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Borgata Casino Online Promo - Hot Spot Ones Leaderboard - Win Up To $3000

Promo Amount: $3000

July 17 - 21

One is not the loneliest number in this Slots and Table Game contest…it’s a reason to celebrate!

Opt in and you’ll receive 1 leaderboard point based on the following wagering scale: $5 wagered on Slots, $5 on Jackpot Slots, $100 on Roulette, $100 on any Blackjack type, or $100 on any other listed table game (Live Dealer included).

The top 100 players will win prizes (see below) and players that land in a “1” position will win cash plus a Special Bonus Reward.

Go for the grand prize—but keep your eyes on the all “1” spots for something extra!


  • Log in to your BorgataCasino account starting July 17, 2019
  • Go to the Promotions tab on BorgataCasino to access the Hot Spot Ones Leaderboard and opt in to the promotion
  • Each day through July 21, 2019, a player can earn one (1) leaderboard point per $5 wagered on Slots, $5 on Jackpot Slots, $100 on Roulette, $100 on any Blackjack type, or $100 on any other listed table game (Live Dealer included). Plus as always, any winnings earned along the way is yours to keep!
  • Hold down your 1 spot, compete for the next 1 up, or go for the grand prize! Plus, if you hit on double one’s you get a DOUBLE prize on top!
  • At the end of the promotion period, the top 100 winners (all tied positions included) will earn the listed prizes based on their finishing position
Starts On 17 Jul, 2019
Expires On 22 Jul, 2019
Time Remaining 4 days after
Promo Type Giveaway
Online Casino Borgata Casino
How To Enter Opt-In
Promo Code Not Needed

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