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We’ve covered many different facets of FendOff Sports over the past couple of weeks, allowing you to learn more about this legal sweepstakes sports betting site that gives you the chance to win real prizes throughout most of the United States. If you haven’t read up on it, FendOff is set up similar to most other online sportsbooks in that you can make picks and set your wager. However, Fend Off Sports uses Sweeps Cash (obtainable several ways as outlined later) to wager and win as you push toward redeeming it for Amazon gift cards (and for real cash coming soon according to the FendOff site!).

It’s important to know the ins and outs about the sports betting rules involved at FendOff before you get into making picks on the site and entering its contests. In this article, we’ll cover some of the important points of the site to ensure you have a firm grasp on how to bet at FendOff Sports that will give you the best chances to win.

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How Do I Make Bets At FendOff Sports?

While FendOff Sports is similar to online sportsbooks in New Jersey you may have seen before, it’s a more simple setup than those in that there aren’t as many types of wagers to bet on. The three main ways to make FendOff bets are:

  • Winner
  • Spread
  • Total Amount Of Points/Goals

Each one of these choices on the site, no matter what sport you’re betting on, has a percentage attached to it that shows you how much of a favorite or underdog each choice is.

Currently, you can bet on the following sports at FendOff:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NCAA Football
  • UFC
  • English Premier League

Filling Out Your FendOff Sports Bet Slip

Parlays are not allowed at FendOff Sports, except for its Turbo Pick option, which gives you five random matchups to make picks on. However, you are only allowed to use Gold Coins to wager on that.

When you find the matchup and the type of bet you want to place, you click on the option and your bet slip will come up to fill out.

FendOff Sports Betting

In this option, you can see how to make a wager on FendOff using Sweeps Cash. If you were to bet on the Patriots at -3.5 against the Eagles on November 17, you would get 186 Sweeps Cash back for every 100 wagered. And you can wager free FendOff Sports Sweeps Cash that you get through us as a bonus, as you’ll get 500 for signing up, and another 500 for verifying your identity!

Once you place your bet at Fend Off Sports, you cannot cancel it or edit it.

Rules For Entering a FendOff Sports Contest

The FendOff Sweeps Cash contests are run similar to daily fantasy sports contests you may have participated in at DraftKings or FanDuel. You enter a league with other members of FendOff for an entry fee or participate in its daily free contests that allow you to win free Sweeps Cash without paying an entry fee.

After you enter the contest, you’re given the games of that day to pick between. Choose the winners for each contest and if you get the most picks right, you’ll score the grand prize in the contest! Even if you don’t beat everyone else, you can still get the second place or third place prizes, which are substantially higher than your entry fee. In each paid Sweeps Cash contest, the prizes range from 7,200 SC to 18,000 SC with only a 200 SC entry fee!

If the contest doesn’t fill up completely (a max of 200 players per contest), the prizes are amended to reflect the amount of entry fees collected. As is the case with the Picks section, you cannot change your picks after you submit them.

Other FendOff Sports Rules To Know

When it comes to FendOff Sweeps Cash, you have to wager it before you can redeem it. That especially goes for the free Sweeps Cash you can receive many ways on the site:

  • Go here to receive a special FendOff Sports bonus of 500 Sweeps Cash, just for signing up
  • Receive another 500 Sweeps Cash when you verify your profile information
  • Take advantage of the FendOff Sports first deposit bonus and get a free matching deposit of up to a $100 package, giving you 10,000 Sweeps Cash extra
  • Log in every day and claim 100 Sweeps Cash in the Store
  • Check out its Social Media pages for many free giveaways
  • Refer friends to FendOff and receive 200 Sweeps Cash every time they sign up
  • Writing to FendOff to receive 200 Sweeps Cash

All received Sweeps Cash must be wagered at least one time through before it becomes redeemable. You can check the status of your redeemable balance just by clicking the Redeem button. Once you have enough to redeem and your profile is verified, you can request an Amazon gift card or cash when that option becomes available. You need to have 5,000 in redeemable Sweeps Cash to cash out. This will give you a $50 gift card.

FendOff Sports is available anywhere in the United States except in Washington State, so for sports bettors in many states who are still waiting for legalized sports betting, FendOff Sports is right for you!

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