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There’s no doubt you’ve seen FendOff Sports mentioned in the past on BonusSeeker, and we are featuring it once again to detail the top five sports to make picks on the site!

FendOff allows players in 49 of 50 U.S. States (except Washington) to make sports picks with standard Gold Coins, or you can put a little more on the line with those Sweeps Coins (SC), which can be redeemed for cash prizes.

FendOff has been around for well over a year and really became popular during the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl by giving people an alternative while waiting for sports betting in their state!

With major sports in the US making their comeback after a long hiatus, it’s a great time for you to keep FendOff Sports in mind when you’d like to make some predictions on sporting events.

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An easy way to give yourself a leg up at FendOff Sports is by claiming two great bonuses when you sign up through BonusSeeker!

First, you’ll get a no-purchase bonus after you register. You’ll get the $5 package that includes 15,000 in Gold Coins to make picks for fun, and 500 Sweeps to make picks and try to build your Sweeps up for redemption.

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Want to learn how to make bet at FendOff? Read our article here to find out how and also read about how to redeem your sweeps for cash prizes too!

Now that you have an idea of what you can do at the site, let’s talk about our choices for the Top 5 Sports You Can Make Picks At FendOff Sports.

#5 – ESports

With the consistent growth of ESports, it’s great to see FendOff Sports offering it to make picks with Gold Coins or Sweeps. You’ll currently see many matchups from the League Of Legends (LoL Esports) here and you can pick winners between the teams.

FendOff covers all the key matchups no matter the league and lets you know who is the favorite based on the current picks made. You’ll find games up to a week ahead of schedule to make future picks as well.

#4 – Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)

The UFC continues to gain popularity around the world, and FendOff showcases that in its “Fights” section with matchups from the upcoming cards ready for you to make your picks. In addition, FendOff offers Bellator MMA and other fights from around the world. You can pick a winner and get a return according to the ROI they apply to every choice. Some fights also offer other picks in addition to the winner, such as the method of victory and over/under on the number of rounds.

#3 – MLB Baseball

Now that baseball is back, you’ll find matchups daily at FendOff! The site features mostly MLB right now although they have had other leagues to choose from in the past like KBO and NPB. You’ll have the most options to pick when you predict MLB games, as most days offer the entire slate of action!

For each baseball game, you’ll have at least three picks you can make. You can choose the winner for the matchups, spread predictions, and over/under for the total number of runs. Be sure to check your ROI for each pick to make sure you know what the payout is for each.

#2 – NBA Basketball

The NBA is always a popular option for sports fans who like to make predictions on the games, and FendOff is no different. With the NBA’s return comes a flood of matchups to make picks on and they come with the same standard types as other major sports, including winners, spreads, and totals.

But the NBA also offers some more exciting picks that can mean big winnings for you. Click “more picks” for each NBA matchup and you’ll find other props to choose from!

For example, you can pick whether or not the total score will be odd or even, or make picks according to what happens in the 1st quarter such as the spread or the total. It opens you up to more options and more creative ways to win!

#1 – NFL Football

FendOff grew in popularity thanks to the 2019-2020 NFL Playoffs and we look for them to propel to even greater heights once the 2020-2021 NFL season launches. With so many players around the country looking for a place to make NFL picks and redeem for cash prizes, it’s a no-brainer.

NFL Betting At FendOff SportsBet On NFL At FendOff

Making NFL picks at FendOff allows for many options depending on the matchup or event, starting with the standard choices of winner, spread, and totals.

In addition, matchups are also broken down by halftime scores and spreads, quarter scores and spreads, and more. With how many choices you have to make picks for Gold Coins and Sweeps, it makes FendOff a very intriguing and exciting choice for players around the US!

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