Do You Have To Give Your SSN To Online Casinos?

Do You Have To Give Your SSN To Online Casinos?
  • Learn why your social security number is required at online casinos

  • Find out if it's safe to give your SSN to gambling sites

  • Insight into why online casinos need your social security number

Yes, Social Security numbers are a requirement for regulated online casinos and are put in place in order to protect you and the casinos!

As a check to prevent underage gambling, licensed gambling sites have implemented a verification check on all registrants. This verification procedure requires the name, address, Social Security number (SSN) and other important information from the visitor.

The exercise has proven problematic for some online gaming operators. Borgata CEO Tom Balance described Social Security number as the "biggest drop-off point in the registration process", at a California online poker hearing in April 2014. Despite this, providing an SSN number has been a mandatory requirement for playing at a licensed online poker site.

Let's have a look at:

  • Why sites require this information
  • What it allows an online operator to do
  • Why you shouldn't be concerned about disclosing it

Casino Asking For Social Security Number

Owing to the fact that online casinos are financial institutions, they are government regulated. Hence, it becomes imperative for them to identify and log SSN under the Patriot Act and the Bank Secrecy Act respectively.

For every new account, casinos have to adhere to anti-money laundering protocols and record the person's name, address, SSN among other important information.

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Gambling Sites' Social Security Protection Measures

A widely known fact is that people are very skeptical when asked to share their Social Security number. They are of the opinion that these casino sites may compromise their information and cause them some kind of problem/loss. But that is not the case.

Online casino sites are well regulated as much as any bank or financial institute would be to follow strict identity verification procedures. In fact, third-party companies hired to run player verification checks are required to be vetted and licensed by for example the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Is It Safe To Give The Last Four Of SSN

There might be some instances where people grow weary of the fact that few sites ask for all nine digits of your SSN and others ask for only four digits. It shouldn't matter much, as both lead to the same information. When your personal information is matched with the last four digits, it is enough to confirm all nine digits of your social security number.

The casinos can collect your SSN restricting it to only the last four digits, only if they can match it to your complete number in the database. This is a regulation under IRS and FinCen for online casino sites.

By any chance, casino sites could not match the four digits to your complete SSN, it would result in you not being permissible to play. Hence, if you are playing online poker then it means your complete SSN is confirmed.

Online Casino Without SSN - Offshore Betting

Offshore sites do require this information, just not at registration so betting online without SSN really is hard to achieve. They will need this information when you are trying to withdraw money from your account.

All sites want you to play and win. When you win and claim your amount, is when these sites are interested in who you are. As long as you are losing, they don't really care. It's a whole new and different story when you win and want to withdraw your prize.

Also, learn more about online sportsbooks asking for SSN.

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