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Ever since the time sports cable channels began airing professional tournaments, poker has been near the forefront of the collective consciousness of bettors. The game is entertaining and fun, and also presents an opportunity to win some money in the process. That’s where Global Poker comes in.

Global Poker Bonus

For those of you who may not know, Global Poker is the only legal online poker site that’s available to every state in the US, except Washington State. In recent weeks, there’s been increased interest among the betting public in getting more into poker, so it makes sense that Pot-Limit Omaha professional and ultra-successful Poker YouTuber (among other topics) Joey Ingram would chime in on Twitter about the best poker sites available to those looking to play in the US.

One of the best to play the Great Game, had this to say about US poker sites:

[twitter url=”https://twitter.com/Joeingram1/status/1241431892294914048″]

As you can see, Ingram recommends Global Poker against illegal competition and even legal NJ poker sites. He even left us some notes about different poker operators. Here are some of Ingram’s comments:

Joey Ingram Global Poker Tweet

As you can see, there are phrases such as “less secure”, “higher risk”, and “prone to cheating/collusion”. Those words should make you feel as uncomfortable as having to sit down at the poker table with one of the true greats to ever do it, Mike Postle.

But it isn’t just certain players you have to worry about on the virtual felt. Poker players remember April 15, 2011, known as Black Friday, when the government put a swift end to unregulated online poker, which quickly revealed that Full Tilt Poker was running a Ponzi scheme.

Players couldn’t get their rightfully-earned money from Full Tilt. Fortunately, PokerStars bought Full Tilt and returned the money to those who were owed (approximately 94-97% of players have received their funds thus far).

We see what happens on Black Friday and how some of these illegal sites operate. These are some of the key reasons why legal poker sites in the US are the best and safest way to go. But is a site for real money like Global Poker truly legal and safe?

How Is Global Poker Legal?

Global Poker is legal because the company uses a sweepstakes promotion and does not accept direct deposits. The site allows you to play for free or for real money. In order to play for real money, you must have Sweeps Coins. You can get these Sweeps Coins through this bonus code or by purchasing Gold Coins packages. These packages come with Sweeps Coins, which you can do use to play for real money and against real players. And your withdrawals are real cash. Learn more about Global Poker and how it works.

Global Poker Promo Code

Is Global Poker Safe?

Yes, Global Poker is safe. Global Poker operates legally in the United States and must uphold regulatory standards. The company is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and their license is a promise to players that the game promotes fairness.

Global Poker is operated by VGW GP Limited and promotions and prizes are operated by VGW Games Limited. Both VGW GP and VGW Games are subsidiaries of VGW Holdings Limited, which is a public company incorporated in Australia in 2010.

VGW Holdings has several of these free online casinos for real money that operates in the US.

Global Poker Account Verification

You will need two of the following documents to be sent at [email protected]:

    1. A valid primary photo ID, which can be any of the following:
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National/State ID
  • Other government-issued ID, aside from the ones mentioned above (such as a Veteran’s ID)
  • A supporting document under your name as proof of address:
    • Utility Bill (such as electricity, telco, and water, which are not older than three months)
    • Notarized agreement form for lease (not hand-written)
    • Bank statements
    • Medical insurance

    Feel free to read more about if Global Poker is rigged.

    Games At Global Poker

    Global Poker has several game variations available, including the Great Game of PLO:

    • Fixed Limit hold’em
    • Pot-limit Hold’em
    • No-Limit Hold’em
    • No-Limit Omaha
    • Fixed Limit Omaha
    • Pot-Limit Omaha
    • Crazy Pineapple

    All of the games above are available in the following formats:

    • Cash games
    • Sit-n-go tournaments
    • Scheduled multi-table tournaments
    • Satellite tournaments

    Read more about how to win and cash out on Global Poker.

    And if you do take Joey’s recommendation and join Global Poker, then be sure to win a tournament for Coach Doug.

    Good luck everyone, stay safe.

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