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DraftKings Sportsbook Takes Off Its one-millionth bet in New Jersey

Sep 28, 2018

DraftKings Sportsbook is going to receive its one-millionth bet in the state of New Jersey after less than a month from its launch. In celebration, $35,000 will be given away to lucky players on the NJ sports betting app and the player to make the millionth wager will receive a bonus of $10,000.

So far there have been about 879,000 wagers placed in New Jersey and rewards are set to be given out in stages, by DraftKings, once the 900,000th bet has been placed.

Each prize will range between $1,000 and $10,000. The list of bet totals and prizes is as follows:

• 900,000: $2,000
• 910,000: $1,000
• 920,000: $1,000
• 930,000: $1,000
• 940,000: $1,000
• 950,000: $2,000
• 960,000: $1,000
• 970,000: $1,000
• 980,000: $1,000
• 990,000: $2,000
• 995,000: $1,500
• 996,000: $1,500
• 997,000: $1,500
• 998,000: $2,500
• 999,000: $5,000
• 1,000,000: $10,000
A 100,000 wagers appears like a lot to process. However, the pace of bets will rise substantially due to the NFL season that begins on September 6th.


It's Been Quite The Month For Draftkings Sportsbook

August 2018 was an extraordinary month for DraftKings which has allowed the site to be first to market in New Jersey’s online sports betting. DraftKings was able to effectively monopolize that position for nearly three weeks. Their position only fell when other companies such as SugarHouse Sportsbook and playMGM participated.

Nevertheless, being first to market gives an upper hand and allows the “winner” to be the customer’s primary go-to source. DraftKings has become New Jersey’s sports betters primary source for mobile sports betting.

In a surprising turn of events, FanDuel which is DraftKings rival dominated headlines after two months. A major merger between Paddy Power Betfair and FanDuel, which resulted in a land-based debut at Meadowlands Racetrack, gave the impression that DraftKings would become second-string.

However, DraftKings counteracted by introducing its ingenious “Dr. AftKings” commercials that star Charles Barkley, an NBA Hall-of-Famer.

Draftkings Sportsbook Has A Chance To Start A Revolution

The DraftKings site introduced two major ideas within gameplay that set them apart for the rest. The betting carousel was one of those innovative ideas. The betting carousel creates a sequence of customized suggested wagers for each player. The algorithm is based on the player’s betting patterns, preferences and game history.

The second innovation is the live ticket system which has the possibility to completely change the sports betting industry. This system permits customers to cash out their open tickets at any point during a chosen event.

Of course, these payouts would be less than if a player decided to play until the end of the game. However, the option to cash out is a huge upper hand because a player can decide at the last minute whether to bail out and not lose completely.

When it comes to a live event, the ability to cash out is not an option being it is too difficult to calculate the number of payouts instantly. Nevertheless, the goal is to turn DraftKings sports wagers into an in-game bet with more options and mobility.

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