PokerStars Offers Live Dealer Promotion

PokerStars Offers Live Dealer Promotion

If you have yet to hear about Live Dealer games offered by NJ online casinos then you may have been missing out as of late. Live Dealer games allow players to enjoy a real-life casino experience from the comfort of your own home, even at the palm of your hand on a mobile device. These games are becoming so popular, NJ online casinos have started to promote and make special Live Dealer game offers to their online casino players. And this is where PokerStars Casino comes in. PokerStars NJ has decided to up the ante as they are offering players a 50% bonus up to $200 when playing NJ online casino Live Dealer games.

Get Your PokerStars Casino Live Dealer Promo

PokerStars Online Casino Live Dealer Promo

Live Dealer games are the closest you can get to an authentic casino experience while playing online casinos in NJ. And the fact that PokerStars Online Casino is offering a 50% bonus up to $200 on Live Dealer games is pretty special, considering you will likely never get that from an Atlantic City casino.

How The PokerStars Promotion Works

Qualifying for this offer is rather simple. First, sign up to PokerStars Casino and get up to $400 free on your first deposit. Once you obtain your Online PokerStars Casino first-deposit bonus, your next move should be to earn the casino's Live Dealer promotion. The steps are easy:

  • First, make a deposit $30 or more using the PokerStars bonus code “LIVE 200” to get your bonus.
  • Then get your PokerStars Casino Instant Bonus up to $200. To get the $200, a player must deposit of $133.33 or more.
  • Now that is all set, you can use your Casino Instant Bonus to play any Live Casino games. You must earn 2.5 redemption points per dollar of bonus received within 14 days of claiming your Casino Instant Bonus in order to convert the bonus, and any winnings, into cash.
  • Read all the terms and conditions. The promotion runs until May 31, 2019, so be sure to act as soon as possible.

PokerStars Casino Live Dealer Games

PokerStars Online Casino is powered by Evolution and they offer three Live Dealer games for NJ online casino players. PokerStars Casino Live Dealer games are open from 11am to 3pm.

PokerStars Live Dealer Roulette

Like with most other NJ online casinos, PokerStars Casino offers American Roulette for its Live Dealer Roulette game. An American Roulette wheel has a zero and double zero.

Roulette Odds And Payouts

Inside Bets:

  • Single Number Bets pay 35:1 with 2.6316% odds
  • Split Bets pay 17:1 with 5.2632% odds
  • Street Bets and Trio Bets (Three Numbers) pay 11:1 with 7.8947% odds
  • Corner Bets pay 8:1 with 10.5263% odds
  • Five Number Bets pay 6:1 with 13.1579 percent odds
  • Six Line Bets pay 5:1 with 15.7895 percent odds

Outside Bets:

  • Column Bets and Dozen Bets pay 2:1 with 31.5789 percent odds
  • 18 Number Bets, Red Bets and Black Bets, Odds and Even Bets pay 1:1 with 47.3684 percent odds

Please check out our Live Dealer Roulette guide listed above and How To Play Roulette guide listed below.

PokerStars Live Dealer Blackjack

NJ online casinos use an eight-deck shoe for Live Dealer blackjack. These are the general rules for Live Dealer Blackjack:

  • Blackjack pays 3-to-2
  • Dealers must hit on soft 17
  • Players may double down on any two cards
  • Players may opt to double down after splitting
  • Players cannot re-split
  • There is no late surrender

Please check out our Live Dealer Blackjack guide listed above and How To Play Blackjack guide listed below.

PokerStars Live Dealer Baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat at NJ online casinos most times feature a five percent commission rule that is applied to all banker bets. In most cases, players can make a Dragon Bonus side bet, which would pay on natural and non-natural wins by four points or greater.

Baccarat Odds And Payouts

  • Banker wins: 1 to 1 payout (minus five percent commission) - House Edge: 1.06%
  • Player wins: 1 to 1 payout - House Edge: 1.24%
  • Tie wins: 1 to 8 payout - House Edge: 15%

The return-to-player percentage is 98.94% with optimal Baccarat strategy.

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