How Do You Create A NFL DFS Lineup On FanDuel?

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When you think of daily fantasy sports brands, two names immediately come to mind: FanDuel and DraftKings. FanDuel is the original brand, having launched in 2009 compared to DraftKings being established in 2012. Both have been in direct competition with one another in daily fantasy sports ever since, and both are proven brands that we recommend at BonusSeeker. How do you get started with FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports? Just read below to get started!

How To Play FanDuel NFL Daily Fantasy Sports

Much like DraftKings, FanDuel NFL lineups are salary-based, meaning you’re given a cap every week that you have to be at or under to make a qualifying lineup for the tournament you choose. No matter what sport you are playing, the same steps apply:

  • Choose the daily/weekly contest in the sport you want to play
  • Construct the best team that gives you the most value under the salary cap for the day or week the contest is for
  • Confirm your lineup and when the games are played, watch your place in the tournament change until all the games are over
  • Hopefully, make some money!

Of course, this is the most basic explanation for playing NFL Daily Fantasy Sports on FanDuel, so we’ll go over a more detailed explanation below.

FanDuel DFS Thursday PromoCreate Your NFL DFS Lineup At FanDuel!

How Do You Build A FanDuel NFL DFS Lineup?

Using FanDuel for NFL daily fantasy sports is one of the most popular ways to participate because it’s easier to construct a lineup and you usually have about a week to plan out your lineup. That includes scoping out injury replacements, taking advantage of favorable matchups, and more that we will get into a bit later.

The standard way of playing FanDuel NFL contests is building a nine-man roster. The positions you need to fill are:

  • Quarterback
  • Running Back (2)
  • Wide Receiver (3)
  • Tight End
  • FLEX (Any Running Back, Wide Receiver, or Tight End)
  • Defense

Unlike DraftKings, which has a $50,000 salary cap for their lineup, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports gives you a $60,000 salary cap; an average of $6,667 per player. The player’s individual salaries are adjusted otherwise, so it’s not as big of a difference. So the same general strategy still holds true here as it did with DraftKings: it takes more skill than just loading up your lineup with the best players for every week to win. You must weave in strength and value at every position to craft the best roster, week-in, and week-out. In fact, you can use our FanDuel promo code to get uo to a $20 bonus on your first deposit to get you started.

Let’s check out some NFL DFS strategies that have helped many win money at the many contests FanDuel has to offer.

Winning NFL DFS Strategies To Use On FanDuel

  • Monitor NFL News For Injuries To Pick Up Backups

When you play standard fantasy football, what happens when a key Running Back goes down with an injury for a couple of weeks? If he’s on your roster, you’re screwed for a few weeks usually. With FanDuel, it’s an advantage! You can possibly pick up their backup Running Back who now is getting starter reps, but at a much lower cost than his injured teammate. Top Wide Receivers, Quarterbacks, and Running Backs always go down with injuries during the long season, and it’s up to you to monitor those injuries and use their replacements on the depth chart for better value.

  • Quarterbacks Score More Fantasy Points Than Anyone Else

Much like Quarterbacks are the most important element to an offense, they are the most important element to your Daily Fantasy Sports roster. That’s why they cost the most, but also bring you the most fantasy points compared to any other position. That’s why it’s a sound strategy to spend more on a QB when you make your roster up, especially combined with them facing a weak passing defense.

  • Keep Track Of Trends And Fantasy Points Per Game Averages

You may not have the time to know what hundreds of NFL players are doing every week, which is why FanDuel does a lot of the work for you with updated stats and news for each fantasy player on their player page. You can quickly see what their Fantasy Points Per Game average is, in order to see if they’re a good value for the salary they’re assigned.

Don’t just look at that average to figure out whether or not to add them to your roster. You also need to see whether they’ve “piled up the points” at the beginning of the season, only to be on a cold streak now. Or what about players who are being used less in recent weeks? A running back who has moved down the depth chart? All of those questions can be answered by checking out the player pages to compare and contrast.

  • Stack Your Lineup With Strong Teams Against Weak Opponents

Check out the NFL schedule and you’ll see weeks where there are notoriously strong offenses going up against weak defenses. Those are the matchups you want to focus in on to stack your lineup with the offensive juggernauts. The Chiefs and their top-shelf offense are facing the lowly Raiders in Week 2, so it’s expected that they’ll run up the score that week. You’d want to get Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce that week to take advantage of mega points being scored.

Even if you can’t add a whole roster like that, you can still look out for QBs against weak passing defenses, RBs against sloppy defensive lines, and WRs matching up against injury-ridden secondaries.

How Is FanDuel NFL Scoring Done?

Using the strategies we mentioned, along with knowing the scoring breakdown for FanDuel DFS, can help you build a powerhouse roster.

FanDuel DFS Offensive Scoring SettingsOffensive Scoring Rules At FanDuel

FanDuel DFS Defensive Scoring SettingsDefensive Scoring Rules At FanDuel

Now we’ve covered what you need to know in order to start playing FanDuel NFL DFS, in time for the start of the NFL season.

Online NFL Betting

Not only do we cover how to play Daily Fantasy Sports, but we’ve also got great advice on placing NFL bets online with an extensive guide to help you begin. We cover more strategies and handicapping for weekly NFL betting and also cover how to bet on the NFL playoffs and betting on the Super Bowl.

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