4 Lucky Players win a Massive $150,000 payday by 888 Poker and WSOP.com

4 Lucky Players win a Massive $150,000 payday by 888 Poker and WSOP.com

May 2018 started with a BLAST!

That blast being 888 Poker and WSOP who awarded four players between $15,000 and $90,000 in a four-person sit-n-go contest on 01 May. Player pools from New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada combined six sites to make this possible.

Players wagered just $15 each and spun a 10 000 times multiplier in this exciting game.

BLAST Poker was created and released by 888 Poker in 2016. Described as “the ultimate jackpot sit and go experience” players are able to win part of the prize pool varying in size from 2 to up to 10 000 times their original buy-in. Bets begin at $0.10 and with the use of a multiplier, a top bet of $30 can yield a share of up to a massive $300,000.

Like the lottery, the chances of winning smaller multipliers on BLAST Poker are more significant than winning on one of the bigger multiplier options.

As an example of this – two times multiplier yields a result of 549,990 in a million; while the 10,000 multiplier gives results 10 times in one million.

That said, the 10,000 multiplier turns cents into dollars. Here is an example of the 10,000 times multiplier prize per bet: A $5.00 bet creates a $50,000 prize pool while $15 dollars creates a $150,000 prize pool and a top buy-in of $30 creates a whopping $300,000 prize pool.

A 2x multiplier only pays out to the winner; while a 5x multiplier pays out 70% of the prize to the winner and 30% to the runner-up. Multipliers of 10 to 100 pay three players with a 60% 25%, 15% split. Only games with multipliers exceeding 1000 payout to all four players.

There are many more players now since the introduction of combined player pools for Nevada and New Jersey from 01 May 2018. PokerScout has reported that peak network traffic has consistently been above the 300 player mark since the merger – which is significant growth in interest and participation by players.

The number of players can only possibly increase as accounts flip-over to the new software in Nevada over the next few weeks and months. World Series of Poker is scheduled for later in May and four bracelet events will certainly boost participation numbers.

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