Play Slingo For FREE At THESE NJ Online Casinos

Play Slingo For FREE At THESE NJ Online Casinos

Play SLINGO for FREE in NJ

You’re probably wondering what Slingo is...we’ll it’s exactly what it sounds like – a combination of slots and bingo, and now you can play Slingo for cash, online in NJ!

Slingo was first developed in 1994 by a real estate developer called Sal Falcigilia. After creating a company called Slingo Inc in order to create more games based on Slingo, Sal sold his enterprise in 2013 to RealNetworks for $15.6 million. The company changed hands once again in July 2015 when it was bought by Gaming Realms who looked to move the popular games into New Jersey’s regulated online casino market where players can win cash prizes. 

Today Slingo is available on a number of platforms and can be played on CD-ROM, cellphones, a smartphone app, handheld games and through the internet. There are even Slingo-themed lottery scratch cards, slot machines and is the basis for a TV game show in the Philippines.

Thanks to our Slingo guide below, you will soon know everything there is to know about this popular game including.

Here's Where You Can Play Slingo Online For FREE

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How to Play Slingo

Each player receives a card, similar to those used in bingo. Each player has 20 chances to “spin” the numbers on their card. Every time the player spins, 5 numbers will appear and any numbers that match those on the player’s card can be marked off. The aim is for the player to mark off 5 numbers in a row. Depending on where you are playing, the numbers can be in lines, columns or even diagonally.

So far it’s pretty much like the classic bingo game.  But here’s where things get interesting – there are special items that can appear during the game - the joker, the demon and the angel.

Jokers can be used to mark off a number in the same column as which it appears. If the joker appears in the middle of the card it becomes a Super Joker and can be placed anywhere on the board.

If a demon appears, the players overall score is halved. Fortunately an angel often appears after the demon and cancels its effect.

Some games of Slingo feature other items like coins, which can give the player free spins or count as automatic points.

It’s worth noting that there is a time limit on spins and if the player doesn’t spin within the limit, they lose their spin. There is also a time limit for players to mark off any jokers that they may have collected and failure to do so results in the loss of those jokers.

What Types of Slingo Games are There?

In New Jersey, you can play the following Slingo games online for cash at legal online casinos.

Playing Slingo for Cash Prizes

In the state of New Jersey players can win cash prizes while playing Slingo on one of the regulated gaming sites. There are several regulated operators, each with their own Slingo sites where you can play against other players. Most of these sites even have several fun and innovative variations based on the classic Slingo game. We suggest you look around and find the site and types of games you like most. However, you should regularly check the sites of the big operators as they are usually running and attractive promotions, so that you can take full advantage of all the bonuses on offer.

Now that you know everything that there is to know about Slingo, it’s time to go out there and test your luck! 

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