Did Pala Online Casino in New Jersey Pay out A 'Wild' Six-Figure Jackpot?

Rich Migliorisi, Last Updated: October 25th, 2019 NJ Online Casinos
Did Pala Online Casino in New Jersey Pay out A 'Wild' Six-Figure Jackpot?

Yes, Pala Online Casino in New Jersey had the wildest payout to one luck patron during the month of October!

A big payday

On October 6, an announcement surfaced everywhere that a whopping amount of $195,880 jackpot on one virtual spin of the Gorilla Go Wild slot was won by a Union County resident. It has been found that the resident used to visit the online gambling site of New Jersey on a regular basis.

This was the highest jackpot ever paid by the online casino, which has been successfully operating for two years in New Jersey’s regulated marketplace.

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A strategy of success

The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, has credited here success to the high-octane go-for-broke strategy. The plan helped her accomplish a big score. She opted for a reduced amount of spins at the highest denominations instead of distributing her money across lots of spins. Here is what she said:

“I always play the max bet on the game. I prefer 10 spins at the max per spin versus 40 spins at a lower amount per spin. I have been pretty good with this strategy. This year it seems to have worked for me.”

By playing what’s known as a high-volatility style, players experience much bigger swings, but also position themselves for a massive score. Gorilla Go Wild is undoubtedly a very volatile game. Hence, by maximum betting, players are in fact swinging for the fences...

She further cleared that this wasn’t the first time when this strategy worked for her. She also mentioned:

“The Gorilla Go Wild game has been really good to me. Earlier this year this game gave me another payout of around $40,000. This one was the best payout yet."

The Gorilla Go Wild is one of kind that offers better chances to loyal players. In simple words, the more the gamblers spend time on playing, the more “free games” features they unlock. As per the information listed at Golden Nugget Casino, the return-to-player (RTP) opens at 92.06 percent. But, a frequent game play can result in elevating this percentage to 96.51.

The 96.51 percent, as stated above may differ  from online casino to online casinos. Nevertheless, this percentage is better in comparison to the percentage at land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

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Why Pala Casino?

The jackpot winner mentioned that she has long been a fan of Pala Casino. It has been more than a year when she initially started playing on the site. The variety of games for selection, good customer service and prompt payouts are the most important reasons mentioned by her, why Pala Casino gaining her business:

"One thing I really, really love about Pala is the fast processing of payouts. I will cash out today and the money will be in my bank tomorrow. Everywhere else I play online in New Jersey when I get a payout it usually takes from 3 days to a week. To have the money that fast gives you a great deal of security. Also, there are a lot of games to choose from and the customer service has just been amazing."

When the online casino first launched in November 2014, the general feeling was that Pala Interactive was using the NJ market as a fertile testing ground for an eventual rollout in California. That reasoning made sense, as the Pala Band of Mission Indians’ land-based casino is about an hour’s drive from San Diego.

However, if we go through the past year or so, we will come across that Pala Casino has turned itself into a true player in what has grown to be hight competitive market.At least a portion of its success can be attributed to its aggressive expansion.

With 150 slots, 9 varieties of video poker, 5 other table games and 4 blackjack games, it has come a long way from the time it started its operations with 90+ games. Currently, it leads in ranking to well-known NJ online casinos like the Tropicana Casino.

Pala Casino does extremely well in terms of customer service and timely payouts. What isn’t mentioned is the Free Daily Spin, which in our experience, actually pays out on a somewhat consistent basis. The prospect of winning bonus funds on a daily basis undoubtedly attracts players to the site.

Added value is offered to players through the site’s daily and one-off promotions, which is about average for the market and an already remarkably fair gambling site.

 If you would like to take advantage of the benefits that legal online gambling affords you in New Jersey, and would like to have the peace of mind that your personal information is protected -  here is the list of legal online casinos in New Jersey, including bonus codes so you can try them risk-free.

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