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Michigan Lottery - Why You Should Join

Looking at the Michigan Lottery app, it is just awesome that they offer a wide variety of games including the cross-US Powerball and Mega Millions. On top of that, the Michigan Lottery has its own games that are readily accessible via the official website, Android App or iOS app.

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Michigan Lottery was originally established in 1972 to support the state school system which means that part of the revenue goes to education initiatives. With every single ticket that you buy, you’ll be helping worthy causes in the state which is really impressive.

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Michigan Lottery Online Winners

In December to cap off 2018, Michigan Lottery online players were awarded over $76 Million in prizes! We can't wait to see what happens in 2019! 

A man from Oakland County won $100,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Tax-Free game online.

“I had been on a hot streak playing online lately and had about $300 in my account,” said the player, who chose to remain anonymous. “I was on a break at work, and decided to play the Tax Free game.“I saw a screen flash on my phone that said I had won $100,000, but I was sure I wasn’t reading it right. It wasn’t until I checked my account history that I believed I had won!”

Chrystal K. won $75,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Treasure Bay instant game online.

“I deposited $30 into my online account and played it up to $160 and almost cashed out,” said Chrystal Kortman, of Marshall. “I decided to play a bit longer and got down to $44 and that’s when I hit $75,000!”

For now, Michigan Lottery is the only place to play for cash legally online, but we anticipate that Michigan online casinos will launch in the next 5 years, to join New Jersey in offering fun, safe, legal online gambling sites in NJ!

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Michigan Lottery Mobile App

Michigan Lottery App - iOS And Android

Michigan Lottery mobile app is now available to download on both Android and iOS. You can almost do everything same as the website on the mobile application.

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Michigan Lottery Game Selection

Many states limit the purchase of lottery tickets to retail venue visits. Luckily, Michigan has gone ahead to modernize things a bit. Here on, Michigan residents and state visitors can get their tickets both in stores and online.

Michigan Lottery Online Games

Online ticket sales are available for the standard lottery games already mentioned in the article, as well as for a couple of additional online opportunities. These include instant games (King of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds, Instant Keno Multiplier, Blackjack Doubler, VIP Gold, etc.), Fast Cash games (20X the Cash, Black Jack, Bowling Bucks) and pull tab games ($15,000 Jackpot, Bank Buster, Big Win, Bigfoot’s Fortune, Lucky 7s, Neon Bars, etc.).

The diversity is huge and you can easily get lost on their website. Ticket costs range from $0.05 and the most expensive game entries go up to over $20 for Club Keno. Players can win both the progressive jackpots with the standard lottery games and fixed amounts in the range from 5,000 to over one million dollars.

There were many complaints about the website being slow and there have also been some online reports of the exclusive online games being rigged. According to 2015 data, 86,000 people had signed up for the online ticket buying option within five months of it being launched. Current data suggest that online players are spending $2.4 million a week on the online lotteries! This is a huge number and these people have a legitimate reason to complain if the website isn’t working well or if the number of winning options is limited.

Remember that Michigan online Lottery is a state-operated unit that has a status to maintain. Adding to it, it’s already winning huge from the winning of tickets. Imagine the scandal that would break out if anything was rigged. Thus, while online games may be very difficult to win, they are legitimate. If you have concerns about those, just stick to the state-wide lotteries – these provide enough of an opportunity for monetization.

In January, the Michigan iLottery added a new addition to their most popular family of online instant games, Prince of Hearts, with a top prize of $60,000!

Here is a complete list of all the games available at Michigan Lottery:

  • Summer Cookout - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Moonilight Multiplier - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Custom Cash Payout - Top Prize: $20,000
  • Queen of Diamonds - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Jungle Payout - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Wild Time Mania - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Super Gems - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Instant Keno Multiplier - Top Prize: $500,000
  • Viking Cash - Top Prize: $150,000
  • Ultimate Wizard - Top Prize: $40,000
  • VIP Platinum - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Treetop Treasures - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Prince of Hearts - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Fruity Cubes - Top Prize: $20,000
  • Lucky 7x7 - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Blackjack Doubler - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Volcano! - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Road Trip USA - Top Prize: $125,000
  • King of Clubs - Top Prize: $60,000
  • End Zone Payout - Top Prize: $20,000
  • Shocking 7s - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Egyptian Deluxe - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Multiplier Max Out - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Quick 6 - Top Prize: $250,000
  • Rainbow Fortunes - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Triple Your Money - Top Prize: $150,000
  • VIP Black - Top Prize: $60,000
  • 10x The Cash - Top Prize: $50,000
  • 25 Card Cash - Top Prize: $100,000
  • 8-Bit Bucks - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Alfredo - Top Prize: $30,000
  • Amazon Adventures - Top Prize: $30,000
  • Blazing Red 7s - Top Prize: $30,000
  • Bubble Bingo - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Bullseye Keno - Top Prize: $500,000
  • Cash Buster - Top Prize: $75,000
  • Cash Buster Bonus - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Cash Buster Extreme - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Cash Buster Towers - Top Prize: $150,000
  • Cash Roll - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Cashword - Top Prize: $150,000
  • Cats vs. Dogs - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Cosmic Expander - Top Prize: $20,000
  • Cowboy Cash Roundup - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Diamond Payout - Top Prize: $250,000
  • Double Your Money - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Egyptian Oasis - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Fantasy 5 - Top Prize: $274,000
  • Fast Buck Basketball - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Fruity Cashword - Top Prize: $150,000
  • Fuzzball Keno - Top Prize: $200,000
  • Gem Blaster - Top Prize: $150,000
  • Golden Harvest - Top Prize: $75,000
  • Golden Island - Top Prize: $20,000
  • Hit - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Instant Football Payout - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Instant Keno - Top Prize: $200,000
  • Lotto 47 - Top Prize: Progressive
  • Mayan Legends - Top Prize: $100,000
  • Mega Bucks - Top Prize: $125,000
  • Mega Millions - Top Prize: Progressive
  • Pot O' Gold - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Powerball - Top Prize: Progressive
  • Pure Gold - Top Prize: $40,000
  • Roaring 20s - Top Prize: $240,000
  • Roll the Dice - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Slapshot! - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Stars & Stripes - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Super Cash Buster - Top Prize: $200,000
  • Sweet Winnings - Top Prize: $20,000
  • Tax Free - Top Prize: $141,340
  • Treasure Bay - Top Prize: $75,000
  • Triple 7s - Top Prize: $50,000
  • Triple Gems - Top Prize: $160,000
  • VIP Gold - Top Prize: $60,000
  • Wild Time Doubler - Top Prize: $75,000
  • Wizard of All - Top Prize: $75,000

Michigan Lottery VIP Program

There a couple of VIP programs organized by Michigan Lottery. VIP black and VIP gold are very famous out of them. For these programs, you need to select the number of tickets you want to play.

Michigan Lottery Online VIP Program

Then, select the cost of the ticket. It varies from $0.05 to $2. The game starts by purchasing. Once purchased, click Scratch all or click each ticket manually. If any Michigan Lottery number matches your ticket number, you are entitled to win the prize shown on the ticket. The maximum amount you can win ranges from $30,000 - $60,000.

Michigan Lottery Deposit Methods

The Michigan Lottery allows players with valid accounts to deposit funds quickly and securely using:

  • Major credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Direct bank transfer (Automated Clearing House)
  • Online Game Card

Michigan Lottery Customer Support

Their FAQ is pretty extensive though in many ways almost too much information. Each of their different lotteries offered have their own FAQ. They offer an email contact address as well an online form for public questions. There is a telephone number though only available during business hours.

Michigan Lottery Background

Michigan State Lottery offers a wide variety of games from the mega jackpots to some cute small little games. Michigan Lottery Powerball and Michigan Fantasy 5, in particular, have great winning odds with daily draws. Online lotteries and instant-win prizes are also available for all the players who wish to play online without bothering to go out and buy a ticket.

Popular Games at Michigan Lottery

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