NBA All-Star Weekend Picks With PointsBet Sportsbook

NBA All-Star Weekend Picks With PointsBet Sportsbook

We are at the midseason point of the 2018-19 season and it’s time for 2019 All-Star Weekend in Charlotte. The jam-packed affair begins Friday with the Rising Stars Challenge but heats up with the All-Star Skills Challenge on Saturday before the All-Star Game itself takes place on Sunday as the main event. Here on BonusSeeker, we are using PointsBet NJ odds to make some free sports betting picks for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Rather than conventional point spread betting, which is wagering on one of two sides of a spread with fixed odds, we are going to use the PointsBet Sportsbook revolutionary PointsBetting feature to make our free sports pick on the All-Star Game. This PointsBetting feature has the ability to maximize winnings for NJ online sports betting players while keeping them on the edges of their seats for the entirety of the game.

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Fixed Odds NJ Sports Betting vs. PointsBetting

When make fixed-odds bet, your results are pretty black and White. For example, let’s say you take the Warriors -9 (-110) for $20. If they win by 10 or more, you win $20. If they don’t cover the nine points (loss or win by eight points or less,) it’s a loss of $22 (since we are using -110 odds.) The point is, you know exactly what you stand to win/lose ahead of time.

PointsBetting is the epitome of high-risk, high-reward and is a feature that certainly favors the boldest of NJ sports betting players. Winnings/losses are based not solely on the result of the game, but on how right or wrong you are. The more correct you are, the more money you win. The farther off you are on the wager, the more you lose.

Every second of the game and every point scored remains important until the clock runs out since it affects how the wager turns out. Each point above or below the spread you bet on, thea 1x multiplier is added to the final result.

Take the same $20 bet on the Warriors -9. If they win by 10 and the spread by a point, you win 1x your bet, the standard $20. If they win by 19 points and clear the spread by 10 points, you win 10x your bet and $20 wager just turned into winnings of $200 dollars because the team you bet on won big. A 20-point win is 20x your bet, a 30-point win would be 30x your bet, etc.

Now let’s say the Warriors only win by four, which is five points below the spread selected of -9. In this case, a 5x multiplier is added to your $20 bet, making it $100 in losses. More extremely, a given team could end up 20 points off the spread (in this case, Warriors lose by 11) and suddenly a $20 wager would turn into $400 in losses.

2019 NBA All-Star Game Betting Pick With PointsBetting

Team LeBron is a 5.5-point favorite in fixed odds over Team Giannis, but as you can see, things vary a bit with PointsBetting, which deals with round numbers for the purposes of this feature. Betting on Team LeBron while utilizing PointsBetting would mean getting the favorite at -8, while Team Giannis can be had at +6.

There isn’t much analysis that can be done here. On paper, Team LeBron appears stronger from top to bottom, featuring the likes of James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in addition to its captain. Team Giannis is obviously a squad full of incredible talent as well, but it’d be really tough to imagine Team LeBron being beaten with the list of names at his disposal. The game should be wide open for about three quarters and then tighten up if things are close down the stretch, but I’m not sure if that’ll be the case.

For the second straight year, James’ team takes home the All-Star Game trophy by running away late in the game, but I think we’ll see a different MVP this time around.

Pick: Team LeBron (-8)

More NBA All-Star Weekend Betting Picks With PointsBet NJ

Before the All-Star game is played on Sunday, there are other events for bettors to take advantage of. The Skills Challenge and the 3-Point Contest will be a familiar and easy thing for NJ sportsbook players looking to get in on the NBA All-Star Weekend betting action. All wagers made for both of these events are moneyline futures bets, and because you’re picking one person out of a larger group, all the odds are pretty generous and can lead to a pretty nice payday for. We’ll continue using odds from the PointsBet app to make our free sports picks and suggestions on all three categories.

NBA All-Star Skills Challenge Picks

Top Pick: De’Aaron Fox - Sacramento Kings (+300)

This isn’t going out on a limb since Fox is the PointsBet Sportsbook app odds-on favorite, but that’s for good reason. Besides, selecting Fox is still an opportunity to triple your investment. The Kings’ second-year guard has a game that is perfectly suited for a competition that requires being able to do a little bit of everything at top speed. Luka Doncic is another strong betting favorite, but I still like Fox to take it home.

Payout Pick: Nikola Jokic - Denver Nuggets (+650)

If you’re looking for a larger payout on one of the players with higher odds, PointsBet Online Sportsbook has Jokic at +650. Jokic, who has been in this competition before, is a first-time NBA All-Star this season and possibly the most skillful center there is in the league. With the competition set up to pit a big man against guard in the final, I think the Nuggets’ center could have s shot in the end.

NBA Three-Point Contest Picks

Top Pick: Devin Booker - Phoenix Suns (+400)

It’s always hard to repeat as champion, but Booker may be the guy to do it after winning last year. Stephen Curry (+200) is the odds-on favorite in his hometown and also has his brother Seth Curry (+600) in the competition, but Booker provides a strong change to win AND a hefty payout. Booker has developed his game and shoots less three-pointers than he has in the past, but this competition is standing still with nobody in your face. Booker can outshoot anyone on any given night, and with the chance to quadruple the investment, he could be a good choice for NJ sports betting players.

Payout Pick: Damian Lillard (+800)

Lillard has generous odds attached to his name, and although he isn’t a prototypical three-point shooter, he’s got more than enough shooting skill to win this thing. He’s already pledged to beat the Curry brothers in their hometown of Charlotte and has been known to take All-Star Weekend and snubs from the All-Star Game itself very seriously. Unlike some others, Lillard will be competing to win at the highest level that is possible for an All-Star event. If you’re looking for some great return on your investment, look out for the Blazers’ star point guard.

PointsBetting Helps Make 2019 Rising Stars Challenge Pick

Ahead of All-Star Saturday night is the Rising Stars Challenge, a showcase of the league’s young stars from the United States battling against the World. We will use PointsBetting to make a Rising Stars Challenge betting pick on the over/under for the game that opens up the NBA action on All-Star Weekend.

As you can see from the above photo, over/unders aren’t just one number in PointsBetting, they’re a range. Rather than betting on the fixed total of 290, NJ sports betting players are provided a small range from 288 to 291 points.

What this means is, the amount of points above or below the range set by PointsBet will trigger the above-mentioned multipliers to be added to winnings/losses at the end of the game. A final score that adds up to under 288 is a loss, while over 291 would be a win. If the total falls between (either 289 or 290 points in this case,) the bet will be graded as a push and your original wager returned.

With a total so out of control, it makes you feel like there’s no way these two teams can hit it. After all, we are talking about almost 300 points in a 48-minute basketball game. However, the lack of defense that will be played is well-known, and that’s why the total has inflated this much anyway. For the sake of rooting for points in a game that will have many of them, we’ll take the over and hope it gets over 300 to cash in a nice victory for PointsBetting players.

Pick: Team USA/Team World Over 291 Points

Make Your NBA All-Star Weekend Picks At PointsBet Sportsbook!

Best of Luck with your 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend Picks!

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