Global Poker And Chumba Casino Modified Deposit Methods

Global Poker And Chumba Casino Modified Deposit Methods

The world of online gambling is shifting and changing as we speak. Major online players such as Global Poker and Chumba Casino have made changes to their Online Casino deposit methods. They have both made the move to change their deposit methods and in separate announcements, both sides have stated World Play would be taking over from current stalwart Paypal.

Both the websites for Global Poker and Chumba Casino are owned by VGW RMG Malta Limited, and their main offerings are browser-based. As things stand, they both also maintain mobile apps, to a lesser degree.


Chumba Casino Deposit Method Shift Hasn’t Been Easy

Getting physical capital into these websites has been a challenge its operators have faced for a few years. Since it was first established in 2016, Global Poker has only ever made use of Paypal.

Many players felt that having it as  the only option was damaging, with Laurence Escalante, CEO of VGW stating in a press release from Chumba Casino:

“One thing our customers have made clear to us is that they would like more choice when it comes to payment methods. Worldpay’s extensive network and vast expertise allow us to give our players this choice.”


While Paypal has become a household name, what many don’t know is that Worldpay has since become one of the largest global transaction processors, with over 300 different payment methods and in excess of 40 billion transactions recorded annually. At the start of 2018, Worldpay merged with Vantiv, a major credit processor based in the US. 

Almost immediately after the news emerged via the Chumba Casino press release, Global Poker released a similarly worded statement in regard to ending its long-standing association with Paypal. Customers were informed that as from 30 June 2018, transactions would no longer be processed by Paypal.

Until the changeover has occurred, the options for deposit that remain are Visa and MasterCard.


Chumba Casino & Global Poker Gambling Innovations Are All Due To Us Law

Global Poker, Chumba Casino and VGW would prefer to run straight forward enterprises and business methods but 2006’s Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (more commonly known as UIGEA) stands in their way.

UIGEA has complicated all transactions between US players and the online casinos. The famous Black Friday, which most old school online gamblers still clearly recall was caused by the Department of Justice clamping down on the US based poker sites of the time.

Since that day back in 2011, most players will agree that online poker has never been the same. The only reason the VGW is still around today is the testament to the levels of creativity they have applied to the relevant laws.

Punters do not buy poker chips or casinos chips. Instead they use their money to buy Gold Coins. These virtual coins have no monetary value that can be used outside of the site. The trick is that players also receive Sweeps Cash for free. This currency, however, can be withdrawn and converted in USD and spent in any way the owner wishes.

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