NJ Sports Betting Latest Promos This November

NJ Sports Betting Latest Promos This November

Don’t feel bad if you catch your head spinning sometimes when you try to keep up with NJ sports betting online platforms. Their sheer volume is enough to make you feel lost and like you may be missing out. Just think about it - there’s DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, 888 Sport, SugarHouse, BetStars, William Hill and playMGM.

The odds that you will miss out on a good promo are more than likely. Not to worry, though, because our team has taken the time to go through all the good deals and pick the ones you just can’t miss.


Best NJ Sports Betting Online Promotions

First off, we have BetStars NJ and their NBA overtime bonus. We all know just how intense overtimes can be and usually sports betting only makes it worse.

Well, BetStars NJ may have found a way to alleviate bettors’ pain a bit with the NBA Overtime Bonus. Basically, if the NBA team you’ve bet on loses the game in overtime, you get one free bet on the house. You qualify for this bonus as long as you’ve made a money line bet before the start of the game - any game.

BetStars offer a consolation prize of up to $20, which mean that you’ll only be actually consoled if the bet you lost is from a comparable amount. To the majority of players, though, this is a win-win scenario.

The best part about it is that it’s not a one-time offer! You can take advantage of the NBA Overtime Bonus up to five times a week, which adds up to $100 by Sunday. What’s more, BetStars seem to have decided not to put an end date to the promo - which means it might be sticking around.


World Series Run Bonus From The FanDuel Sportsbook NJ

It’s the time of the year for America’s most classic duel - the World Series. Like you’ve probably heard, the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing at the finale of the 2018 season.

The win will be depending on the runs the teams score and what the FanDuel Sportsbook NJ has in mind is to reward the players that bet on the team with the most runs.

Just like with BetStars, to be able to receive the bonus, you must place a money line bet before the finale starts, only this time the bet needs to be at least $50. During the game, you will get $5 in bonuses from FanDuel for every run your team scores. You can add the money you win to your total winnings if your team wins or subtract them from your bet if they lose.

For example, say you bet $50 on the Red Sox before the start of the game. At the current money line, you would win $83. But with FanDuel’s promo, if they won 5-3, you get $98, adding the $5 for each run. If you bet on the Dodgers instead, you wouldn’t be losing by $50 but only by $35.

Depending on how high the scores of the game are, you could end up getting a freeroll on your initial bet. It’s important to know, however, that the maximum amount you can win from the World Series Run bonus is $200 a day.


BetStars NJ’s 80-Minute Goal Insurance

Here’s a sport that hasn’t been on too many people’s mouths with the NFL fever at its all-time-high - soccer.

The BetStars NJ 80+ Minute Goal Insurance bonus works very similarly to the Overtime Bonus. It’s specially made for those unfortunate times when your winning bet becomes a losing one just when you thought there was nothing more to see.

This promo isn’t a new one - in fact, ever since June 1st BetStars has actively offered players the option to get back a free bet if a goal after the 80-min mark wrecks your bet.

The amount you can get back is not much, but it sure beats nothing. The $20 prize you get from BetStars can be used to bet on major soccer league games like MLS, MLS Cup, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League.

It goes without saying that your “losing” bet needs to have been placed before the start of the game. The 80-Minute goal insurance applies to Match Result bets. An important condition to know about this promo is that it does not apply to goals made in overtime or penalty kicks - that leaves only goals made in the 80 to 90 minutes interval.

Surely that doesn’t take away from the spirit of the promo, which is to cushion the blow from disappointing last-minute losses.

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