Caesars Online - History of Slot Machines

Caesars Online - History of Slot Machines

Caesars Online Casino - A Long History of the Best Slots

Slots have become so popular that the majority of games at online casinos like Caesars Online are slots!

Slot machines, slots, pokies, fruit machines or even one-arm bandits – there are almost as many names for this popular form of gambling as there are machines in the USA. Today slot machines are one of the most popular ways to gamble, with your average Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino housing hundreds or even thousands of these machines. And when it comes to popular gaming sites like,  the vast majority of games on offer are usually slots.

While they may have started as nothing more than trying to match 3 types of fruit, today there are literally ten of thousands of variations. At Caesars Online Casino, you will find a plethora of games covering everything from the classic fruit version to ancient civilizations and even the latest blockbuster Hollywood movies and series like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Spiderman, Batman vs Superman – the list is endless.

Slot Machines, from Brick and Mortar to Digital

The first slot game was invented back in 1885 by a man called Charles Fey. His first machine and the granddaddy of the hundreds of slots you can find at Caesars Casino Online was actually based on a 5-drum arcade game of the time. Few simplified things, and greatly increased the players' odds, by only having 3 drums on his machine rather than usual 5. He also made it more engaging by adding interesting and memorable pictures on the drums. Fey’s innovations were a success and the popularity of slot machines spread like wildfire to the point that they were as much a part of the average bar as the ubiquitous dart board. 

Slot Machines In The Digital Age

Today slot machines have become so commonplace that you don’t even have to visit a bar, arcade or casino to try your luck on one. Just about every online casino, including the ever-popular, has hundreds if not thousands of slot games that you can play without leaving your home. In fact, thanks to the mobile apps these digital casinos have created, you can play the slots virtually anywhere you go.


Caesars Online Casino NJ has always been known for their excellent selection of video poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat games. However, with more than 400 variations, slot games are the undeniable favorite at Caesars Casino. And with popular titles such as Battle for OlympusCleopatra, King Kong, Silent Movie and Wheel of Fortune On Tour as well as slots with a progressive jackpot that can exceed $170,000, it’s no wonder that experienced online gamers flock to Caesars Online when they need to satisfy their slot machine craving.

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