Live Dealer Blackjack Guide

Live Dealer Blackjack Guide For NJ Online Casinos

Are you an NJ online casino player that enjoys a game of Blackjack but wants to remove traveling to the tables from the equation? Live Dealer Blackjack may be just the thing for you! The only thing better than winning money from is doing so without having to make your way to the brick-and-mortar casino. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or en route somewhere else, you can still play a casino-quality game wherever you are with Live Dealer Blackjack at NJ online casinos!

What Is Live Dealer Blackjack?

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack is very much like taking part in a conventional Blackjack game you’d find in a regular casino, except you’re playing in a virtual NJ online casino instead.

It features a standard seven-person layout a real table with real players in a game ran a professional live dealer streaming from an actual casino floor over a secure internet feed while you’re in a location of your convenience.

NJ Online Casinos With Live Dealer Blackjack

Players can easily find Blackjack and other Live Dealer games at the following NJ online casinos:

How To Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is played with a standard deck of 52 cards with the jokers removed. Unless otherwise noted, the majority of NJ online casinos deal Live Dealer Blackjack from an eight-deck shoe just like many traditional casino blackjack games.

Bets are placed based on the requirement of the table before all players including the dealer are dealt two cards to begin each hand. Both cards dealt to players are showing while only one of the dealer’s cards are face-up to the table. The objective of Live Dealer Blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand with your hand, which is exactly the same as a conventional in-casino game.

In order to defeat the dealer, players are attempting to draw a hand that totals as close to 21 as possible without going over. There are three ways to beat the dealer:

  • Draw a hand with a higher total than the dealer’s hand
  • The dealer’s hand exceeds 21, resulting in a bust
  • Draw  “Blackjack” (Hand totals 21 with only two cards) when the dealer does not

Starting on the dealer’s left, players are given the choice to either add more cards in an attempt to get closer to 21 or stand, which means not to leave your hand as is. The player loses the hand if the dealer’s total is closer to the 21 at the end of the round or if the player’s hand exceeds 21, which is a bust. Just like casino game, players are all going against the dealer’s hand and are not in competition with one another.

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Live Dealer Blackjack Card Values

Knowing card values is essential in blackjack and just as important in Live Dealer Blackjack. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to understand how much each hard is worth. Here are live blackjack card value rules to know:

  • Cards 2 through 10 count at face value
  • Picture cards (Jacks, Queens & Kings) count as 10
  • Aces are valued at either 1 or 11, depending on the player’s choice (Aces are normally valued at 11 unless it forces the hand to exceed a total of 21)

General Live Dealer Blackjack Rules

  • Blackjack pays out 3:2
  • Dealers must hit on soft 17 (Ace & 6)
  • Players may double down on any two cards
  • Players have the option to double down after splitting
  • Players cannot split more than once (no re-splitting)
  • There is no late surrender
  • Minimum bet: $5 or $10 at most NJ online casinos

Simple Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

Understanding and implementing basic blackjack strategy is equally as important when playing with a live dealer as it is when playing at the casino table. Mastery of basic strategy will help make it second nature for blackjack player to take any of the following actions:

  • Hit - Opting for an additional card(s) to increase the value of your hand
  • Stand - Sticking with your initial two-card hand against the dealer
  • Double Down - Doubling your original bet while receiving one extra card

  • Split Pairs - Cards of equal value splitting into multiple blackjack hands

For a more in-depth look at the rules and actions of playing 21, please take a look at our How To Play Blackjack guide.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

The blackjack strategy chart is the tool that players use to help their in-game decision making. It supplies you with the mathematically ideal way to play each individual hand of blackjack, thus helping players decide what action to take. The chart key details what to do with every combination of your hand against the dealer’s showing card and is crucial in winning live dealer blackjack at NJ online casinos.

Blackjack strategy chart

Special Live Dealer Blackjack Features

Some NJ online casinos may offer variations or special side bets for Live Dealer Blackjack games. Two popular side bets a player can make in blackjack are Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs are attained when a player’s first two cards match. Players receive larger payouts when the cards are the same color or suit.

  • Mixed Pair – Pairs made up of different suits such as a 9 of spades + a 9 of clubs. Mixed pairs generally pay out at 7-to-1.  
  • Colored Pair – Pairs made up of the same color cards such as a 3 of hearts + a 3 of diamonds. Colored pairs usually pay out at 15-to-1.
  • Perfect Pair – Pairs made up of the same suit such as having two Kings of hearts. As the most difficult Live Blackjack side bet to win, perfect pairs normally pay out at 30-to-1.


A 21+3 side bet requires the player’s two cards to be combined with the one card showing for the dealer. To win a 21+3 bet, the  combination must form a three-card hand of one of the following:

  • Straight – Three cards of non-matching suits in sequential order (Example: 4 of clubs, 5 of hearts and six of diamonds)
  • Three of A Kind – Three matching cards from different suits (Example: Kings of diamonds, spades and clubs)
  • Suited Trips – Three identical cards of matching suits (Example: Three different 7 of hearts)
  • Flush – Three cards of the same suit (Example: 5, 9, and Q of hearts)
  • Straight Flush – Three cards of the same suit in sequential order (Example: 10, J and Q of spades)

Each of these potential hands is considered to be more difficult to attain than the one before it, and the payouts  for such hands are on an escalating scale based on difficulty. Below are the payout odds for side bets on 888 Casino USA:

live dealer blackjack odds

Return to Player (RTP) Percentages For Live Blackjack

Casinos use the term Return to Player in referring to the percentage of original investment a given game will pay back to the player over time. Luckily, Blackjack has the lowest house edge of almost any game you can play in a physical or NJ online casino. Below are RTP percentages for Live Dealer Blackjack, which tend to vary slightly from one casino to another:

  • Blackjack bets have a 99.28% RTP
  • 21+ 3 side bets have a 96.30% RTP
  • Perfect Pairs bets have a 95.90% RTP

Never Wait To Play 21 Again With Live Unlimited Blackjack

An alternative, but equally as fun version of live dealer blackjack is Live Unlimited Blackjack. Perhaps the most exciting part of this blackjack variant is  the common-draw format that ensures players never have to wait for a spot ever again.There’s always a seat open at the Live Unlimited Blackjack table!

The common-draw format means that each player is dealt the same cards against the dealer, but makes their own decision separate from the hands of others. This allows for an unlimited number of players to take part at one time. Like land-based or online blackjack games, your card total and the actions you take are completely independent from other NJ online casino players at the virtual table.

Nearly all the rules mirror live dealer blackjack and standard casino blackjack, with the exception of the auto-split functionality meant to simplify playing in the common-draw format.

Auto-Split Rules For Unlimited Blackjack

  • Starting hands of 2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, or A-A will automatically be split, then the player decides whether to play both hands or just the first.
  • If playing both hands, a standard split bet is required for the second hand
  • Starting hands of 4-4, 5-5, 9-9, 10-10, J-J, Q-Q, or K-K cannot be split and the player will treat it as a standard hand, making the decision to Stand, Hit or Double.

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