Betting On NFL | Best NFL Betting Sites In Michigan

Betting On NFL | Best NFL Betting Sites In Michigan

For years, football fans in the Great Lakes State were denied the opportunity to earn money by betting on the NFL and either with or against their beloved Detroit Lions.

Thankfully, that's all changed because of sports betting's rapid growth following the 2018 federal repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The door was suddenly open for states to legalize wagering and late in 2019, Michigan finally walked right through.

The common theme in every area where betting is legal? there is a huge public interest in wagering on football. The NFL's popularity knows no bounds and it's clear when looking at the number of options offered by online sportsbooks, which are on their way to Michigan.

Is It Legal To Bet On The NFL In Michigan?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the NFL in Michigan. The Lawful Sports Betting Act was officially signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in December 2019, making Michigan the 20th state to legalize sports betting. The industry is overseen by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

As it stands now, betting is allowed at the many land-based venues in the state while but the countdown is on for mobile wagering to commence. Online betting, which is expected by early 2021, is a key component of the legislation for both bettors and operators.

Mobile wagering opens up a huge range of betting markets that can't be offered in person, and it allows the public to place wagers from the location of their choice inside state lines.

Best Sportsbooks To Bet On The NFL In Michigan

When online sports betting does finally get off the ground in Michigan, NFL fans will have some of the biggest names in the business to choose from. FanDuel, DraftKings, and William Hill are among the notable brands already offering their services at retail outlets, and online iterations of these sites are expected as well.

Bettors are the ones who benefit from the competition between sites, and we'd recommend opening up multiple accounts when the time is right. This will allow you to claim more than one welcome bonus while also being able to do some line shopping between sites for the most profitable odds possible.

How To Bet On The NFL In Michigan

Until online wagering officially commences in the Great Lake State, options are limited for those looking to bet on sports. The first option is to visit a land-based venue in the state, of which there are 12 that accept sports bets.

betting on nflLearn How To Bet On NFL Online

But the other option, and one that may be more appealing for those who want the convenience of online wagering, is FendOff Sports.

FendOff Sports

FendOff Sports is legal in 49 of the 50 states (all except Washington) and is the perfect alternative for those located in a state that currently doesn't allow sports betting. FendOff is a website that allows players to make picks on a wide range of sports and leagues, including NFL football.

Learn to bet on NFL online Widget?

In addition to the NFL, FendOff offers markets for NCAA football, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, and more. FendOff also allows you to make horse racing picks, as well as play virtual sports and casino games.

How Does FendOff Sports Work?

FendOff describes itself as a social sports prediction website, and it should be noted that the site is not a conventional sportsbook such as DraftKings or FanDuel, but it offers many of the same services in a slightly different way.

The site offers markets such as moneylines, spreads, totals, and even some prop betting options when it comes to the NFL. And if you win, the chance to earn prizes is there as well!

The main difference is that instead of using cash to wager with, players use Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to place their bets.

Gold Coins can be used to join any contest, but they cannot be redeemed for prizes. Sweeps Coins are the more important currency because these can be used to enter contests and they can be redeemed for prizes after earning a certain amount.

FendOff Sports Sweeps Coins can currently be redeemed for a huge variety of gift cards including ones for Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and many more brands.

FendOff Sports Welcome Bonus

There are several reasons to join FendOff Sports but one of the biggest attractions is the site's welcome bonus which is available to all new members.

All new members receive a free $5 Gold Coin Package. This package consists of 15,000 Gold Coins and 5 Sweeps Coins. New members can also claim a $100 match bonus up to $25.

You must be at least 18 to join FendOff Sports and you must also verify your age and identity.

Can I Bet on the Lions in Michigan?

Yes, you can make NFL picks on (or against) your beloved Detroit Lions in the state of Michigan. This is currently thanks to FendOff Sports and in-person wagering but as online betting rolls out, there will be a seemingly endless number of options available.

The National Football League is the public's favorite league to wager on, and its popularity skyrockets in states where a team is located. With the Lions' home being in Detroit, we can be sure that Michigan is another hotbed for loyal NFL fans and many others just looking to get in on the betting action.

Of course, it doesn't matter what team you root for. Whether you root for the Lions or any other club, betting sites in Michigan are going to offer a huge range of options. You may be into traditional moneylines, spreads, and totals. Or you might light futures, props, and betting parlays. It doesn't matter, because online wagering has all of this to offer.

As of now, FendOff Sports is the best alternative to an online betting site that exists in the state if you aren't located near a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Stay tuned, however, because those yearning for mobile wagering on the NFL (and many other sports) in Michigan are soon to be in luck.

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