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Bettors all over the United States are in unfamiliar territory without the option to wager on collegiate and professional sports leagues for the time being.

In the event you’re one of the many people accustomed to wagering on sports and looking for a new hobby or just another way to spend some time, there are actually a few online games that could be attractive alternative options.

Skill Based Casino Games

There aren’t many (if any) casino titles that serve as a replacement for sports and they certainly aren’t guaranteed to make bettors forget all about gambling on athletic competitions. With that said, perhaps these skill based casino games can serve as placeholders for bettors that still want some action while sports are on hiatus.

Online Blackjack

Although this popular card game is not a live sport, blackjack can keep players occupied for long periods of time while providing nonstop excitement with each hand. It oftentimes provides a constant rush and features a roller coaster of emotions that isn’t foreign to sports fans that are obsessed with their teams.

For those who may not know, the goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand with yours without going over 21. Face cards are worth 10 while aces are with either one or 11, whichever helps you build a better hand. Learn more about online blackjack for real money.

Plenty of sports bettors are casual fans who are wagering on the game to have a rooting interest for a couple of hours as a time-consuming exercise while hopefully winning some money. Blackjack is a fairly easy game to learn and it’s a game you can have fun playing for hours as the time can feel like it goes by quickly.

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Blackjack At Chumba Casino

Similar to sports wagering, it’s a game where bettors can limit their losses by betting with discipline. In this case, the way to ensure minimal losses while giving yourself the best chance to win would be playing according to the blackjack chart.

There are also always tables available on gaming sites, so no fear of getting shut out from the action, which could happen with a sporting event. Sure, if a sports bettor misses the start of the game there’s always live betting as an option, but the odds have changed by that point and may no longer be attractive for one reason or another.

Chumba BlackjackPlay Blackjack At Chumba Casino!

In addition to using a traditional casino site to play table games like blackjack, there are also options to use free online casinos for money such as Chumba Casino for those in states without the necessary legislation in place.

Chumba uses virtual currency such as Gold Coins, as well as Sweeps Coins which can be redeemed for money. You can use the Sweeps Coins to play and redeem for actual money!

Signing up for an account with a Chumba Casino promo code means you can claim 2 Sweeps Coins in addition to a staggering 2,000,000 Gold Coins to start with right off the bat. The rewards really start to add up once you go to make your deposit and receive a $20 coins package for the price of $10!

Online Poker

It may not sound like it on the surface, but there are even poker may appeal to sports bettors. This game is an animal all its own with many different variations, but elements of it can appeal to a certain type of gamblers who also enjoy sports.

One major difference is this most popular card game is played against others while sports bets are made against the oddsmaker, but stick with me here.

Poker is a game that requires so much in-game decision-making, and the feeling isn’t all that dissimilar to live betting on a sporting event.

Tracking an ongoing game and its line movement waiting for the first time to strike isn’t all that different from deciding to put some money in the pot with a great poker hand. Bettors who enjoy in-game wagering may also enjoy trying out a game Texas Hold’em for the in-play strategy aspect alone.

It also takes preparation before stepping to the table to build a successful poker strategy, which means and those who enjoy the deep dive into stats and betting data prior to a sporting event can relate to the pregame work that goes in before putting your money down.

If you’re located in a state where the game is legal such as New Jersey, there are plenty of operators to choose from. Garden State residents have a choice of several NJ poker sites, while those inside Pennsylvania and Nevada can also legally play. Currently, the only PA poker site is PokerStars, but more are expected to join the state over time.

Global Poker

There is also an option for those who aren’t located in a state where gambling on poker online is legal. Glober Poker allows people located anywhere in the United States (except the state of Washington) and Canada (except Quebec) to play with the opportunity to win real prizes!

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Global Poker is brought to us by the same minds Virtual Gaming World, the same minds that gave us Chumba Casino. The site also operates using the same virtual currencies of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, and offers the following versions of the game:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Jackpot Sit & Go

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Virtual Sports

When it comes to casino titles, virtual sports games online are as close as bettors are going to come to the real thing at this point. In short, sites offer a computer-generated version of real-life sporting events, the results of which are decided by a software algorithm.

Plenty of operators in the US offer some type of virtual sports with the following sports being included at many sites that house NJ online casinos:

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In addition to the games offered above, other popular options for virtual sports betting such as tennis, basketball, and American Football are offered on some platforms.

Recent advances in technology have resulted in the gap closing between virtual sports and live contests, to the point where the virtual simulation looks almost like a high definition television broadcast.

So these games look the part and the markets offered are the same as the ones that bettors are already used to, so anyone with knowledge of how things work at an online racebook or sports betting site will easily be able to navigate through these wagering options.

With so many sports on hold in the United States, it makes some sense that betting on these games at online casino sites is seeing a dramatic rise in popularity over recent weeks.

Virtual may not be exactly the same as a real sporting event but it is a way to wager on a game of sorts while still being able to watch it, which is sometimes not an option when betting on a small league or sport from the other side of the globe.

Are Virtual Sports Rigged And Is Virtual Sports Betting Legal?

No, virtual sports are not rigged and yes, virtual sports betting is legal. This is a completely lawful form of gaming with its integrity ensured by several measures.

The software that decides the result of a virtual race or game has no knowledge of the wagers placed prior to the beginning of the event and determines a winner completely independent of any information that could compromise the casino’s integrity.

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