NFL Betting Week 1 | How About Some Free Picks And Parlays?

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The National Football League is back, which means that action at legal online sportsbooks in the United States is heating up.

In states with established operations like New Jersey, sports betting sites got a glimpse last year of the kind of boost professional football brings to handle and revenue last year. In newer states like Pennsylvania, mobile will sportsbooks be experiencing the impact the NFL has on the betting landscape for the first time.

One of the most popular NFL bet types are parlays, which are exotic bets that have only become more mainstream with the arrival of online sports betting platforms. Sites like FanDuel incentivize and promote parlay betting while offering a seemingly endless supply of wagering options that can be included in them.

What Is an NFL Parlay Bet?

A parlay is a wager that allows you to combine several selections into one bet in exchange for increased odds and a larger payout. Below is an explanation from FanDuel Sportsbook NJ about parlays on their platform:

NFL ParlayPlace Your Parlay Bets At FanDuel NJ

When it comes to gambling on the NFL, parlays can be made up of many things, including the following:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Props
  • Moneyline/Total Parlay
  • Spread/Total Parlay
  • 1st/2nd Half Lines

Among many bettors, parlays are a favorite because your payout has the potential to be much larger than your investment and it is considered a low-risk, high-reward bet. Parlays are difficult to win because each side needs to win in order for the full payout to be won, but NFL parlays predictions are wildly popular and exciting.

Below we’ll detail some parlay betting tips and then make some Week 1 NFL predictions taken from FanDuel, which is establishing itself as one of the best PA sportsbooks around after launching during the summer of 2019.

NFL Parlay Betting Tips

  • Consider Side/Total Correlation

This is an NFL parlay strategy that sharp bettors are constantly using. Rather than selecting so many games, focus on the side and total for the same game. If you can accurately predict the trend of the game for the moneyline or spread, you can apply that process to the other as well. On platforms like FanDuel, lines and totals are coupled together and offered in a wide range of parlays with alternate odds that can be added to other bets as well.

  • Mix In Larger Favorites To Increase Odds

Added teams will increase your NFL parlay payout, so this would be a time to slip in a favorite you may not have wanted to lay much juice with or give up the points. A great example of this can be found in one of our bets below. One strong underdog surrounded by favorites can also make for a solid payout, but finding a balance and having a plan is key.

  • Small Parlays Are Okay, Too

Yes, adding more teams does increase odds and payout in parlays, but there are times where it’s important to be measured. If there are only two lines you like, keep the parlay small rather than forcing a third you aren’t crazy about in there. You can forgive yourself for winning less than you should have if you added that extra team, but not for losing a bet you should have won if you hadn’t. Much of the public mistakenly adds too many teams when two, three or four can be profitable as well.

NFL Predictions: Free Picks And Parlays For Week 1

Trying to find the balance between being realistic and huge value and large payouts isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Using NFL betting lines and markets from FanDuel, we present several parlays from the Week 1 schedule, including two which happen to come with a pretty large payout.

NFL Week 1 Parlay Best Bet Using FanDuel Sportsbook PA

  • Chiefs ML (-180) – The public likes Kansas City but sharp bettors have pulled the spread down to -3.5 (-110), so we are avoiding that line. KC struggled in Jacksonville last year, but that’s part of the reason why we like them to be ready for Week 1.
  • Jets Win By 1-13 Pts (+155) – This is a game we expect to be close with New York pulling one out at home. We are trading in -148 on the moneyline and -2.5 (-120) for a more profitable line if the Jets win by less than 14 points.
  • Eagles Win/Under 45.5 Points (+115) – We are attempting to correlate the Eagles dominating the Redskins’ lowly offense with the game going under the total. The current line is 44.5 and this wager also gives you plus-money at 45.5 along with erasing the large spread.
  • Seahawks ML (-430) – Seattle is a massive favorite and a team we trust in multiple parlays partially due to having won 14 straight home games in September over the past few seasons with Russell Wilson.

Best Bet Parlay Week 1Make Your NFL Parlay Predictions At FanDuel PA

Even though the value on Seattle isn’t great, the addition of the fourth team drastically increases parlay odds, even if you take a safe route with a heavy favorite. This bet jumped from +753 with three teams to +951 with four teams, so adding the Seahawks is worth it for that type of gain.

Favorites Parlay Week 1

Let’s say you’re unsure about spreads for the Week 1 NFL schedule without much information to go on, and you want to stick with moneylines and teams you think you can trust to win. Below is a four-team Week 1 NFL parlay made up of some of the larger favorites on the schedule:

  • Ravens ML (-300)
  • Browns ML (-250)
  • Seahawks ML (-430)
  • Saints (-290)

Favorites Parlay Week 1Bet Favorites Parlays At FanDuel Sportsbook PA

These teams are large favorites and don’t provide nearly as much value as higher-odds lines would, so we looked to add a fourth team, which goes a long way toward improving the payout. While the value isn’t great on this parlay, it’s chances of winning feel pretty good going in, and bettors at FanDuel PA would still have a chance to double their money.

NFL Alternate Lines Parlay Week 1

FanDuel allows you to buy and sell points and use those lines in a parlay, similar to a teaser. The difference is that each line can be adjusted by a point total of your choosing by going into the Buy/sell Points or Parlays tabs inside each game or visiting the alternate spread market. Below are three alternate lines we are grouping together to build our final Week 1 NFL parlay:

  • Panthers +3.5 (-150) – Carolina is currently +2 (-110) but we are taking extra points to cover a field-goal loss against the defending NFC champion Rams.
  • Ravens -8.5 (+115) – The goal here was to get 9.5 with the thought in mind Baltimore will win by two scores. FanDuel offers the same price for -8.5 and -9.5, so we’ll take our free point in the event the Ravens win by just nine.
  • Falcons +6.5/Over 39.5 Points (+115) – We like Atlanta at +4 and the total is 48, so we get to add points and lower the total 8.5 points from where oddsmakers have it.

Alternate Lines Parlay Week 1Place Parlay Bets At DraftKings NJ

At +670 odds this will be another difficult bet to win, but it works as an example to display how alternate lines can be used to create abet you’re comfortable with. Thanks to the best sports betting sites in NJ like FanDuel, you can bet any game at a line of your choice and can use them in parlays as well.

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