Best 2019 Super Bowl Prop Bets At NJ Sports Betting Sites

Best 2019 Super Bowl Prop Bets At NJ Sports Betting Sites

Super Bowl LIII is fast approaching and we are looking to educate NJ sports betting players on a special section of bets in time for the big game. Prop bets are an extremely popular type of wager for the Super Bowl, but the variety and volume of available options can make it a little bit of a confusing scene to navigate. The goal here is to lay out some of the more popular prop bets you can expect to see on various NJ sportsbooks. Before you bet anywhere, be sure to get up to $1,550 in FREE bets by claiming a signup bonus. The signup bonuses are activated when you click the link from below:

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What Are Prop Bets And How Are They Different From Regular Wagers?

Proposition bets in sports (also known as prop bets or props) are wagers on whether or not an occurrence will take place that isn’t directly tied to the regular money line, point spread or over/under that is set by a sportsbook. For an example of non-prop bets, Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on February 3 has the New England Patriots as 2.5-point favorites against the Los Angeles Rams with the total set at 56.5, according to BetStars NJ.

As sports bettors all over could attest to, wagers are conventionally placed on a money line, point spread or over/under that is set in advance of the game. Most of these wagers cover the full game, but betting on the first and second halves in the NFL is also extremely popular. In this case, rather than taking on the regular spread and total, prop bets are much more specified. While there are some types of props tied to the result of the contest and the points scored, plenty of them are completely independent of the result of the game itself and have nothing to do with who wins. The majority of prop bets are essentially ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, oftentimes in the form of over/unders, regarding the occurrence of a given outcome with oddsmakers supplying the questions.

Here at BonusSeeker, we’ll take a look at examples of some common prop bets related to Super Bowl LIII between the Patriots and Rams on February 3rd.

Popular NJ Sports Betting Prop Bets Heading Into The Super Bowl

Prop bets can include both teams or be limited to just one player or even a specific portion of the game. These bets tend to produce excitement and a thrill for those placing them, as most aren’t things that people normally put their money on. Prop bets come in many forms and also open up a variety of options in terms of odds. Here at BonusSeeker, we’ll take a look at examples of just some common prop bets related to Super Bowl LIII between the Patriots and Rams before making some selections of our own from various apps in the NJ sports betting market.

Popular In-Game Props

  • Who Will Win Super Bowl MVP?

Fans love predicting who the star of the big game will be before it begins. Historically, this award goes to quarterbacks who lead their teams to victory, which is why Tom Brady (+110) and Jared Goff (+235) have the worst odds. If looking for a major payout, key offensive players who aren’t QBs can definitely garner some incredible odds. In this case, Todd Gurley sits at +1400 to win MVP while Sony Michel is +2000.

  • Who Will Score The First Touchdown Of The Game?

Bettors are offered extremely favorable odds to guess who the first touchdown scorer of the game will be. The top offensive players on each team are assigned odds, with the numbers only getting larger the further down the depth chart you get. Star players, in this case, Todd Gurley and Sony Michel, have the lowest odds, but also the greatest chance to score. A similar selection can be made for who will score the last touchdown of the game on some sportsbooks. Modest odds can be found for selecting a player to score a specific to score a touchdown at any point during the game. EXAMPLE: According to BetStars Sportsbook, Gurley is listed is +700 for the first TD, +600 for the last TD and -162 to score a touchdown anytime.

  • Over/Unders On Passing, Rushing And Receiving Totals

An extremely popular type of prop bet for the Super Bowl is an over/under on one particular player’s passing, rushing, or receiving totals. Depending on the position, the player is assigned an over/under for passing, receiving or total yards. Not only can you bet on whether Julian Edelman will total more or less than 79.5 receiving yards, but you can also bet whether he’ll have more or less than 6.5 catches in the game along with whether or not he’ll score a touchdown. For QBs like Tom Brady and Jared Goff, we can bet on over/unders regarding their total passes, completions and touchdowns along with whether or not they’ll throw an interception in the game. Some sportsbooks also allow over/under and yes/no bets for defensive players regarding total tackles in the game and yes/no bets on whether a specific player will get an interception.

  • Which Team Will Reach 10 Points The Fastest in Super Bowl LIII?

Bettors can wager on which offense will get started out of the gate quickest, reaching the 10-point mark first. This is one of those bets that may very well be over in the 1st quarter or shortly into the 2nd quarter. However, some NJ sportsbooks such as SugarHouse offer bets on races to more than just 10. SugarHouse bettors can wager on the first team to score 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 points. There is also an option for a tie, meaning neither team reaches a certain number of points for the game.

Alternative Spreads And Over/Unders For Super Bowl LIII

Traditional prop bets stray from the original point spread and over/under, but there are some type of props that are associated with these conventional types of bets. Alternative spreads offer bettors an opportunity to bet on the game at a completely different spread than the original line laid down by Las Vegas. EXAMPLE: The spread in this year’s Super Bowl is Patriots -2.5 with -115 being the odds on that bet. Bettors have the options at many sportsbooks to wager on the game at whatever spread they want, mostly in half-point intervals, with the odds changing accordingly. If you are confident the Patriots can win this game by seven points, you can get New England -6.5 instead. The odds on betting the spread jump from -115 to +155 because you’re selecting the Patriots to give away more points than the original spread does. Here’s a chart looking at a few of the options for this year’s game and how the odds change the further away from the official spread you get. *Lines courtesy of 888Sport

Patriots Alternative Spreads Examples

  • Patriots +11 (-625)
  • Patriots +6.5 (-305)
  • Patriots +3.5 (-225)
  • Patriots -2.5 (-115) *official spread
  • Patriots -6.5 (+155)
  • Patriots -8.5 (+205)
  • Patriots -13 (+330)

Rams Alternative Spreads Examples

  • Rams -9.5 (+340)
  • Rams -6.5 (+230)
  • Rams -1.5 (+128)
  • Rams +2.5 (-106) *official spread
  • Rams +4.5 (-180)
  • Rams +8.5 (-275)
  • Rams +14.5 (-590)

The same style of bet is available to be made on seemingly countless variations of the Super Bowl LIII over/under as well, with odds getting better or worse depending on which direction you choose to go. Giving the side you choose plenty of extra points to work with worsens odds, while choosing to make things more difficult on your bet will drastically improve those odds. It will be much tougher for the Rams to cover -6.5 than it would be to cover +2.5, which is why the difference in payout is so large.

Super Bowl LIII Prop Bet Tips From Various NJ Sportsbooks

At BonusSeeker, we’ve combed through all the NJ sportsbooks to find some of the more interesting prop bets heading into the Super Bowl. We’ve compiled a list featuring prop bets from several sportsbooks that vary in odds and likeliness to occur, but they could present a good starting point for those trying to wrap their head around the myriad of options offered in the world of Super Bowl prop bets.

BetStars Sportsbook

First To Score A Touchdown in Super Bowl LIII - Sony Michel (+700)

In both the divisional round and the AFC Championship, the Patriots got the ball first and scored right away. Tom Brady marched New England into the red zone, and on both occasions, the opening drive ended with Sony Michel running the ball into the endzone. This is a prop bet with explosive odds and even though Michel’s and Todd Gurley’s (also +700) are actually the lowest, it’s still a big payout. Using the lines from BetStars NJ, I would even lay -175 on Michel to score a touchdown at any point during the Super Bowl. MAKE THIS BET.

Will There Be A Successful Two-Point Conversion? - Yes (+250)

According to the BetStars app, it’s +250 that one of these teams converts a two-point play. With two coaches in Bill Belichick and Sean McVay that we know aren’t going to be shy about taking chances, I think we absolutely see at least one conversion attempt. It’s likely not to come until the second half, so this is a bet that requires a bit of patience. However, we’ve seen both of these teams go for two on several occasions. Once you get to the Super Bowl, nothing is left off the table. At two-and-a-half times the price you pay, I think this is a worthwhile prop bet. MAKE THIS BET.

SugarHouse Sportsbook

James White - Over 69.5 Total Yards (-115)

As we’ve seen with both White and Sony Michel, the Patriots’ running backs are being utilized heavily in this playoff run. Michel on the ground and White catching passes have proven to be a dynamic combination. White caught 15 passes for 97 yards in the divisional round, then piled up 72 yards in total offense against the Chiefs in the conference title game. It’s not as if White hasn’t started on Super Bowl Sunday before, and getting basically even odds on SugarHouse Online Sportsbook makes this a bet worth looking at. MAKE THIS BET.

First Team To 30 Points in Super Bowl LIII - Tie (+195)

There are three options when betting on a race to a certain amount of points on the  SugarHouse Sportsbook app. You can choose one of the two teams, or you can select ‘tie’ if you don’t think either team will reach 30 points in the game. This Super Bowl could be played a bit close to the vest at times with clock management being a priority. We can’t be sure it opens up how the AFC title game did, and high 20s may be where the winning team peaks. Barring more overtime, of course. MAKE THIS BET.

Away Team To Win By 1-6 Points (+350)

Obviously, the Super Bowl is played on a neutral site, but the Patriots are technically the visiting team. New England is a slight favorite at -2.5 and -139 on the money line. If you’re the person who doesn’t want to lay the juice on the regular money line, why not take a shot at +350 on SugarHouse Sportsbook? Sure, it’ll be frustrating if New England ends up with a blowout victory. But if you think the Pats are destined to emerge victorious from a tight game, this is a decent payout to take aim at. MAKE THIS BET.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Tom Brady Passing Yards - Over 284.5 (-108)

Not all prop bet picks need to have crazy odds, and this prop on the FanDuel Sportsbook app is a great example. The Patriots have both run and thrown effectively these playoffs. However, the Rams’ clear strength is on the defensive line, and Tom Brady will use the short passing game as a pseudo-rushing attack if need be. After throwing for 333 and 348 yards respectively in the playoffs this season, I can’t see him falling short of 285 in the Super Bowl. MAKE THIS BET.

Greg Zuerlein Longest Field Goal - Over 46.5 yards (-112)

Again, not all prop bets need to have a substantial payout. A good bet is a good bet, and Zuerlein making a long kick feels like a really good bet. They don't call him ‘Greg The Leg’ for nothing. Did you see that 57-yarder that won the NFC title game in overtime? Looked like it would've been good from at least 70, maybe 75 yards. He's a weapon, and Sean McVay won’t hesitate to use him from around the 40-yard line and in. Hopefully, we aren’t falling into a trap, but his feels like a lock and this prop bet happens to be offered on the FanDuel app. MAKE THIS BET.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Will Super Bowl LIII Go To Overtime? - Yes (+900)

After some shopping around, it was found that the DraftKings Sportsbook app had the best odds for the bettor that wants to predict the game ends tied after four quarters. Not only did both Los Angeles and New England go to overtime in the AFC and NFC title games, but the last Patriots Super Bowl win also came on a touchdown in overtime as well. MAKE THIS BET.

Will There Be A Safety in Super Bowl LIII? - Yes (+900)

DK Sportsbook once again shows its payout prowess, offering enormous odds for one of the strangest plays that can occur. We’ve seen safeties in the big game before (see Broncos on the first play of Super Bowl XLVIII) and if there’s a time to wager on such an unlikely occurrence, it’s definitely the Super Bowl. Don’t hold your breath for a safety, but cash in with pride if you have the nerve to place the wager on the DraftKings app. MAKE THIS BET.

Jared Goff Wins Super Bowl MVP (+235)

You’ll notice most picks here favor the Patriots coming out with a win, but the other options cannot be overlooked. If the Rams are going to pull out an upset, it’s likely going to require massive heroics from young quarterback Jared Goff. Although Los Angeles has a great defense, it’s Goff who will likely reap the reward for the Rams beating Tom Brady. If you don’t love New England’s defense or just think the Rams find a way to win, Goff could be your pick for MVP at +235, double the odds of where Brady sits (+110). MAKE THIS BET.

Caesars Sportsbook

Will The Patriots Convert a 4th Down? - Yes (-130)

Who knows how long into this game we may have to wait to see if this wager bears fruit. I would imagine it’s an uncomfortable wait into the second half, but I would still lay the -130 juice on Caesars Online Sportsbook. History tells us that on 4th and short the Patriots will be aggressive, and more times than not, they'll convert as well. They’re tough to stop in short-down situations, and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels won’t be shy if Brady is left on the field on 4th down. What makes this so interesting is that you will likely find yourself rooting for the Rams on 3rd downs just to root for the Patriots to convert one play later. MAKE THIS BET.

Exact Number Of Points In Super Bowl LIII - 50-56 Points (+400)

Rather than betting on the over/under set by Las Vegas, you can wager on a range of six points that vary in odds, growing into phenomenal payouts the further away you get from the over/under set at 56.5. I personally see this game going just under the total, but still coming close. So instead of just taking a regular under, I’ve chosen the range that drops us just under where the line is set. At +400, you can quadruple your money for picking the right range. According to the Caesars Sportsbook app, the same odds are available for the range of 57-63 points just in case you think the game barely clears the Vegas line. MAKE THIS BET.

Resorts Sportsbook

Combined Yardage Of All Made Field Goals - Over 121.5 Yards (-110)

The Resorts Sportsbook app offers this prop at a few yards lower than some other sportsbooks and gives us odds at -110 that make it another visual toss-up. Both of these kickers are capable of knocking down long field goals. Inside a dome with great weather, any drive that stalls inside an opponent’s 40-yard line could be three points. Sure, you’d need some drives to flame out, but this bet can be won with three or four made field goals, depending on distance, and could be worth a shot with this prop bet on Resorts Online Sportsbook. MAKE THIS BET.

Will Phillip Dorsett Score A Touchdown? - Yes (+300)

If looking to take a bit of a shot on a non-star player to score a touchdown, look in the direction of New England receiver Phillip Dorsett. He doesn’t have the a stable role like James White, Sony Michel, Julian Edelman or Rob Gronkowski, but that’s exactly why he caught a touchdown in each of the Patriots’ two previous playoff games. As teams look to take away weapons, favorable matchups are left for the rest of the guys on the field, and Dorsett does a great job taking advantage. Maybe he makes it 3-for-3 this postseason and hauls in another score at +300. MAKE THIS BET.

888 Sportsbook

Total Yards Of Longest Touchdown In Super Bowl LIII - Under 47.5 Yards (-115)

The 888 Sportsbook app asks whether the longest TD of the game be over 47.5 yards and my answer is no, although we can admit it’s a complete toss-up. The way these two teams play both offense and defense makes me think they’ll be able to move down the field on each other, but won’t hit that one big play for a score. One missed or made tackle could be the difference in a win or a loss on this bet, and it’s these types of wagers that can make the big game so thrilling. MAKE THIS BET.

Winning Combination in Super Bowl LIII: Away Team Wins And Under 56.5 (+225)

888sport is one of the sportsbooks that allow you to combine the winner of the game and the over/under in one single bet, sort of like a Super Bowl parlay. Both things need to happen in order to cash in on the favorable odds, so in this case, I would need the Patriots (away team on neutral field) to win and the under for a victory. Odds increase slightly when choosing a Rams (home team) win, since New England is the slight favorite. MAKE THIS BET.

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