Play At Sweepstakes Online Casinos | Win Real Money

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Play At Sweepstakes Online Casinos | Win Real Money

Sweepstakes casino games have recently taken off as a great alternative to standard casino play with states slow to expand legal online gambling in the US even with the success of NJ online casinos and online casinos in Pennsylvania.

The sweepstakes model allows sites like Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, and Funzpoints to operate within the United States (except the state of Washington) and even Canada (except Quebec), giving you a chance to play their online casino games for real cash prizes.

But how do these online sweepstakes casinos work if online gambling isn't legal in your state? We'll take a look at how they're set up in this article and give you ways to get started on your way to winning. So let's dig deeper to start you playing at sweepstakes online casinos.

What Is Sweepstakes For Online Betting?

Simply put, online sweepstakes casinos give players in the United States an alternative for those who aren't located in a state that has legal online gambling.

Very similar to how Publishers Clearing House has been operating for decades now, these sweepstakes casinos allow you to buy their virtual currency and give you their version of Sweepstakes Cash to use on their site in order to win real money.

What Are Sweepstakes Casinos?

Sweepstakes online casinos work in a different way than your standard online casinos. Online casinos in New Jersey like BetMGM Online Casino and Caesars NJ Online Casino have you simply deposit money into your account and play with what you have.

When you play on sweepstakes casino sites like Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, Global Poker, and Funzpoints Online Casino, you're given the chance to buy packs of virtual currency that includes Sweeps Cash or Sweepstakes Cash, or given the opportunity to earn more by winning them on online slots or jackpot spins.

How Do You Get Real Money Prizes At Sweepstakes Casinos?

Since the sweepstakes model is a lot different than what you would find at online gambling sites, it's important that you know how to win real money at sweepstakes casinos.

Even before you make your first deposit at our two choices for great sweepstakes casinos, you can get free Sweeps Cash that you can use to gain real cash prizes!

Best Sweepstakes Online Casinos

Here are the best sweepstakes casinos online. These welcome bonuses give you the opportunity to win real money at an online casino for free:

Sweepstakes Casino Bonus Offer Claim Now

Chumba Casino

Free $2 Sweep Cash + $10 Free Sweeps Cash On 1st Purchase

Click Here To Play Now

LuckyLand Slots

Free $10 Sweeps Cash + $10 Sweeps Cash On 1st Purchase

Click Here To Play Now

Global Poker

Free $20 Sweeps Cash + New Player Freeroll

Click Here To Play Now

Funzpoint Casino

Free $2.50 Credit + First-Deposit Bonus: $20 Match On First Purchase (Site Credit)

Click Here To Play Now

Chumba Casino Real Money Games

The Chumba Casino no deposit bonus gives you $2 in free Sweeps Cash just for signing up, along with 2,000,000 Gold Coins to play their games. When you buy your first virtual currency pack, you'll get up to $10 in free Sweeps Cash! That's $12 Sweeps Cash to play their many online slots, table games like Blackjack, and even Bingo.

Chumba Casino boasts giving away $95 million in cash prizes since its inception, including the three millionaires they've created in 2019 that we've reported on! Even more recently, Chumba announced a big winner of $275,000 from playing one of their most popular online slots, Long Zhi Bao Zang.

LuckyLand Free Sweeps And Slots

LuckyLand Slots Casino also has great bonuses to give you Sweepstakes Cash that you can use to build toward real cash prizes!

You can score a LuckyLand Slots Sweeps Cash promo that gives you a no-deposit bonus of $10 in Sweeps Cash when you sign up through us upon registration.

And whether you're playing their online slot games on your computer or the LuckyLand Slots Android app, you can get $10 in Sweeps Cash again when you use the LuckyLand Slots Casino first deposit bonus.

LuckyLand is much newer than Chumba but still makes it rain on their many sweepstakes casino players in the US. Recently, we reported on them dishing out over $44,000 in real cash prizes to just three players! One even used her LuckyLand Slots first deposit bonus to win $11,576!

Global Poker Real Money

Global Poker is the only free online poker site that gives you a chance to win real money across the US (except Wasington State) and Canada (except Quebec).

Global Poker has a new no deposit bonus offer that gives you $20 in Sweeps Cash for signing up and verifying your account. This poker site gives you the ability to play cash games, as well as tournaments and sit-n-go's. Currently, the game types on hand are Hold'em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple, all of which come in No-Limit, Pot-Limit, and Fixed Limit varities.

Funzpoints Casino Slots

Funzpoints is another recently-added great sweepstakes casino that gives you the chance to win real cash prizes! With online slots and even Keno on the site, coupled with easy ways to get their version of Sweepstakes Cash to use for real cash winnings, this social casino is gaining in popularity quickly.

You can easily score a Funzpoints no-deposit bonus through BonusSeeker for $2.50 in site credit, along with getting 1,000 Funzpoints to play at any of the online casino games. Are you ready to get your Funzpoints first deposit bonus? Then make your first purchase to get up to a $20 match on your purchase in site credit.

Not only can you use the site credit you earn or Premium Funzpoints you'll receive with every standard purchase, but you can gain free Premium Funzpoints to work toward real cash prizes! Whether it's from free or Premium Funzpoints, or one of our bonuses, there are many ways you can obtain real cash.

Play With Sweeps Cash

With Chumba, LuckyLand, Funzpoints, or many other sweepstakes casinos you can find at BonusSeeker, you'll be able to play for fun as well as play for cash prizes. The virtual currency they give you with each pack will allow you to play all of their games for fun.

Switch over to "Play With Sweeps Cash" and you'll see your winnings add up at any of their online slots and table games! Both of these sites have a great social media presence as well, as they often give away Sweeps Cash on Facebook and Twitter. This gives you even more free chances to score cash prizes on their site.

So if you're in a state that doesn't have legal online gambling, don't fret. Sweepstakes online casinos will give you a great alternative to those sites and give you a great chance to win!

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