2019 Super Bowl Picks: Which NJ Sports Betting App Has The Best Odds?

2019 Super Bowl Picks: Which NJ Sports Betting App Has The Best Odds?

The NFL football season is on the cusp of ending, but NJ sports betting players still have the Super Bowl LIII to look forward to, where we see the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams on Feb. 3 in Atlanta. At BonusSeeker, we are committed to helping New Jersey sports bettors find the most comfortable situation in which to wager on the big game. Picking which side to bet on is only half the battle, with the other half being which NJ sportsbook to choose. Bet the Super Bowl with FREE BETS & PROMOTIONS from these NJ sports betting apps:

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Which Are The Best NJ Sportsbooks For Super Bowl LIII?

The answer to the above question depends on which team NJ sports betting players are leaning toward heading into Super Bowl 53. It also depends on the player’s preference to bet on the spread, over/under or the moneyline of one of the two teams. Taking the Patriots to win the game and taking the Patriots to cover -2.5 are two different things, and it may change which book NJ sports bettors choose to go with for the big game. Below, we take a look at six NJ sportsbooks and where they currently sit for the spread, moneyline and over/under five days out from Super Bowl Sunday.

*Odds as of 4pm on Jan. 29

    • Moneyline: Pats -132, +116 Rams
    • Moneyline: Pats -133, +125 Rams
    • Moneyline: Pats -137, Rams +112
  • 888 Sportsbook: Patriots -2.5 (-114), Rams +2.5 (-106), Over/Under 56.5 (-110)
    • Moneyline: Patriots -137, Rams +112
    • Moneyline: Patriots -134, Rams +115
    • Moneyline: Patriots -145, Rams +125
  • Resorts Sportsbook: Patriots -2.5 (-110), Rams +2.5 (-110), Over 56 (-109), Under 56 (-111)
    • Moneyline: Patriots -140, Rams +120

Betting On The Spread in Super Bowl LIII

Out of the six NJ sportsbooks we are looking at here at BonusSeeker, nearly all of them have the spread for the Super Bowl exactly the same. It currently sits at Patriots -2.5 and Rams +2.5 on five of the six books, with FanDuel Online Sportsbook excluded. This means the only difference in these five NJ sportsbooks’ odds are the price that a Patriots -2.5 or Rams +2.5 spread comes with.

Whether you are looking to take Patriots -2.5 or Rams +2.5, the best option out there is currently BetStars Sportsbook. The BetStars app has both sides of this point spread at -105, making it the cheapest price you can get for either team. On the Patriots -2.5 side, the SugarHouse Sportsbook app and 888sport require the most juice at -114 currently. On the Rams +2.5 side, things are pretty consistent with all prices being between -105 and -110. On FanDuel Sportsbook, the Patriots are -2 (-115) and the Rams are +2 (-105).

Want to bet the Patriots against the spread? Bet at FanDuel Sportsbook.

Sure, you pay a little bit less for -2.5 (because those odds can be found at -105), but betting the Patriots -2 (at a slightly higher -115) protects you against something the other spreads don’t: a push. A push is what would happen if the Patriots were -2 and won by exactly two points. That would cancel out the original bet, refunding the player’s money to live another day. At Patriots -2.5, this scenario results in a loss despite picking the correct team to win the game.

What this also tells us is that someone looking to bet the Rams needs to go right to a sportsbook like BetStars NJ. The Rams can be had at +2.5 on the BetStars NJ app for the same price (-105) that FanDuel offers at +2. 888 Sportsbook is another destination for bettors looking to back Los Angeles +2.5 at a favorable price (-106).

Want to double your winnings on Super Bowl bets? Bet at 888 Sportsbook.

Betting The Over/Under in Super Bowl LIII

As far as the over/under goes, all of the above sportsbooks are listing 56.5 at -110 except two. BetStars is offering -105 for this total, and at the moment, that’s the place to go. However, NJ sports betting players should soon decide whether they intend to go over or under on the total because it could be important to get one of those bets in sooner than later.

Want to bet on the over/under in the Super Bowl? Bet at BetStars Sportsbook.

Resorts Online Sportsbook is the only sportsbook of the bunch currently offering the total at 56 points, which is something worth noting for NJ sports betting players looking to make a play on the over. 

Here’s a tip for those looking into the total for Super Bowl LIII: Fans love to root for points, and the last few days before the Super Bowl generally sees public money on the over, pushing it higher than it was earlier in the two weeks leading up to the game. If you want over 56 at the Resorts Sportsbook app or 56.5 at BetStars NJ, grab it sooner rather than later. If you’re holding out for an under, perhaps wait to see if those rising lines can give you a better number before kickoff on Sunday.

Want to bet on the over in the Super Bowl? Bet at Resorts Sportsbook.

Betting On The Moneyline in Super Bowl LIII

The real variation in sportsbook odds comes when looking at the moneylines. Taking the spread out of the equation and just picking a team to win is the simplest way for any NJ sports betting player to wager on the game. Those looking to bet on the Patriots will have to pay a bit more than they would if they were going by the spread, while anyone taking the Rams will be able to win more than they put down due to Los Angeles being underdogs.

In terms of moneyline (ML), the place to bet on the Patriots is currently FanDuel or BetStars NJ. Since FanDuel Sportsbook has the Patriots at -2, the moneyline is the lowest of the bunch at -132. BetStars Online Sportsbook has the most favorable collection of lines for this game and is close behind at -133 as of now.

Want to bet on the Rams moneyline in the Super Bowl? Bet at Caesars Sportsbook.

The Caesars Sportsbook app does not have the most favorable line for New England at -145, but if NJ sports betting players want to take a shot with the underdog Rams on the moneyline, then they would be a great place to check out. Caesars Online Sportsbook offers the most favorable moneyline for Los Angeles at +125. You can also get Rams +125 at BetStars Sportsbook, while the second best value on the moneyline for the Rams is +120, currently found at Resorts Sportsbook.

Other sportsbooks offering strong payouts on the underdog are on the FanDuel app and DraftKings Online Sportsbook. Los Angeles can be had on the moneyline at +116 on the FanDuel Sportsbook app and a nearly-identical +115 on the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

Looking to take the Rams in the Super Bowl? Bet at DraftKings Sportsbook.

The 888 Sportsbook app and SugarHouse Sportsbook are also offering favorable payouts on Rams moneyline bets at +112. SugarHouse Online Sportsbook also offers a first deposit match up to $250 free with a 1x playthrough.

Want to bet on the Rams in the Super Bowl? Bet at SugarHouse Sportsbook.

These lines will likely change as the game nears, but this is where the market currently stands. One would expect even more money to be put on the favorite Patriots in the coming days, so anyone looking to take the underdog could wait it out for the best moneyline possible. On the flipside, New England backers may want to go right to BetStars or FanDuel in order to get the lowest price they can for the Super Bowl LIII favorite.

Best of luck on your sports betting adventure for Super Bowl Sunday!


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