PokerStars Presents Virtual Reality Online Poker

PokerStars Presents Virtual Reality Online Poker

PokerStar's NJ Online Casino site is making a breakthrough! The online poker cardroom now offers virtual reality which will transform social gaming and take players’ experience to a brand new level. Thanks to its partnership with Lucky VR, the poker brand unites online games with live characteristics which will make free social gaming even more interesting.

The exciting news about the new feature was shared by Severin Rasset. As Innovation and Operations director for the global poker brand, he introduced PokerStars VR in a press release. Mr. Rasset described it as an innovation that will unite gamers even more than now and make their experience even better. PokerStars are thrilled by the chance to be pioneers and provide their poker players all over the world with the possibility to be a part of the new virtual reality.


NJ Online Casino Operator PokerStars VR Explained

Poker has been a way for people to interact for a long time. Now, even online poker will enable the possibility for gamers to be brought together, no matter in which part of the world they are. PokerStars VR will allow avatars not only to play but to socialize more by doing things like dress up, chat, meet new friends and have fun as if they are together in the real world.  

PokerStars’ new feature makes the play real. Gamers can take a deep dive and choose how to behave. Whether they will be a part of interesting conversations or shuffle cards on the table, it’s totally up to anyone’s personal preferences. Just watch out that you don’t say “all-in” if you don’t mean it, as PokerStars VR responds to voice commands.

Playing in the virtual reality card room will be exactly like playing together with friends at home. You can do whatever you won't - be a polite host and offer beverages, or even make a food fight if that’s what you’re up to. Avatars can have pets, watch their favorite TV series or other games.

Imagine that virtual reality online poker will be the same as hosting a house gathering, playing games and having the time of your life.


More Perks Of PokerStars NJ Virtual Reality Online Poker

Gamers can pick their favorite place to play in. Available locations are the Monte-Carlo Yacht, The Macau Suite, The Void, The Showdown Saloon and Macau 2050.

PokerStars VR has private tables, players’ ranking charts and gives you the opportunity to win free chips on a daily basis by playing “spin the wheel” online. It seems like the online poker cardroom has thought of everything. It’s VR technology even merges all the aspects of the poker game, like having fun and interacting socially at the same time. PokerStars VR is combined with Twitch and Oculus Rift social media. 


PokerStars Is Changing The Game For Good

Nowadays, when virtual reality is not a dream, but a fact, PokerStars takes advantage of new technologies and utilizes them to the fullest. The global poker brand isn’t afraid to experiment, even if that means failure at times, which was the case with “Unfold”. This option allowed gamers to unfold a hand after the flop. Truth is, it’s almost impossible to create an ideally working product from the first try.

But sometimes experiments lead to success, which was the case with tournaments, Zoom, and fast-paced cash.

What’s most important is the fact, that PokerStars tries everything possible to attract gamers. And this is exactly where innovations come in handy.

PokerStars Virtual Reality is all that. It brings customers experience on a whole new level

Operations director Severin Rasset explains that the company wants to be the first to experiment with things that will get conventional in the future. He strongly believes that pioneers can easily engage users and convert them into return customers.

At the present time, PokerStars VR is a beta version on Steam, Oculus Rift and HTC. But it’s just a matter of time for the product to be presented to the wide public and be available at PokerStars NJ.

Are virtual reality poker games going to be the next best thing? We’re going to find out very soon.

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