New Bonus Codes for NJ Casinos - August 2018

New Bonus Codes for NJ Casinos - August 2018

You’ve hit the jackpot before you’ve even placed the bet! We’ve got all the hottest deals from the most popular NJ Online Casinos and casinos all in one place. So get ready to plan your schedule for the week ahead!


Virgin Online Casino

Let’s start off with a closer look at this promo over at Virgin’s Casino – Brewing Bonus. This delicious drink will be available from the 3rd of August. Created with aim of cleansing the palette after a bitter loss and ensuring you’re still in the mood for the International Beer Day celebrations.

As any player will tell you, nothing can end a celebration faster than a run of losses. So, with the aim of keeping the party going on at home, Virgin Online Casino will be having one of their much-loved No-Lose-Weekends. So the only reason you could be feeling a bit under the weather come Monday morning is a fair amount of overindulging. 

Provided you meet the very low entry requirements, their latest bonus wipes out any loss of to $50. What Virgin Online Casino has created is hangover cure par excellence remove that throbbing early morning headache that usually follows after a particularly heavy weekend of NJ online gambling.


How To Play At Virgin Online Casino And Not Lose

To qualify for the No Lose 15% playback bonus you will have to:

  1. Sign into Virgin Online Casino and play between 3 August – 5 August, 23:59 Eastern Time
  2. Bet a minimum of $50 on any of the following:
  • Bubbly Wild
  • Diamond Bonanza
  • Agatha Christie’s Mystery Wilds
  • Tiki Totems
  • Tiki Island
  • Tiki Island Mini
  • Secrets of the Phoenix
  • Wonderland
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Cleopatra
  • 88 Fortunes
  • Raging Rhino

With this bonus, even if you have a less than successful evening (or even a bad one) you will get 15% of your net loss returned to you, with the limit set at generous $50.

So in practical terms, if you spent $200 during the promo and ended and end the period with a balance of -$250, your net loss would be $50. Thanks the No Lose Weekend, you would earn a bonus of $7.50 (0.15 * 50 = 7.50).

However, before you think you can spend it on a consolation whiskey, the bonus is not cashable until you have met the x1 wagering requirement. Cheers to that!


Ocean Resorts Online Casino

This is the venue for all those who believe it is their lucky weekend. Every day weekday, Monday to Friday, Ocean Resort Casino has the Low Tide/High Tide Leaderboards where you can win a share of $50 in bonus credits.

The best thing about this particular giveaway is just how convenient. Unlike the majority of point races that can go on days or even weeks, with the Low Tide/High Tide Leaderboards, it takes just hours. And, as the name would suggest it takes place twice a day (at high and then again at low tide).

To take part, all you need to do log on to Ocean Resorts Online Casino, join in on the next race and make sure you play at the right time. You will earn an impressive 10 points for every $1 wagered on slots. Over at the table games, the same $1 bet will earn you a single point. If you end up in the top 5 at the end of the hour you will win one of the following:


  • 1st Place: $25
  • 2nd Place: $10
  • 3rd Place: $5
  • 4th Place: $5
  • 5th Place: $5 


  • 1st Place: $25
  • 2nd Place: $10
  • 3rd Place: $5
  • 4th Place: $5
  • 5th Place: $5

Your winnings can be withdrawn once you have met the x10 time casino b0nus wagering requirements.

Those among us who are expert number crunchers will already have noted that Ocean Resorts Online Casino’s x10 wagering requirement is a frankly unbelievable 10 times that of the limit over at Virgin Casino. While this is less than perfect, it is somewhat redeemed by the fact that Ocean Resorts bonus can be withdrawn while Virgin gives you a few credits and the chance of a smallish prize. At Ocean Resorts Online Casino you are guaranteed the free credits making the whole thing worth added effort.


Golden Nugget Casino

Our final showcase for this week is a bit different, especially since we’re talking about casinos, does not involve a single bet.

The Golden Nugget Casino is trying to see things through the eyes of their players and has survey based on the Golden Nugget Online Casino running from now until the 6th of August. But while most surveys just cost you time, the Golden Nugget Casino will give $5 for free. For a few moments spent filling out a form, you will be rewarded with a $5 bet token.

This offer is open to all registered players who have made a deposit into their Golden Nugget Online Casino account in the last 3 months. This little bonus can be used to play any of the real money games available on the site. Players who qualify have until 11:59 p.m. ET on Aug. 6 to give them your view and earn your $5.

Making this simple offer even more attractive is the fact that the bonus is wholly cashable. This means that both the $5 token and any winnings earned using it can be cashed in and then spent in any way you wish.

Essentially, the Golden Nugget Online Casino is giving away free lunches to their patrons.

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