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SugarHouse Online Casino Promo Code: FREE BINGO!

Promo Amount: $10

Who doesn’t like to receive free gifts? SugarHouse Online Casino is full of them and they can pop up when you least expect it. Players will be pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to play Free Bingo games for a chance to rake in free bonus money while shouting “Bingo”! They offer up to 20 different free bonus bingo games every day so that you have more ways to win!

Starts On 01 Aug, 2017
Expires On 30 Dec, 2017
Time Remaining 4 months after
Promo Type Free Play
Online Casino SugarHouse Casino Bonus Code
How To Enter Just Play
Promo Code NONE

Terms and Conditions:

Free Bonus Bingo Game Play and Promotion Rules


Commencing on September 14, 2016, from 12:00 a.m. EST on each day of the week to 11:59:59 p.m. EST of the same day. The database clock for the Services will be the official timekeeping device for the Promotion.


This Promotion is governed by these official rules and the Terms of Service (collectively, the “Rules”). All capitalized terms used in these official rules and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given to such terms in the Terms of ServiceBy participating in the Promotion, you agree to abide by these Rules, and understand that the results of the Promotion, as determined by Company, are final in all respects. This Promotion is open only to individuals holding a valid account for the Services (“Account”). To register for an Account, visit



    • The free-to-play bingo game offered in connection with this Promotion is a 75 ball bingo game named Bonus Bingo. Bonus Bingo is free-to-play, but by invitation only.
    • We will invite account owners to participate in Bonus Bingo games. Each invitation will specify an RSVP period during which the player must accept the invitation. If an invitation is not accepted during its RSVP period, then the invitation will automatically expire.
    • Once a player accepts an invitation, the player will enter a game loading screen. A player can exit a game loading screen by clicking or tapping the SugarHouse logo on the screen, by launching another game from the games lobby, or by logging out of his/her account. If a player exits the game loading screen prior to expiration of the RSVP period for such invitation (as shown on the RSVP countdown timer on the game loading screen), the player can re-enter the game loading screen. If a player exits the game loading screen after expiration of the RSVP period for such invitation (no RSVP countdown timer will be shown on the game loading screen if the RSVP period has expired), the player will forfeit the invitation and participation in that Bonus Bingo game.
    • When sufficient players have accepted an invitation (as determined prior to game commencement in our sole discretion), players will automatically transfer from the game loading screen to the game play screen. A player can exit the game play screen at any time by clicking or tapping the SugarHouse logo on the screen, by clicking or tapping another game choice from the games lobby, or by logging out of the player’s account. AFTER A PLAYER EXITS THE GAME PLAY SCREEN FOR ANY REASON, THE PLAYER CANNOT RECOMMENCE PARTICIPATION IN THE GAME. IF YOU HAVE TECHNICAL ISSUES, PLEASE CONTACT PLAYER SUPPORT.
    • When a player clams BINGO during game play, the player will automatically transfer to a game summary/outcome screen where the player can view his/her results from play in the game and prize won (if any). While on the game summary/outcome screen, the player can return to the game play screen by clicking or tapping the RETURN button to observe ongoing game play and results, and to review the player’s own bingo card and balls drawn. HOWEVER, THE PLAYER CANNOT RECOMMENCE PARTICIPATION IN THE GAME; THE PLAYER CAN ONLY RETURN TO THE GAME PLAY SCREEN AS AN OBSERVER.
    • If a player inaccurately claims BINGO during game play, a NO BINGO/NO WIN message will be displayed on the game summary/outcome page. By clicking or tapping the RETURN button on the game summary/outcome page, the player will have the option to return to the game to observe ongoing game play and results. HOWEVER, THE PLAYER CANNOT RECOMMENCE PARTICIPATION IN THE GAME OR CORRECT ANY ERRORS; THE PLAYER CAN ONLY RETURN TO THE GAME PLAY SCREEN AS AN OBSERVER.
    • There are 13 different ways to win each game (accurately daubing 5 consecutive squares across vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the card, or accurately daubing all 4 corner squares and the middle square on the card). Each game will end when all available prizes have been awarded. We will determine the number of prizes available for each game, in our sole discretion, prior to its commencement.
    • Players must manually daub their bingo cards, either by clicking or tapping available squares. Auto-daubing functionality is unavailable for the game.

Players can win prizes only if:

(1) they daub their cards accurately (i.e., they daub only those squares corresponding to balls actually drawn for the game);

(2) claim bingo accurately (i.e. they click or tap the BINGO button in the game after their accurately daubed cards display a win); and

(3) they claim bingo while prizes for the game are still available.

  • There can be no ties in a game, even if multiple players claim BINGO after the same drawn ball. Our database clock will determine winners based on the order players with accurately daubed cards actually click or tap on the BINGO button. Our decisions on all game play matters are binding and final.
  • If a player inaccurately claims bingo before four balls have been drawn for the game, we will provide the player with a single warning message. If a player inaccurately claims bingo after receiving a warning message or after four balls have been drawn, the player’s game will automatically end, and the player will not be able to correct the error or recommence participation in the game.
  • Each participant must be logged in to his/her Account during the Promotion Period in order to participate in the Promotion. During each Promotion Period, we will invite Account owners, based on criteria established by us in our sole discretion on a case-by-case basis, to participate in the free-to-play bingo games described above through the Services. An invited Account owner must accept or decline the invitation within the amount of time specified in the invitation. If the invited Account owner does not accept the invitation within the specified time, the invitation will be automatically declined. After expiration of the invitation acceptance period, and when sufficient (as determined in our sole discretion with respect to each Promotion bingo game) Account owners have accepted the invitation to participate, the bingo game will commence and continue until a pre-determined number of winners claim “BINGO”. If a sufficient number of invited Account owners do not accept an invitation to participate, then we may cancel the game. Each Account owner is limited to participation in one Promotion bingo game per Promotion Period, and can only win one prize per Promotion bingo game.
  • For each Promotion bingo game, we will establish a prize pool consisting of Bonus Money (with a 1X play-through requirement on wagering games available through the Services) available to a certain number of winning participants in each game. The amount of Bonus Money in the prize pool, the number of winning participants, and the distribution of the prize pool among such winning participants will be pre-determined by us in our sole discretion on a case-by-case basis prior to commencement of each Promotion bingo game.


  • We reserve the right in our sole discretion to terminate, modify, or suspend the Promotion at any time. We reserve the right to correct any typographical, printing, computer programming or operator errors, including without limitation computer errors that erroneously award prizes.
  • Risk-free and low-risk bets on any games (i.e. betting in proportions on different outcomes in the same hand to create “action” with minimum or no risk) are considered abuse of the promotion and will null player’s participation.
  • We reserve the right to exclude certain customers from this promotion
  • Persons found tampering with the Promotion in any way to gain an unfair advantage, violating the fair play or spirit of the Rules, or abusing any aspect of this Promotion may be disqualified, in our sole discretion. Our decisions are final on all matters relating to the Promotion.
  • Cash prize winnings with values in excess of $0 are taxable events. All federal, state and local income taxes associated with each cash prize are the sole responsibility of the winner and winner may be issued a form 1099. All expenses or costs associated with acceptance of a cash prize not mentioned in these Rules are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • To be eligible, you must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of New Jersey
  • Players must claim each eligible bonus manually from within their account post log in per individual promotion instructions
  • To be eligible all personal and contract data associated to your account must be verifiably, and not on any exclusionary lists in New Jersey
  • Bet with your head, not over it. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.


All Promotion participant information is collected and used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

By participating in the Promotion and accepting any prize, except where prohibited by law, each prize winner grants Company and its designees permission to use her/his name, photograph, likeness, voice, biographical information, statements, other User Content (as defined in the Terms of Service), and address (city and state only) for advertising and/or publicity purposes worldwide and in all forms of media now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity, without further compensation.

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