of the site. Sites are supposed to hold betting and/or gaming licenses if they want to provide online gambling services and if they don’t then that’s an immediate red flag.

It is quite obvious by now that we only consider sites that have a proper license in their name. But having a license is not enough. You can find a lot of licensing authorities around the globe that issue online gambling license, their rules and regulations differ significantly. Some of them have a strict policy while some of them are much more lenient. Some of these authorities are willing to give away a license to any site who can pay their large fees. It is obvious that we do not even consider such sites.

Our recommended sites have a license from reputable authorities with strict policies for providing a license. These include the following organizations.

There are other regulators as well, but they are all major players in the gambling regulations. They have licensed many of the leading betting and gambling websites, and they issue the license only after the sites meet all their criteria's. Their criteria vary from one authority to next, but in general, they all follow a set of 4 features listed below

  1. Segregation of deposited funds
  2. Regular audits and/or testing
  3. Suitable security measures in place
  4. High-level encryption of all financial transactions

If a site follows the kind of regulations mentioned above and is authorized by a reputable authority only then we know that they can trust. Even after all this research, we dig down some more to be completely assured. We also take a look at their history and check their ethical background and practices.  

After we are convinced about the safety features of the site, we then start looking at the factor/variables that play a major role in overall user experience. Some factors have a larger play but every factor contributes something to the overall user experience and has an impact on the overall ratings. Here's a list of some variables and factors we take into consideration

After the initial analysis, we do in-depth assessments of these factors through rigorous research and testing. Then these sites are scored based upon their performance results in the testing and research.

Best Online Horse Racing Betting Sites - Key Benefits

As we mentioned in the earlier stages of this article that some people don't realize the importance of choosing the right website. But now we hope we have made it pretty clear what is the importance of choosing the right website. After all, nobody likes to so much hard work for nothing right?

If you use one of our recommended websites you will have a much better experience than others. This fact is indisputable as far as we are concerned. But still, you have any doubts we will now focus ourselves towards a few direct and tangible benefits that the tops sites have to offer. It is based on some of the ranking factors we discussed above.

Extensive coverage of horse racing

The site should enable you to place your bets on any horse you want to online. And yes you can do that, just go for the sites we recommend. They all are equipped with extensive coverage of horse racing from around the world, providing a variety of options to place your bets on. They have a wide coverage for a variety of races, from famous ones to lesser known ones.

Competitive odds

The odds on site offers on your wagers can have a huge impact on how much you win, or lose overall. This is especially in the case of regular betting. Even if there is a slight difference in the wagers it can have a huge impact on your net position. That is why we make sure that the places we recommend offer a very competitive prices.

Easy to use

The key reason to go for online betting is that it is easy. That's the reason we always check the ease of doing betting on a site while we rank them. The best sites give priority to the ease of betting and it would be difficult for any better to find the races he wants to bet and to place a bet on your chosen selection. All you have to do is place the amount you want to bet and few clicks of the mouse to get your bet down.  

Bonuses Codes & Promo Codes for Horse Racing Betting Sites

Bonus and rewards can turn out to be a great way to add some extra money into your pocket. It's not easy to win every time you place a bet but here is when Bonus and Rewards play a major role in compensating the losses. Even if you win consistently this bonus and rewards will put some extra cash in your pocket.

Customer support

At first, you may think that customer support is not a big deal, but let us tell you it is. The only reason, it gives the best insight about how the site treats their customers. If they can understand the value of providing good customer support then it suggests how much they care about their customers. Hopefully, you never have to use customer support to often.



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