Are Your Casino Rewards Points Worthless at Sugarhouse NJ, PartyCasino and Betfair NJ?

Are Your Casino Rewards Points Worthless at Sugarhouse NJ, PartyCasino and Betfair NJ?

What is the Best VIP Rewards Program at Online Casinos in NJ?

Are all your points worthless?

Anyone who frequently visits slot machines or video poker in the Atlantic City is probably aware of loyalty & VIP rewards clubs available. As a player, all you should care about is one simple fact: As you place wagers on a game, you earn points, and those points can convert at a certain percentage into cold hard cash & chances to play and win more.

Finding that exact conversion can be a bit tricky, so it's hard to know if the rewards program you're in is actually worth sticking around for. This is because casinos award different rates for different games, and also the VIP members generally receive better deals than the baseline player.

Aside from this, some casinos only allow conversions to bonuses with huge playthrough requirements, which are not that profitable because their worth is far less than an equivalent amount in cash.

The best part about loyatly rewards programs at online casinos in New Jersey is that they are transparent, so people can easily comprehend what kind of return they’ll see on their investment.


Here’re a few sites that offer a good value for your play.


Sugarhouse NJ Online Casino VIP Rewards Program

The PlaySugarHouse rewards club is a blend of fun and lucrative. Players can accumulate loyalty points like any other program, and after reaching a new loyalty tier, they’re gifted a spin on the site’s unique Prize Wheel.

At that point, the players are guaranteed a minimum bonus prize which scales in correlation with a player’s tier. The minimum award is around and 0.10 percent cashback on video poker and blackjack and 0.50 percent cashback on slots. Roulette, and other table game rates walk the middle line at 0.25 percent cashback.

These rates are above the average of what land-based Atlantic City casino offers, and on par with the local casinos in Las Vegas.

But the fact of the matter is, players can win enormously more on their Prize Wheel spins. For example, $60 is guaranteed by a Tier 7 player, but they could win around $125, which is 1.04 percent cashback on slots.

VIPs Should Get More Cashback, Reload Bonuses, & Free Play

Every month, the site offers additional goodies to tier 7 and above players after they receive access to the site’s VIP Mystery Calendar. These perks are worth about two percent cashback to a baseline VIP, and 0.4 percent cashback to blackjack and video poker players. The average comes out to be around 2.5 percent cashback on slots, and 0.5 percent on blackjack/video poker for VIPs.

What's the catch?

The one drawback to PlaySugarHouse’s rewards club is the fact that all loyalty kickbacks are awarded as bonuses. However, this is a very minor drawback because the bonuses count not more than 1x wagering requirement on video poker and slots.

Each bonus dollar on the site is worth between $0.92 and $0.99 depending on the average RTP of the games people choose to play.


PartyCasino VIP Rewards Program

PartyCasino may have below average scores in most of the departments, but its loyalty rewards club is one of the best New Jersey.

This site allows players to convert their accumulated loyalty points into either cash or bonuses. The only limitation is that they are required to reach a high loyalty tier before being allowed to make the trade.

For the bonus conversions, players are required to reach Silver status. However, for cash conversions they will have to achieve Gold status, which requires $20,000 in monthly slot wagers. To get the best cashback rate, players are supposed to reach Palladium ($50,000 in monthly slot wagers), the highest monthly tier.

After reaching these points, the conversion rates are phenomenal. Slot players have the liberty to exchange their points for up to 0.4 percent cashback, or up to 0.67 percent as a casino bonus.


What's the catch?

The cashback rates on blackjack wagers are not so good. Also, to clear any casino bonuses, the funds are to be wagered 15 times on slots and jackpot slots only.


Betfair NJ Online Casino VIP Rewards Program


The Loyalty Club at Betfair Casino offers a nice cashback rate to entry-level players, along with a lot of incentive to move up the ranks.

At the VIP Iron (baseline) level, players will receive the below-stated rates:

  • 0.10 percent cashback on slots
  • 0.06 percent on roulette, video poker, and table games
  • 0.02 percent on blackjack

These rates are approximately equivalent to the average Atlantic City casino rewards club rates. This might be something to brag about considering the fact that most online casino slot clubs in New Jersey are less lucrative than their land-based counterparts.

But the uniqueness of Betfair’s program is that every time a player reaches a new loyalty tier, their cashback rates jumps up. For example, players who reach the site’s second tier will receive a jump to 0.125 percent cashback on slots. When the player reaches the site’s top tier that figure jumps to 0.5 percent, and the cash can be immediately withdrawn.


What's the catch?

The notable point is, reaching the highest loyalty ranks on Betfair Casino is quite difficult as players will have to wager $500,000 on slots to cross the top tier.

The positive thing is, once they achieve the VIP Platinum level, they’ll only have to wager half that amount and can retain their ranking. Betfair Casino is the only online casino in New Jersey that has this discount incorporated in their loyalty scheme.

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