Global Poker App For iPhone | Play Poker On iOS Devices

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Global Poker App For iPhone | Play Poker On iOS Devices
  • Learn how to download the Global Poker app for iPhone

  • Find what games are available at Global Poker

  • Get an exclusive Global Poker welcome bonus

Global Poker is a popular online poker site that accepts players from the United States and allows you to play real poker on your iPhone or other iOS devices. The site is operated by VGW GP Limited and it has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Global Poker follows a unique model that allows it to be classified as a sweepstakes site, but lets you play poker such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha against real players for actual cash prizes.

You are able to do this by purchasing Gold Coins packages that come with free Sweeps Coins. Though Gold Coins are used to play for free, Sweeps Coins are used to play for actual money prizes.

Global Poker Bonus
20 Gold Coin Package Free + $40 Gold Coin Package For $20

Can you Play Global Poker on iPhone?

Yes, you can play Global Poker on your iPhone. The poker site is configured for mobile devices, which means you can play poker on your iPhone without needing to download an app. You can just go to Global Poker using your iPhone web browser, log in, and start playing.

The interface is very user-friendly and it has several great features including multi-tabling. That's right, you can multi-table on your iPhone!

How to Download Global Poker App for iPhone

Global Poker is optimized for iPhones and iOS devices, which means you don't need an app to play poker. Just use your iPhone's mobile browser and go to Global Poker. Log into your account, and you can start playing right away.

If you don't have a Global Poker account yet, be sure to click this link to get a free $20 Gold Coin package upon verification. Signing up is quick and easy. Once submitted, your account is activated and you're ready to start playing on your iPhone

What We Like About the Global Poker App

Though technically not an "app", Global Poker for iPhone has a lot of positives, including:

  • Site is optimized for iPhones
  • User-friendly interface
  • Glitch free in our experience
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Large player pool with different skill set levels
  • No HUDs allowed

Games On Global Poker App

Global Poker features the following games and formats:

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is the most widely played poker variant. Here's how a hand plays out:

  • Each player gets two hole cards.
  • A round of betting takes place.
  • Three community cards are laid out face up. This is called "the flop" and all players involved in the hand can use these cards to improve their hand.
  • A round of betting takes place.
  • A fourth community card is placed face up. This is commonly called "Fourth Street".
  • Another round of betting occurs.
  • The fifth and final community card is revealed. This is called "the river".
  • A final round of betting takes place.
  • If a showdown is reached, players reveal their hands. The one that makes the best poker hand using any five-card combination of their hole cards and community cards is the winner.

You can play Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit Texas Hold'em at Global Poker in ring games (cash games) or tournament format.


Omaha is an up-and-coming game in popularity. Though this game has a familiar format to Hold'em, they are actually quite different.

First, players receive four cards instead of two, but there are still five community cards and four betting rounds. In Omaha, you must use exactly two of your four hole cards to make your five-card hand.

In Hold'em, it is simply the best five-card hand, meaning you can use two, one, or even none of your hole cards to make the best five-card hand. This is not the case in Omaha, where you must use two cards in your hand and three from the community board. You can play Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit ring games and tournaments.

Ring Games

Also referred to as cash games, ring games are ongoing games that you can join or leave whenever you want to where your chips hold actual cash value (unlike a tournament where the cash value comes from the buy-ins and total player pool, not the chips). Blinds and betting limits range from low stakes to upper-middle stakes such as $5-$10.


Tournaments range from Jackpot Sit & Go's to full-blown multi-table tournaments and bounty tournaments. Global Poker offers several tournaments each day.

Global Poker Bonus

Global Poker has a terrific welcome bonus offer for new players and has continuous promotions thereafter for its existing players.

Every new Global Poker player gets a $40 Gold Coin Package, including 200,000 Gold Coins for just $20, plus Bonus Free 40 Sweeps Coins! Plus get a $20 Gold Coin Package absolutely FREE once you verify your account! Get the Global Poker welcome bonus and start playing!

Global Poker Bonus
20 Gold Coin Package Free + $40 Gold Coin Package For $20
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