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William Hill Sportsbook Opens in Ocean Casino

Jul 19, 2018

As one of the newest NJ Online Casinos, Ocean Resort Casino, together with the Hard Rock Atlantic City, both opened on the same day and located along the Boardwalk. Their arrival brings the casinos numbers closer to the all-time high of 12 casinos. While today’s number is still in single digits with 9, it is remarkable in single digits, the total currently stands at 9, up from the all-time low.


As things stand, there are only 2 NJ Online Casinos that currently offer a sportsbook:

  • Borgata Sportsbook – launched their sportsbook on the very first day to the NJ sports betting was permitted just 2 weeks. At the moment Borgata is using an existing sportsbook until they can deliver a unique offering of their own.
  • Ocean Resort Casino Sportsbook - set along the Boardwalk, is the only other place where punters in Atlantic City can place their sports bet


Sneak Peek: Ocean Casino Resort Sportsbook

Let’s get this out of the way right up front – the Ocean Resort Sportsbook is not finished. From reports, it seems as if the only areas not that the areas not roped off is the bar and a single betting window.


Stage Setter:

Entry to the Sportsbook is via Boardwalk side.

The bar is fitted with 8 televisions and a temporary betting window visible in the background. Once final touches are made, this window will be removed.

The purple and yellow William Hill logo stands proudly and dotted around the floor are the BET HERE signs. The branding on the rear of the entrances is elegant but a bit too similar to its surroundings and could use a splash of color to bring it to life.

The purple/yellow William Hill logo sticks out nicely, and there are “Bet sports here!” signs placed around the floor. The branding on the other side of the entryway is elegant, but it could use a splash of color for visibility.


Behind the Scenes

The compact bar takes its place to the one side of the sportsbook, near Boardwalk entry point. To make things easier, we will use the cardinal points as a reference, with North being the bar area

For a wider view, we will first look towards the bar in the South and then once there, we will look north. 

Thanks to permanently damage dance floor, this property was once a fairly sizable nightclub at the Revel.

Michael Grodsky, William Hills US Executive, informed us that bare upper areas would soon be occupied by HD quality TVs.

Running along the eastern and western walls are a set of thick curtains hide quite a bit of the final design. However, our eagle-eyed informants did manage to spot several large booths. Grodsky also told us that the sidewalls would contain the main betting windows.


Sports Betting From The Whistle

It’s no shock that Ocean Resort Casino have chosen: to be this ambitious. In fact, if you listen owner Bruce Deifik the day he announced, that was the plan from Day 1:

“Atlantic City is coming back with a vengeance and with the groundwork for the legalization of sports betting, we foresee a great opportunity to bring a state-of-the-art sportsbook to a city which caters to a large and diverse sports market.”

Deifik made this statement several months before the US Supreme Court decided to scrap federal hurdles to making sports betting a legal industry. A just a week and a half later and Ocean Resort Casino confirmed the William Hill US partnership, allowing a clear and confident route be taken in establish the newly legalized sports betting industry. This meticulous planning that allowed Ocean Resort Atlantic City to launch their sportsbook on Day 1.

While Deifik boldly claims that Ocean Resort Atlantic City will be the industry standard among NJ Online Casinos. But to be honest, only time will tell. Borgata and the soon to join the field Hard Rock Atlantic City will be sure to contest that claim at very possible step. Insiders’ news points to Hard Rock Atlantic City joining in the fray within the next 2 month.

Actor, celebrity and now restaurateur, Mark Wahlberg placed the symbolic first bet at the Ocean Resort Atlantic City on Thursday, placing $200 at odds of 6/1 odds on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

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