Golden Nugget Sportsbook Goes Live in AC

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Goes Live in AC

NJ online casinos seem determined to grow sports betting industry in the Garden State on a daily basis, with the latest news from insiders informing us that the number of NJ sportsbooks is set to increase.


NJ Sports Betting Is On Fire

Golden Nugget Casino recently sent out an email announcing the launch of the Golden Nugget Sportsbook in Atlantic City. The doors to what will be known as “The Sports Book”, the latest sportsbook in Atlantic City will open its doors and taking bets from Wednesday at 9:30, just an hour and a half before the Resorts Casino launches Resorts Casino Sportsbook, who will be taking bets from 11 am.


Online Sports Betting Is Still On Hold

It is worth noting that the NJ online sports betting sites from both the Golden Nugget Casino and Resorts Casino were still waiting for the formal thumbs up from NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement for the final go-ahead when decided it was the right time. You might ask yourself why two such experienced and respected NJ online casinos industry names would take the risk of planning, preparing and announcing something as important as a launch without 100% certainty that it would.


Last Minute Scramble To Create Golden Nugget Sportsbook

NJ online casinos, casinos and racetracks were given until the 16th of July by David Rebuck, Director of the D.G.E., to enter their bids for sports static and mobile sports betting. After the deadline had passed we were informed that the D.G.E. had received 5 applications for an on-site sportsbook along with 3 submissions for online sportsbooks. According to those in the know, all of those submissions beat the deadline by the skin of their teeth.  

Associated Press received confirmation by the Vice President of Golden Nugget Casino, Tom Pohlman, that they had applied for sports betting licenses for both onsite and online.

The original, and since amended, sports betting bill for New Jersey did not allow casino operators who held any proprietary stake in teams from being involved with sports betting in the state. The New Jersey sports betting bill now makes concessions in this regard so that casino operators who own a stake in a team that is less than 10% can take part, while those who have a stake of 10% and can still be involved but will be limited from offering bets.


Golden Nugget Alomst Missed Out on NBA Betting in NJ

If not for the amendment, Golden Nugget Casino would have been left out in the cold thanks to the owner, Tilman Fertitta, who owns Houston Rockets from the NBA. The state legislature agreed that, apart from games involving the National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA games, Golden Nugget Sportsbook could operate in every other field of sports betting.

So, only through a series of things going in their favor after, initially looking to be set against them, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook was able to accept bets from that Wednesday until the official opening of The Sports Book on the 30th of August.

Less than 24 hours before Golden Nugget Casino was due to deliver their big news, the Grand Old Lady of the Boardwalk and the oldest of Atlantic City’s casinos came in and stole their thunder with the announcement that Resorts Casino would cut the ribbon to honor its very first on-site sportsbook. The man with the shiny scissors on the day who will be introducing the Resorts Casino Sportsbook will be none other than Mark Giannantonio, CEO of Resorts Casino.

SB Tech will be responsible for powering the operations at Resorts Casino Sportsbook, just as they do as The Sports Book of the Golden Nugget Casino.

Resorts Casino Sportsbook, which has been described as “state-of-the-art” sportsbook, will be outfitted with:

  • 4 self-service kiosks
  • 6 betting windows
  • 12-foot video wall and 15 HD TV screens meant to ensure punters from anyway on the floor can keep track of the action as it happens


Golden Nugget Casino and Resorts Casino are the latest names to be added to the always-growing guest list of New Jersey sports betting that the Harrah’s Sports Book and the wildly popular and successful the DraftKings Sportsbook app. In total there are now 8 different sportsbooks, not including the DraftKings Sportsbook app., running in the Garden State.

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