Golden Nugget Online Casino has exciting giving away - Offers $25,000 bonus cash every month until 2019

Golden Nugget Online Casino has exciting giving away - Offers $25,000 bonus cash every month until 2019

July sees not only the fantastic opportunity of earning a portion of the $25,000 bonus cash giveaway at Golden Nugget Online Casino, but this month it’s being doubled! For 31 days any bets placed via their website makes you eligible for a slice of the $50,000 on offer!


Golden Nugget Online Casino Bonus Code

Golden Nugget Online Casino has not been holding back on special offers and promotions this year, with the Bentley GT Continental competition running throughout the year, in addition to this offer of $25,000 bonus cash monthly from July to the end of December. Some months even being doubled! This is an extremely attractive offer and worth checking out against the competition.

The top 300 players for July will receive bonus cash amounts between $10 and $10,000 a piece.

Now, the question you are most probably asking yourself is “How can I, as a small player, maximize my chances?” Let’s help you out!


How Does the Bonus Work?

  1. Sign up asap. The $50,000 bonus cash offer ends at the end of July, so be quick.
  2. Leaderboard points are critical: here is a breakdown of how to maximize those.
    1. For 40 points – deposit $100 or more per day
    2. For 20 points – deposit anything from $50 to $99 per day
    3. For 10 points – every day that you log in and place a bet earns you 10 points
    4. For 5 points - $100 wagers on slots
    5. For 1 point - $100 wagers on table games, blackjack, roulette and video poker
  1. Split up your deposits: instead of depositing a big lump sum, split it up over multiple days to earn the 40 or 20 points per day on each deposit. Slots are the most obvious choice with 5 points on offer, so with $100 a day, you could earn 50 points just on slots – and that’s not even taking into account cash that you could be raking in at the same time. You might well exceed your spend per day in winnings and still benefit from the points awarded.

The great thing about this promo is that it runs concurrently with the annual Bentley give-away, so you are eligible for the annual big prizes on offer too.


Golden Nugget Bentley Giveaway

You can either just sign in as an existing user to participate, or if you are new to Golden Nugget, sign-up as a new user using the secure sign-in link and receive a $20 no-deposit bonus using the promo code PLAY20. Your initial deposit will be matched 100 percent by the casino up to a maximum of $1500!

Hurry on over to Golden Nugget Online Casino and check it out for yourself! There are not many offers like this on the NJ online casino scene!

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