Latest NJ Sports Betting Apps From Kambi Focussing NBA Games To Come

Latest NJ Sports Betting Apps From Kambi Focussing NBA Games To Come

There is no doubt that football has proven to be America’s favorite pastime - the numbers from this season alone are enough to show that! The NFL games have generated a huge amount of revenue all across the country and especially in New Jersey, where sportsbooks cashed in on it in a big way.

This September, NJ sports betting operators turned a $24 million profit on a whopping $184 million in wagers - and nearly all of it was thanks to football. Kambi Group, however, has got their eyes set on the other major leagues as well.

And now that the time has come for the NBA season to kick off, the company is targeting all the mobile sportsbooks under its operation on basketball.

NJ Sports Betting Offers In-Play Betting On NBA Games

Kambi Group made it clear in a press release last Tuesday that they plan to make all Kambi-powered sportsbooks the place to be this basketball season. They haven’t satisfied themselves with the regular point spreads and moneyline wagers, but have found a way to make NJ sports betting even more exciting.

Kambi included a wide range of betting alternatives in their sportsbooks and we already saw the debut with the season-opening games.

Naturally, Kambi made sure they gave examples of how the in-play system works before the games. For example, take the match between Thunder and the Warriors. Players can bet on the under on Kevin Durant’s total or the over of Curry’s, as the game goes on. Users can also bet on the type of the next field goal - whether it will be a 3-pointer or not, etc.

It’s a highly intensive, fast-moving experience that puts the bettors in a frenzy state and keeps them that way all the way until the buzzer hits!


DraftKings Sportsbook NJ and SugarHouse Sportsbook NJ Are The Place To Be

The DraftKings Sportsbook and the SugarHouse Sportsbook are the top operators that will offer in-play betting for NBA games, as well as 888 Sportsbook. All three are powered by the Kambi Group.

Kambi reported that their main goal is to keep the bettors engaged throughout the entire game, even if the odds for the winning team are clear from the start. Surprisingly enough, Kambi didn’t stop there. They also added a list of pre-game alternative lines and relevant in-game lines.

Although no one is expecting the football frenzy to end any time soon, it’s certain that the NBA season will attract a lot of attention and therefore wagers as well. It certainly seems like Kambi is taking care of that!

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